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Thread: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It."

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    8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It."

    “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.”

    This recap covers from noon Tuesday through noon Wednesday

    Tuesday was a strange, unsettling day in the Big Brother house. The day started out with not one but TWO blood sacrifices, as Howie awoke with a bloody nose and then George cut his face shaving and had a hard time getting it to stop bleeding. Will confessed that the reason he sleeps on the floor is that he has always been afraid of falling out of bed. Janelle admits that when Mike Boogie sleep-talks, he sounds evil and it really scares her. Will made a comment that he wished a major disaster would split the house in two RIGHT NOW; an earthquake, freak tornado or meteor strike would work for him. Erika looks like the walking undead, and I believe she is on day six without a BM. Both her and Marcellas have been complaining about their kidney’s hurting. Janie wondered aloud if she might be pregnant or having a thyroid problem because she can’t stop eating and her weight is ballooning. And as seen here, the door to the spider cage is ajar; a detail missed by all and sundry. That would definitely alarm ME.

    There has been a lot of unrest within the house about whether or not evicted houseguests would have a chance to re-enter the house. James even went so far as to interrogate BB in the Diary Room, and he returned with this carefully worded statement from BB:

    “We will not have anyone come back in the house.”

    The strangest (and most amusing) event of this odd day happened at 9:23pm BBT. Erika and Howie were in the kitchen, and BB called Erika into the storage room. Howie offered to go get whatever it was, because Erika has not been feeling well, but Erika declined his offer and went herself. She returned from the storage room in short order, and told Howie that they gave her laxatives. She sat back down at the kitchen counter, and then let out a scream, (hands to cheeks, Home Alone style) and said that she saw a face in the window! A glowing red face!

    Most of the house came running, and Erika said that she thought it might have been Allison on the other side of the window, holding a flashlight under her chin. Somebody accuses her of having Slop-induced hallucinations, and Boogie wonders if it was just a picture, and not a real person. Erika is sure it was a real person, as it had a 3-D quality that pictures don’t have. Howie quotes the movie Predator: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” He then sets out on a light-saber enforced house check for intruders.

    Meanwhile, other faces are popping up here and there throughout the house, some noticed and others completely missed. Janelle and Boogie see what appears to be a male face in the bathroom mirror and run away in fright. It is later mentioned that Janelle has a scream worthy of a horror movie.

    Our faithful screen cappers caught the faces for our viewing pleasure:

    Is that Allison… or Maggie? Or maybe it’s Pooty Tang’s arch nemesis Coo Day-TA!

    Is that Bunky? It’s hard to say because he’s not crying. Then again, maybe it’s BB6 Eric standing on a footstool!

    This is Janelle when she’s a little scared.

    Howie protecting his homestead

    Other, more mundane events on Tuesday evening:
    • Will and Janelle had a “Fat Girl” night (Will’s words, not mine.) They made cookies, ate ice cream and gave themselves mani/pedis.
    • Janelle finally admitted to Howie that she gave up the right to compete for POV next week. She asks him to keep it quiet.
    • Kaysar has finally realized that he’s not going to get enough votes to stay in the house this week.
    • Janelle is fed up with Erika and says that Erika is probably edited to “look like a piece of furniture.” She is hardly ever called into the Diary Room
    • Erika is feeling very poorly while on the slop diet. She has resorted to begging Big Brother for at least one piece of toast to eat, and spent most of the day laying down and/or sleeping.
    • Kaysar advised Janelle and Howie that they should try to get Erika on slop again for another week if they get the chance – Kaysar thinks it would do her in.
    • Kaysar also advises the Sovs that if he goes out this week, they need to focus on evicting Chill Town.
    • Reality TV mentions abound: I heard Dani mentioned that felt like she was on Hell’s Kitchen while cooking dinner, and George was named as an excellent candidate for Skipper on The Real Gilligan’s Island. These people are real Fans of Reality TV.

    Big Brother Did It With the Slop!

    Janelle and Kaysar, a Like Story
    Janelle is very sad that Kaysar is probably out of the house and has had several sweet moments with Kaysar.She showed Kaysar a non-sexy black dress that she was thinking about wearing to the live show, and asks if it would possibly offend his mother. She says she also plans to go light on her makeup for the same reason. He is touched that she is thinking about his mom. Awww. He says the dress looks good and tells her to go ahead and wear it. Later, they got into a pillow fight while joking. While doing the evening bathroom rounds, Kaysar teased her about her Perfect Man checklist, noting that Howie fits many of the requirements: tall, dark hair, from the Midwest, good teeth and makes her laugh. She shuts that theory down quickly, and turns the conversation around to how tall Kaysar is. One thing for sure about these two is that they are definitely good friends, in and out of the house, and Janelle will be sorry to see him go.

    Will totally has nicer nails than Janelle!

    Janelle and Will, a Flirt Story
    Is Janelle crushing on Will? Is Will crushing on Janelle? They certainly seem to give off that impression, but I get the sneaky feeling that it is all an act. During their evening together, Will teases Janelle relentlessly, about the one time she farted in his presence, about her showmance with Michael, about everything under the sun. While they are talking about Michael, James jumps in with a classic James one-liner:

    Janelle: We got put on the block together and then we isolated ourselves because we hated everyone in the whole house.
    Will: Yeah, but I got put up with George and I didn't French kiss him!
    James: He never asked you about Spiderman.

    The Legion of DOOM, née The Fantastic Four

    The alliance du jour is The Legion of Doom, an off shoot of the morally bankrupt Chill Town alliance. Comprised of Will, Boogie, James and Danielle, they have been spending a lot of time exchanging strategy whispers. Their initial goal of getting out Janelle failed miserably due to individuals acting in their own best interests during the POV, but James is fairly confident that they will keep their word to vote out Kaysar instead of him. Danielle is confident that Erika and George are going to vote as she requested, but still asks Will and Boogie to keep their votes private so she can see what they end up doing, letting their actions speak louder than words. Boogies praises Danielle for her “genius” move of putting up James, as it threw everyone off of the scent that James was aligning with her. Boy is he ever right.

    Every single day, Janelle and/or Howie and/or Kaysar figure out that James has defected and is working with Danielle. And every single day, they promptly have a short term memory loss and continue to include him in the alliance talks. They spent a portion of Tuesday quizzing each other on possible HOH competition questions, potentially giving James ammunition to take them out. James’ latest thought is that IF he wins HOH, he won’t put up Janelle, so as not to blow his cover. What he would do instead is put up Erika and Danielle, or George and Danielle, working with Danielle’s strategy of putting up the intended victim with a secret alliance member as a pawn. Meanwhile, Boogie and Janelle discuss the upcoming HOH competition and Boogies tells Janelle that if it seems like Will is trying to win for a change to let him have it. She actually agrees.

    Double-O-Chicken: Special Ops
    Kaysar spent some time with George in the backyard after the hullabaloo with the faces died down. His aim was to convince George to vote to keep him the house, but it kind of backfired in a really entertaining way. Kaysar admitted to George that in the early weeks in the house, that everyone was sure that George was THE master player in the house because they couldn’t figure him out. This sends George into hysterics, and they spent nearly a half-hour laughing about the stark difference between that early perception of George, and what George really is: harmless. You could tell that Kaysar was having a good time laughing with George, but he kept trying and failing to turn the conversation back around to the votes. Kaysar induced belly-laughs from George by calling him Double-O-Chicken and talking about his vast collection of lime-green t-shirts which secretly double as helicopter landing pads. George agrees that he is out of his league, and compares his being on All Stars to being on Jeopardy: hopeless. He says Deal or No Deal is a better fit for him, and Kaysar doesn’t get anything substantial from George on his vote. Maybe George is not so harmless after all.

    The Aftermath: Wednesday Morning
    The houseguests are up pretty early, considering it was about 4am before the last one went to bed. Erika is still afraid that she will see another face at any moment. Boogie said that he had nightmares that they were coming through the walls and trying to kill the houseguests.

    Will is called to the Diary Room and notified that he won’t be asked any questions during the live show because he called Julie “Sweetheart” last week. Plus, that shout-out to Coast Dermatology probably didn’t help.

    Kaysar spends some time with Boogie working for the Chill Town vote. He reveals that he has figured out that James and Danielle have a deal, but surprises Boogie when he mentions that James has counseled the Sov alliance that they need to get out Chill Town. Maybe Kaysar hit a nerve there!

    James sees a face in the mirror (which didn’t startle him at all) and he said it was Eric BB6.

    Will quietly spreads the word that Janelle cannot play for veto next week.

    An outdoor lock-down is called, and the hamsters head outside. It is expected to last for about 2 hours, which will make a deep cut into their primping time.

    Danielle makes a very familiar request to Erika, George and Marcellas that they keep their eviction vote quiet so she can let Chill Town’s actions speak for themselves. Dani BB3 is in the house!

    The Cheese (Cutter) Stands Alone

    Many thanks to our screen cappers, including barefootdyke, cdnmama, glennajo, snapit and suncat7
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    Nice read! ty.

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    Excellent recap Totoro! Funny captions and headlines!
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    It's going to be sad when Kaysar goes....

    BTW -- great recap!

    Chilltown is E-V-I-L

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    Oh Thanks Totoro! I've been at school all day and when I check at lunch time all I could see were all those red faces and I was really wondering what happened the one time I didn't read through the posts before I went to bed!
    Excellent recap!

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    great recap!

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    Great Recap, Thanks

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    Great recap and funny ... as usual. Thanks !
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    Great recap, what a night! I enjoyed your description of Kaysar and Janelle's last days, sigh.
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    thank you thank you thank you! very thorough!! very enjoyable!

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