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Thread: 8/6 Big Brother Live Feed Recap – Double Talk, Double Cross...Double Fun!

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    8/6 Big Brother Live Feed Recap – Double Talk, Double Cross...Double Fun!

    8/6 Big Brother Live Feed Recap – Double Talk, Double Cross...Double Fun!

    *This recap covers events from Noon Sunday to Noon Monday

    It sure has been a whirlwind of secrecy, scheming, and strategizing in the past week—much to the chagrin of all of the fans of Season 6 out there. Both of the larger alliances—The Sovereign 4 and the newly coined “Float Herd”—think they are one move ahead of everyone else in the house, when in fact it is Chill Town who really appear to be in control. Not only do Will and Boogie have an alliance with pretty much everyone in the house, they also have deftly moved the target that was squarely on their backs and placed it over everyone else. It sickens me that everyone has wanted both of the Chill Town members out at some point, but no one wants to do anyone else’s “dirty work.” Speaking of “dirty work”, what is it with cliché’s this year? I have heard “Thrown under the bus,” “It is what it is,” “strategic move,” “numbers game,” and “I won’t do their dirty work” more times in this single season than I have heard all of those clichés in the 34 years of my life combined. Really, hamsters, it’s time to get some new material.

    The State Of The House
    It has been a real wild and crazy weekend in the house. That power of veto competition took a lot out of the hamsters, and also took a lot away from them. Here’s where we stand:
    *Danielle is still locked in solitary confinement
    *Erika Howie, and Kaysar are on slop for four days
    *The entire house is still without hot water and beds.
    *Is Janelle able to compete for POV next week? Nobody knows for sure
    *Will and Boogie still think the live feed watchers are dorks, and they want us to get a life.

    Mike Boogie, This Is Your Life
    As my shift starts, Boogie and Erika are discussing Mike’s life outside the house, and how much being on Big Brother has contributed to it. Mike owns restaurants with a partner, and apparently they are going to be opening some more restaurants in Atlanta in the near future. While he is happy to be doing Big Brother: All Stars this season, he feels like he might be missing a lot outside the house. That, and the fact that his partner told him outright that he shouldn’t be on this season is making him feel guilty. Yeah, but don’t feel guilty about lying to people who are trying to trust you, that might look bad. Erika assures him that being on the show was the right choice, and Mike seemed to perk up and realize that, hey, his partner reaps the benefits of Boogie’s D-list celebrity too, and he should just shut it and enjoy the full restaurants and the women on his arm all the time. Howie, who was listening in, sums it all up perfectly for Mike: “You can always have a full restaurant, always go belly up, always bang some broad, but how often will you get to do this?” Well, twice, if you play your cards right.

    Cry Freedom

    Danielle has been in solitary confinement since yesterday’s veto competition. I’m certain she has done a lot of soul searching and thinking about the game while she paced back and forth between the walls. One thing is for sure, she didn’t need the toilet Big Brother provided for her. She didn’t eat any of the slop they gave her nor did she drink any water…exactly because she didn’t want to have to use that bedpan of a toilet in solitary. And she made sure the production assistants were happy that she didn’t provide any extra work for them.

    Free Danielle! Free Danielle!!
    Around 3 PM Big Brother time, most of the houseguests gathered in front of Danielle’s solitary confinement door and started chanting for her release. Dani came out to cheers and kisses from everyone, and immediately had to use the bathroom, since she refused to use the chamber pot in solitary. While she went to relieve herself, Howie checked out the solitary confinement room, and pleaded to Big Brother to let him use Dani’s porta-potty area as his new Jack Shack. Thank you, BB, for denying him.

    Immediately after her release (and thankfully, not Howie’s “release”), Danielle heads to the back yard to find out what she missed and talk strategy with Erika and Boogie. They tell her that it might be a good idea to consider replacing Janelle with Marcellas, since no one really knows where he stands and everyone would vote him out. Really, the Sov’s want Marcellas out, and are blaming him for all of the decisions they have made in the past. Danielle knows that this game is a game of numbers right now, and doesn’t want to back door Marcellas when she knows she has his vote. Plus she promised him she would let him know when she’s going after him. No, the replacement nominee is going to have to be the only person she feels has talked honestly with her, and she has talked honestly with…Kaysar. Really, Dani doesn’t want to put Kaysar on the block, but she really wants one of the Season 6 cast members to go home, and she can’t find any loopholes in the promise that she made to Howie when they were hanging on the web. Hey, it’s a numbers game, and the strategic move is to throw Kaysar under the bus so she doesn’t end up doing someone else’s dirty work…right?

    And The Oscar Goes To…
    James. Plain and simple. The guy is acting his ass off. I don’t even truly know what side he is on. I’m sure if someone else was HOH this week, he’d be on their side. And with Danielle nominating him this week as a pawn, even his own, supposedly super tight Season 6 alliance doesn’t know that he has been selling them out at every turn lately.

    Who Can I Fool Next?
    After a long discussion with Will and Danielle in the HOH room, James decides to do a little more acting to convince his S6 alliance that he is still with them. He goes down to talk with Janelle, and tells her that he has talked with Danielle, and he thinks she will nominate Kaysar in her place. If that happens, he acts, he knows he is heading home, and then furthers his act by saying how disappointed he’ll be to be out of the game before Marcellas and Chicken George. Janie tries to console him by telling him she will talk to Danielle and try and cut a deal with her if she puts Marcellas up in her place. Oh, how I wished I could reach through the camera and slap some sense into her.

    Marcellas is an HOH whore. That is all.

    Laying It On The Line
    Later in the evening, Danielle and Kaysar had one of their “straight talks” about strategy. I think these two are the only people in the house who have been totally honest with each other. She tells him outright that he is her choice for a replacement nominee, and really, there is no other choice for her. She can’t put up Howie, she can’t put up Chicken George (why? Because he’s Chicken George!), and she can’t put up Marcellas because she made a deal with him. Of course, there’s always Chill Town, but that would ruin another one of her side alliances. Yep, it has to be Kaysar, and he’ll be going home. Kaysar is upset, sad even, but for some reason he can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s right in front of him…Danielle must be aligned with Chill Town if she’s willing to put up her friend and confidant instead of one of them. Soon, Janelle and even Howie join Kaysar and Dani in HOH, and Danielle speaks honestly with them, too. Even with all three of them there, Season 6 can’t see what is right in front of their faces. Their strategy of keeping Chill Town so the target stays off of the Sov’s has failed.

    Brief Goings On
    *Howie was really gassy...perhaps his new nickname should be Master Fart, the Jedi Master of Mr. Fart.
    *Boogie used the outdoor jack shack, and for some reason, BB kept the camera on the bench subjecting us viewers to a gross ordeal.
    *James refuses to go in the jack shack, even though he really wants to. (I found a little respect for him for that)
    *Howie and Janie did a lot of late night studying for the HOH competition. They’re working on their memory of events.

    Late Night With Jedi Howie
    Early in the morning, Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie all had a mini conference in the backyard by the fire pit. They go over the possible votes, considering James has the nullify vote pass, and realize that it’s going to be really tough to keep Kaysar in the house. After Marcellas sticks his head out for a quick looksee, the three finally start to call him and Erika out for their whorish behavior with whoever is HOH that week. Kaysar realizes that Erika was really nice to him when he was HOH, and Janelle recalls how Marci was in her bed all the time when she was HOH…even to the point where the Sov’s had to have a meeting on the balcony because Marcellas wouldn’t leave the room. Finally, Janelle is starting to feel bad for being so nice to Queen Marci.

    Shift Into Glide
    It turned into a relatively early night for the hamsters. Quiet, too. Not much happened in the early morning, other than Howie blaming Janelle for his wicked gas, since it seems that she put him on the slop.

    As my shift ends, the hamsters are all in the backyard on lockdown. Well, everyone except for Janie, since she was inside preparing for the veto meeting. Want to know if Janelle used the veto and who was put up in her place if she did? Click HERE

    Thanks to cdnmama, waywyrd, and hepcat for the screencaps! Great work!

    Time for me to go feed live. mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Loved the recap. If only we could reach in and slap some sense in the those blind fools!
    There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. -Ken Olsen

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    Great recap, how foolish some can be.
    Please take Marcerllas out...

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    Love the recap!

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    Love the recap. Why can't the house see what Chilltown is doing? Take them out!!!

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    Great recap.

    I don't have live feeds so I have to ask. Why is there a jack shack? Why not just do it in the shower and not be so obvious...or do guys just not care about it.

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    I really wanted Janelle FTW, but now I'm starting to see just how devious Chilltown is. If these guys keep playing the way they're playing now, I have to grudgingly admit they deserve to win. They're playing the game 10 levels above everyone else. At least Will is.

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    Oh, Mr. D, I loved the recap. Thanks for filling me in on all the details.

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    Great recap, MrD!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Thanks for the great reacp!

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