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Thread: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Who Doesn't Love a Food Fight?

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    8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Who Doesn't Love a Food Fight?

    *This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday.

    The nomination ceremony is scheduled to begin right as this recap picks up the action, but we don’t have flames. Why? It’s time to cut to the chase, as far as Chill Town, the Legion of Doom, and any other bozos that want to jump in on influencing Janelle’s HOHdom is concerned. Is Big Brother helping to manipulate a certain outcome, or are they just a bunch of slackers who can’t seem to keep their to their filming schedule?

    What Happened Today?
    • Danielle used the POV to remove herself from the block, and Marcellas was named by Janelle as her replacement.
    • It’s clash of the alliances as Janelle did not want to nominate Marcellas, but the people around her want to save Erika against Janelle’s will.
    • Janelle promised Marcellas that she has the votes to keep him.
    • If it’s not clear by the above bullet points, Janelle remains pretty clueless about the motivations of everyone around her, and admits that she is going against her gut instincts.
    • BB threw the houseguests a Halfway Party, signifying they have made it halfway through the Big Brother experience.
    • BB pulled the plug early on the party after the hamsters indulged in a food fight in the back yard.
    • Will it be Erika or Marcellas who gets the boot? I can’t freaking tell, and it’s driving me mad!

    When the noon hour rolls around, Janelle is upstairs in the HOH room, angry and crying. Boogie, Howie and Will are working on her to change her replacement nominee choice (Chicken George) with the person who has been talking crap about her behind her back, who seems to be aligning with the floaters, but who has been buddying up to her in an attempt to ride on her coattails to the end of the game. Plus, he’s completely safe because they all want Erika out. What, are they suggesting she put up James? No, silly! They mean her bathrobe buddy, Marcellas.

    Janelle does not want to hurt her friend, nor does she want to break a direct promise. What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t seem to question why they are pushing so hard on this one decision, but I’ll be nice and say she probably figures that if Howie is involved, it has to be on the up-and-up.

    The flames come up for a minute, and when we come back, it’s Will who is doing all the talking, sitting right next to Janelle in the bed. He says (half-jokingly) that he will cry if that’s what it will take for Janelle to change her mind, summoning up a few tears. Janelle finally caves. She mutters weakly, “Okay, I’ll do it,” and says she doesn’t want Will to cry. I mean, I’m sure she knows that he’s not really crying…ah heck, I don’t know anything anymore. Boogie is out the door in a flash as soon as Janelle agrees, but she doesn’t notice; her attention is on Will making puppy dog eyes. It sure looks a lot like Janelle was sticking to her guns until Will cried and she changed her mind. Holy mackerel, but Will must be descended from a distinguished line of snake oil peddlers. He actually makes her feel bad and still gets what he wants out of the conversation. Yes, we are witnessing the work of a master – there’s no other way to describe it. After Will leaves, Janelle tells Howie that if Chill Town doesn’t vote out Erika she will kill them. She repeats her doubts, and says it feels like a good move for Chill Town, not for her.

    Big Brother must be satisfied with the turn of events, because Janelle barely has time to apply makeup to her tear-stained face, then find Marcellas and tell him he’s getting the dubious honor of being her pawn, before the feeds go to flames for the POV ceremony. Marcellas is surprisingly calm about the news, but cynical. He tells her that if it were Howie alone pushing for him to be a pawn, he would understand. But Chill Town has been calling for her removal since they entered the house, and he doesn’t understand why she would listen to them. Janelle tells him over and over that she promises he is safe – she even swears on her lucky poker chip. Marcellas tells her that she has to do what she feels comfortable with.

    How to Give Chicken George a Coronary

    The feeds come back in what looks to be mere moments after the end of the ceremony. Everyone has gotten up from the couches except for Chicken George, who is not sitting in the hot seat, but on the regular couches. He looks stunned. “What just happened?” he asks the empty room a few times, sounding genuinely amazed, even tearful. Janelle comes back in the living room and tells him she’s sorry that she told him he was going up, then didn’t nominate him. George manages to sputter out, “That’s fine!” but he truly looks like he is out of his depth. Maybe he was looking forward to eating something other than slop, because he seems both grateful and disappointed to have been passed over. His amazement goes on until Danielle passes by and says curtly, “Yes Chicken George, you’re not up. Accept it.” I guess she’s got a bee in her bonnet, or wants the house to think she does.

    Outside, Danielle tells Erika that this fits into their plans well, and that it won’t be hard to secure the votes to oust Marcellas. (Later, Danielle tells Marcellas the same thing. But we’ll get there.) They pace back and forth in the backyard so that they can talk under the guise of exercising, but there’s not much more to discuss, so they talk about how much weight Erika has lost on the slop diet – her clothes are falling off her.

    Boogie and Will are out by the weights, and steal a moment for a Woogie talk. At first they seem to be leaning toward keeping Marcellas, as they can swing to seem like his savior, earning some loyalty in the process. What, they won’t be satisfied until they have every last hamster in their back pocket? Well, of course they won’t.

    But they also know that so many of their alliances – basically, everyone except for Janelle – really wants to boot Marcellas, so that seems the safer course. They discuss how to make sure that Marcellas gets voted out, and note that Chicken George is elated to not be nominated, which they can use to their advantage. But they have to work on convincing Janelle it’s necessary, and Marcellas isn’t making that easy by being so rational and understanding. I just want to interject here that it’s not that Marcellas isn’t ticked off. He was clearly upset and told Janelle directly that they could have stayed true to each other to the end but she broke her word. It’s just that the hamsters all expected Marcellas to be bouncing off the walls or having uncontrollable crying jags. Instead he’s shuffling around in his bathrobe like any normal day in the BB house. Boogie says that they will have to do something to make him more hostile; pick a fight or just act like jerks to him so that he will start distancing himself from Janelle. That’s the Chill Town touch right there, folks: foment dissension, chaos, and vendettas between the rest of the hamsters. Then sit back and watch the circus.

    Chicken George gets attention from more than just Chill Town. Marcellas catches him in the bathroom and asks for his vote, point-blank. George is non-committal, and Marcellas reminds him that Erika was the one who eliminated him in an HOH competition. He tells them that there’s a “lot of bullsh** going around – if you have my back, I’ll have yours.” George doesn’t agree to anything, but he is his generally agreeable self.

    Erika makes a pass in George’s direction, but he refuses to engage in any game talk with her, saying he’ll talk it over with her later. Erika is disturbed by his reaction and tells Danielle that she thinks she’s lost his vote. Danielle is worried because she remembers seeing some pre-game statement George made about being ready to backstab and be ruthless this time around. And there was that time Kaysar said he swore on his children’s lives he would save him. Could George be playing them all?

    As the other hamsters go about their business, starting to cook burgers on the grill or taking afternoon showers, George spends a long moment sitting in a chair just staring at the memory wall. After a while, everyone else has gone and he’s alone – still staring. He turns to a camera and whispers what has been on his mind: “I’m still here. They’re asking me for my vote!” He gets up and goes into the living room, then does a little dance. “I’m still here!”

    Marcellas talks to Erika and Danielle, calling them “his girls”, and promises them that they will have his jury vote no matter what. He seems resigned to his fate, and says that it’s “the alpha males ganging up on the [gay guy]” (he used a term I’m not willing to even hide behind asterisks). But as soon as Erika leaves the room, Marcellas turns to Danielle and speaks in a completely different tone of voice – this Marcellas is tense, and desperate. He tells Danielle to FIGHT for him and he is NOT going to give in easily. Danielle nods and says she understands, and makes him feel like he’s favored over Erika. He says that next week if he won HOH he wouldn’t be afraid to put up Janelle.

    Marcellas: I need her gone. So let it be written, so let it be done. I will NOT pull that punch.

    The afternoon drags on, and the cameras can’t find a single houseguest who is talking or even stirring much. Hamsters are draped on couches, hammocks, and beds sleeping away the daylight. Howie munches a bag a chips, then rolls over on the hammock for a nap. Marcellas hasn’t dressed for the day even though it’s pushing 5:00 o’clock. The house sleeps soundly as if BB has been slipping ruffies into the water supply.

    Janelle gets up and looks for the pans they had available during the food competition, but BB has taken away the cupcake and loaf pans. Still, she manages to whip up some banana bread that the other houseguests enjoy. Will and Janelle take a walk in the backyard, then listen to music together in the HOH; they fuel the speculation that they are flirting hardcore. Will tells Janelle that there are lots of things he wants to tell her once they are outside the house. Janelle says she understands; she feels like her “whole life is on the Internet.”

    Between all the sleeping and the general, non-threatening talk when there are so many ears listening in the house, there’s not much strategy talk going on. But here and there, we learn that Chill Town is working on securing votes for Erika, and Janelle and Howie are convinced that James is completely in Danielle’s corner. James, whenever he has Boogie’s ear for a moment, turns his talk to how much he wants Janelle out of the house, like, yesterday. He even goes so far as to tell Boogie that if his newfound power is to be able to evict someone on the spot, he had better give Janelle the boot. When James is on a roll he tends not to notice that he’s barking orders instead of making gentle suggestions, but Boogie rolls with him, nodding and agreeing along the way.


    As dinner time rolls around, the houseguests are greeted with a surprise: It’s time for the Halfway Party, a BB milestone! The sluggish hamsters turn into party animals with the arrival of a cake festooned with their cheesy bio headshots and multiple pizzas. Everyone is glad to learn that even the slop-bound George can join in the feast, and they divvy up the cake with the predictable jokes about wanting “a slice” of each other.

    Soon the flames are up, which Internet feeders are expecting. During the Halfway Party, BB puts on some music and the houseguests can relax knowing they’re not on camera for a short hour. CBS does not want to pay royalties on any of the songs played for the party, so the houseguests are assured of privacy.

    And since these guys are All Stars – in other words, spoiled and having an inflated sense of entitlement – they quickly take the proffered treats and moderate amount of alcohol and turn it into to a food fight. Instead of the expected flames for an hour or more, after a half hour the feeds return to a backyard and kitchen covered with food and mess. Cake is floating in the pool, and Big Brother is not happy. The party ends with a resounding thump; there will be no more music or dancing.

    But the mood remains friendly, and they break up into groups playing cards and other parlor games. Chicken George says several times that in his 47 years he has never been in a food fight, and he enjoyed it thoroughly. He goes on and on until he’s envisioning his grandkids asking him to tell them once more about the Great Food Fight of Aught Six.

    What with the games, the wine, and the flying food (that we didn’t get to see), the hamsters are tired, and a few of them are in bed asleep by 9:30. I’m not joking – and as a recapper, I know this isn’t good, because there’s no way they are really in bed for the night that early. For a stretch of time, the cameras were entirely on sleeping hamsters except for two cameras that were focused like a laser on the “jack shack”, audio turned up to the max. CBS, can you tell your camera people that we’d rather watch anything, even the memory wall, than listen in on Howie muttering “the bee’s knees” to himself in the pool box? I don’t even want to know what that means.

    Boogie and James are both up around midnight and grousing that Big Brother woke them up for DR sessions. Hey, if they’re going to sleep during business hours, they can’t exactly blame the television crew for waking them up once in a while. After a stop for some more banana bread, they head back to bed but are seen discussing business outside of the house in the dark. James often asks questions that seem designed to impress the more successful Mike Boogie, and Boogie has hinted at job opportunities for James in the Boogie Empire after the game is gone. Now there’s the real showmance in bloom.

    I Should Be Asleep Right Now…

    But instead, I’m listening to Howie, Janelle and Will in the HOH room, talking game far into the night. So let me backtrack just a bit first.

    Janelle was called into the DR at around 11:30, and she tells Will they can do their nails a little later. Will runs up to the HOH and finds Howie there instead of Janelle, but she soon joins them. To me it seems like there’s a little bit of tension, as if Janelle and Will are waiting for Howie to leave. They both act grossed out by Howie scratching a pimple on his shoulder, and Janelle tells him to go somewhere else. A dermatologist who can’t stomach the site of a pimple? Hmmm.

    But Howie sticks it out, and the three settle in for a long night of game talk. They start with Jedi Training; meaning, they go over the details of the house and the order of who was eliminated from what competition, etc. Will ducks out for a few minutes, and we see this interesting exchange:

    Janie: Should we go into specifics? With Will?
    Howie: (whispering) Should we, or no?
    Janelle: I don't know.
    Howie: Yeah, it could come back to kill us.
    Janelle: Uh-huh (agreeing)
    Howie: God willing, if we get to the final four…I mean, we know he's got an ulterior plan.
    Janelle: Uh-huh (agreeing)
    Howie: We're not fooled by it internet fans. Don't worry, we know he's in the DR doing his thing, and we ain't buying it.
    Janelle: Well let's just go over basic things.
    Howie: Okay. He's not going to be up here all night right?
    Janelle: No. We'll finish up later. We're going to be up all night, Howie.

    When Will returns, they go back to drilling each other. They hit upon several subjects: how pissed Howie and Janelle were to hear that the Float Herd was complaining that they cheer too much when winning competitions; how bad George’s cooking is; how much they can’t stand James. On the subject of James, Will tells them that he doesn’t care what his game play is, he’s just a boring person to be around. He never does anything fun, and only talks game 100% of the time. They all agree that he’s a terrible liar; he shakes, sweats, and his eyes get real big when he’s telling a lie. His voice cracks, he starts speaking faster, and he can’t look you in the eye. “Don’t go into acting, James,” Howie laughs.

    Erika is brought up as being the one going for sure, and Will is so smooth that he doesn’t give any indication that he would prefer otherwise. All three preface their remarks about Erika with phrases like, “I love that girl to death but…” They don’t like her sneaky ways; say she’s been throwing competitions from the start, and she was one of the floaters who gave Janelle the most grief when she didn’t nominate Janelle the week Diane was booted.

    Will advises Howie and Janelle to handle James carefully, saying that with the right pressure he will throw next week’s HOH competition. He tells them they should talk about the five of them being an alliance – Howie/Janelle/James/Will/Boogie – but then tell them that they are using Chill Town until the final five, and that they will pick off Will and Boogie then. He says that James responds to that kind of planning more than talks about loyalty, and Janelle and Howie agree. Will says James will run right over to him with that information, and he will act shocked and outraged.

    After a long night’s scheming, Will finally heads to bed, and Janelle and Howie finally get their alone time together, but it’s after 2:00 A.M. and there’s no super-secret-special Jedi drilling going on. But they do summarize up their thoughts about the night’s discussions and come to the conclusion that Will is more trustworthy than James…and I don’t mean in a this-snake-is-slightly-better-than-that-snake kind of way. They did tell us they’re onto Will, right? Right. But they also seem to think they won’t have to worry about Will until they are down to the final four.

    Coffee Talk

    Danielle is the first one up for the day, and even that’s a misnomer, since she collapses over her solitaire game on the outside couches for a mid-morning nap. Eventually, Erika stumbles down into the backyard and they share a cup of bitter dregs. Who’s on their hit list? Chicken George. Danielle thinks he has lied to people in the house (pulling out the “lie” to Kaysar) and that they need to work on him for his vote. Erika disagrees. “F**k George. It’s James, you, and Chill Town’s vote that matter. George can do what he wants, he’s going to be out in the cold.” Do you think that version of Erika will make the edited show?

    Erika on Eddie, the winner during George’s season: They [America] only picked him to win because he’s handicapped.

    Mike Boogie has joined them by now (he and Erika spent the night together, and that’s all I’m going to say about that) but he ducks in the kitchen for coffee during this conversation. Danielle and Erika talk about whether Danielle should tell Marcellas she’s giving her vote to Erika. When Boogie is out of earshot, they talk about how badly they need Janelle to be gone; then Erika adds, “Will needs to go next,” then adds in an even lower voice, “We can scoop up Boogie next if we get rid of Will.”

    Danielle backs off the subject, saying that things change in the house, and they need to focus on making sure Erika is safe, first. Erika pulls a pouty face, and Danielle tells her not to worry, in her best soothing mama voice.

    When Boogie returns, they trash the usual suspects, including James; but they switch seamlessly when James joins them outside on the couches. We learn a little more about the food fight the previous night. They all mock Janelle for having pizza hanging from her hair that she didn’t know about. Janelle and Will were the instigators, but Will made the first move by smashing cake in Janelle’s face. Janelle retaliated by putting cake in Will’s pants. At one point, Chicken George was eating pizza, just watching the mayhem, and Will walked over and smashed cake on his head. Chicken George didn’t react – he just kept eating his pizza. Danielle’s comment is that she “had fun watching you guys.”
    Will didn’t think it was that bad until he went back in the house and saw the floor. They say the problem was the nasty pizza toppings. Big Brother provided cheap pizza, and they wanted sushi.

    Boogie: It was our party, we should have got what we wanted.

    But from Big Brother’s point of view, why should they provide what the hamsters wanted? There was product placement because there is no way the food fight is going to make the edited show on either Tuesday or Thursday night. Maybe it will be saved for an extra scene on The Early Show, but there’s no payoff for BB. In fact, it happened while the house was listening to music, so they wouldn’t have any usable audio. So they’re not going to bend over backwards to give in to the hamsters’ petty demands.

    Soon Erika drifts off to the weight room to put on her makeup (it’s a mirror thing) and an official Legion of Doom meeting is called to order: Will, Boogie, James, and Danielle. Will and Boogie are pleased to report that Will’s hard work – which he emphasizes several times as being constant coddling of Janelle to get the desired result – was the reason Janelle changed her mind to put Marcellas on the block. Boogie says he was so close to losing it when Will actually summoned up tears to convince Janelle that he had to leave the room. Will is proud of his work, but says he is going to need a lot of support for the next step.

    The four of them don’t want to simply vote out Marcellas, they want Janelle to want Marcellas voted out. This will give them a tiny bit of protection if Howie wins HOH; still, I do see that Will and Boogie are playing Danielle and James a bit, even now. For example, as evidence that they’ve convinced Janelle that they are not with Danielle or James, they tell Danielle that they are saying to Janelle that they like Danielle as a player, but she’s got to go. What they are really saying to Janelle is that Danielle is with James, and she’s a sneaky conniver and all the rest. So why do they rush to tell Danielle that they are also saying they like her as person? Because it appeals to her vanity as an unemotional, strategic player, who sees herself as unlike the Sovs who are bloodthirsty Vikings out for vengeance.

    The upshot of their meeting is that James comes off as vindictive and bitter, saying that he wants to see Janelle and Howie realize they are alone in the house. The other three don’t think that’s necessary, and they plot to come up with a way for Marcellas to go postal on either Janelle or Howie, so that their votes to oust Marcellas can be justified to Janelle. When James goes inside, Danielle, Will and Boogie talk about the need to throw the HOH competition this week, but try to win them from next week on.

    When I sit back and look at it, the possibility of Howie winning HOH is fairly small compared to the entire rest of the house, which will be gunning for season six. To me, this spells another layer of cover-your-ass. Boogie and Will are leaving themselves an out for voting out Erika; they can always say they were unable to come up with a good cover story to justify it and voted her out in a panic. But Danielle seems to think engineering a Marcellas blowup is crucial, too; is she covering up a tighter alliance with Marcellas than I realized? James is the only one who wants to evict Marcellas without caring whether Howie or Janelle know that Chill Town broke their word.

    The conversation is just finishing up at noon, and the LODers go their separate ways with little dreams of anarchy dancing in their heads.
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    LMAO @ we need a clothing burning contest RIGHT NOW...hehehehe...

    Great Recap!!!!

    Chilltown is E-V-I-L

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    We're not worthy!!! If you were on BB you could take out any of the HG's with your wit and words. Thanks so much Hepcat!!!
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    Wow, just wow. I would go mad just trying to make sense of what these people say back and forth all day, and I only watch the feeds here and there.

    Awesome recap!!
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    Ah, what is Howie wearing? We definitely need to burn more clothes. Great recap!

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    Great job, Hepcat! All their scheming is making my head spin, thanks for laying it out for us!
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    That was another great/funny recap, hep !

    Writing that looong recap was no cake walk, what with all the boxed ingredients . Thanks for taking the time to put it all together, stir it vigorously, and bake it and offer us a slice !
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    Fantastic job, hepcat!
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    Will through Truth-O-Vision.


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    great recap.

    Let's hand over the money to Will. The others are not worthy.

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