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Thread: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Black Widow Gets Swatted

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    8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Black Widow Gets Swatted

    *This is a recap of events from noon Saturday to noon Sunday*

    veto (vē'tō), n. the power of stopping or preventing some act. For example: how the self-proclaimed "black widow" Danielle had her plans squashed today by Janelle's veto win. Yep, Her Buxom Blondeness pulled one out of the bag and saved herself from the chopping block in what sounded like another tough competition. After an almost four hour flame-fest, we learn bits and pieces of what happened during the graveyard-themed comp:
    • Each player started with a certain number of points, and could buy luxury items with them, or earn points by making "sacrifices."
    • Luxury prizes included: a trip to Aruba, $5000, a plasma TV, a margarita party, another slop pass, and a call from home.
    • Sacrifices consisted of: 24 hour solitary confinement, taking away all beds in the house, no hot water for a week, giving up chance to play for veto next week, and putting the non-veto players on slop for a week.

    Now, it's hard to tell who exactly did what, with all the lying going on. Supposedly Janelle put the others on slop, and was responsible for the cold showers and no beds. James "bought" the margarita party for the house, and thinks he also got the phone call. Boogie may have won the plasma TV, and Will thinks he got the trip. Marci supposedly won the money and another slop pass, but Will seems intent on getting the others to believe that Marcellas won more than he really did to stir resentment against him. It sounds like Boogie gave up the chance to play for veto, also.

    Baby got back. And, her very own porta-potty.

    Don't feed the animals.

    One thing is for sure, though: Danielle took the 24 hour solitary confinement, which went into effect shortly after the feeds came back. So Miss-up-in-everybody's-business gets stuck in a little room with nothing but a blanket, a bible, and a porta-potty that Kaysar called a "litterbox." She's not pleased about it, and spends her time crying and talking to herself. How the mighty have fallen.

    Afterwards, the others complain about how bad the comps have been this season, preferring the "fun" comps they had in previous years. Will and Boogie work on Janelle yet again, telling her that they can't believe Kaysar and Howie didn't play for her. They all agree that Marci has to go, even Janelle: "I want his head on a platter!" She feels bad for picking Marcellas to play for her, and they all wonder who Danielle will put up as a replacement nominee. Will thinks he can talk her into putting Marcellas up, even though she made him a promise not to.

    It's not a party without a ruffled shirt.

    Of course, what would a day of feeds be without at least one disgusting story by Boogie? This time, it's about Erika giving him a massage down close to Mr. Happy. He wanted her to continue, but she was nervous about the cameras catching any shenanigans. Nervous? Just wait til she hears how much Boogie spills on the live feeds. She'll die.

    Will shows everyone his cucumber.

    Sausage-fest in the hot tub.

    Marcellas plays cards with Erika, whining about the day's events. He calls the Sovs "dirty bastards" and says they're not playing nice (like he is?), and Erika tells him that the Sovs should have went after Chilltown to begin with (gotta love an armchair quarterback). James whines about how hard the cots are, how much the game sucks, yadda yadda. Janelle, Will, Boogie, and Chicken George prepare for the margarita party, but several of the hamsters talk about boycotting the party because the whole house won't be able to attend. They say it was won before the slop and solitary so everyone should be able to go. Fair enough. BB relents and tells the others (except for Danielle) they can attend, but no drinking. I guess they don't need any "hamsters gone wild" clips for the show this time.

    Miami Vice-meets-dork.

    The party drags on, but it's not very festive. There's no music, they break the margarita machine, and then they threaten to burn the pinata. Erika admits she hid the Jenga game to keep them from burning it. And Howie does a dance in his underwear with a cucumber. Yes, really.

    Howie performs the ancient Mexican cucumber ritual. Or, he's just drunk.

    Will sneaks inside at one point to fill Dani in on all the prizes that Marci "won," planting the seed in Dani's head to get rid of Marcellas. She's pissed at the news. He's good, I tell you. He has half of the house believing that Marci got most of the prizes. James goes to take a cold shower, griping about it the whole time: "F-ing cold f-ing shower!" Boogie wipes up something on the floor with Marcellas' facecloth and gets yelled at by BB. Dani is still pacing and muttering to herself, asking "Who wants my DOR?"

    Erika and Kaysar glumly sit in the backyard, smoking the hookah. Erika gets all weepy as Kaysar just stares. I don't know what they're smoking in there, but I don't want any. It's depressing, watching these two. Will works Janelle some more: she admits she's the one who put the house on slop, but he tells her to let Marci take the fall. She agrees. He brings up the possibility of a two-week alliance, with them voting out Marci, Erika, Chicken George and then Dani. Will wants Janelle to make a truce with Dani after she gets out of confinement.

    Will takes another bath in the kitchen sink (it still has hot water), and it turns into a water fight with Janelle as they spray water all over the room. Boogie and Erika cuddle up in bed, flirting and chatting about the game a bit. She must be as grossed out as I am, because she eventually gets up to leave after a while. The night winds down, and BB tells them that it'll be lights out in one hour. And so the hamsters drift off to sleep, amid the sounds of snoring and a few fart stories.

    Will gets Janelle all wet.

    That's all, folks!

    I could use one of those margaritas....waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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    How is Will still that white?! My goodness. Great recap!

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    Howie doing the cucumber dance in his undies has to be one of the funniest things I've seen on the feeds for awhile!! Great recap waywyrd! Funny as always!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Great job, Waywyrd!
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Sorry I missed the "ancient Mexican cucumber ritual." Great recap, waywyrd!
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    Great recap!
    The pictures prove that fact is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to Howie!

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    Thank you Waywyrd!

    Your recaps are awesome!

    The pictures are great too...
    especially since I don't have the live feeds...
    I still feel like I get to see some of the wild and weird things they do!!
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    Love it (esp. the last picture of Will..mmm). Thanks for the recap!!

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    Thanks for the great recap, Wayward!

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    Thank you. It's almost like being there, but I don't feel the need to stand for an hour in a hot shower.

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