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Thread: 8/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : "I'm Flame-Broiled Pissed!"

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    8/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : "I'm Flame-Broiled Pissed!"

    *This recap covers from noon Friday to noon Saturday

    Nominations today! As my shift starts, some houseguests are already awake, and the others are getting a wake-up call. Wake up, little houseguests, and see what fate befalls you! The early risers are outside, being bored senseless by Big Bad James' dangerous tales of life in loss prevention work.

    "And then I told that little girl, 'hold still!' while I handcuffed her...I saved our store 79 cents...."

    Will goes to Janelle and says he'll try to get Danielle to put up James along side of her, and work to get James out. Of course, Will already knows that those are Danielle's probable nomination choices. He's just trying to take a little credit where credit isn't due...in other words, being himself. Elsewhere Chicken George is feeling a little rough after finally eating real food. It's not an easy adjustment for him, but it's certainly a welcome one.

    "Danielle, I KNOW she called you weak, you've told me twenty times!"

    Danielle gets Kaysar in the HOH room for a lengthy confrontation, wanting to know the exact "whys" of every nomination the Sovereign 4 made. She grills him on it relentlessly, but I'm beginning to think it's just a way for her to not be physically alone in the house. Danielle doesn't seem to take being alone very well, one reason that she's been giving the HOH room to others each night.

    Later Marcellas is back in the HOH room with Danielle, and they pick apart and bitch about everything possible concerning the Sovereign 4. Danielle once again brings up that comment that she's a weak player, because she just can't let it go.

    Will and Boogie go into the toilet area together, and discuss flipping the vote on Danielle, and taking out James instead. When they come out, James is standing there and calls them "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" and there are comments about sexual things they did to each other in there. Ewww.

    "I swear, that first bite of pizza was like heaven, man."

    Day 4,189...not a sign of a tan.

    "Did that bitch just say I was WEAK again?"

    We get back yard lockdown as Danielle prepares for the nominations, and then the flames we all know and hate. The nominations are over, and it's confirmed that James and Janelle are up for eviction. The Sovereign 4 go to the bug room to talk about it, and end up laughing and having a pillow fight. Afterwards, though, James begins his whining that lasts the rest of my shift. Oh poor pitiful James, why him, why HIM BB gods?

    Danille and Erika scamper off to the HOH room, and say that James should get the best actor award for his nomination demeanor. Danielle ONCE AGAIN says "guess that made me a weak player." I want to punch her weak player face in for saying it for the millionth time.

    Marcellas is next to come in the HOH room and gloat. He tells Danielle that she laid it out there, that you have to be respectful, there's no bye-bye bitches, no busto. Then he says "I will bust a mofo's head and go to jail before I let them call me busto!" Oh please please PLEASE let Marcellas be the target of Hurricane Howie when he makes landfall. PLEEEASE! Danielle says she has plans b, c, and d, and that she can't wait for the veto competition.

    James is next with Danielle, and while he still whines about being a "pawn", he boasts about how well he's fooling his alliance members. How I hope a little thing called karma bites him in the ass.

    Boogie tells people that he hasn't had sex since November. I'm not surprised.

    Danielle goes out to the back yard to watch Will and Boogie playing pool. But really, her real reason is to tell them...you guessed it, that Janelle called her a weak player. Is there anyone in the United States and Canada who doesn't know this yet?

    "....weak player.....weak...weak player...."

    "Why meeee? Why? WHY???"

    James lays in bed, still whining about being put on the block. It's like nails across the chalkboard and between him and Danielle, I'm considering giving up watching the live feeds forever. Poor James. Poor, picked on James. Poor James whose life isn't fair. Shut the hell UP, James!

    Somewhere along the line they picked players for the power of veto competition, and they are:
    • James
    • Janelle
    • Danielle
    • Will
    • Boogie
    • Marcellas

    For PG-13 reasons, I cannot show you any more of the crazy game of strip Speed.

    Janelle and Will drink wine and play cards for a long time, and Janelle says she's "flame-broiled pissed!" about being nominated. I think I'm going to use that line next time I order a steak. One New York strip, flame-broiled pissed, please! Oh never mind, that sounds like meat that's been urinated on. Move along....

    "And I said 'if you want to see a weak player, I'll jam this finger up your....'"

    My apologies for using the weak player thing ten zillion times, but that's how much Danielle is running it into the ground. So I hope, if any of you ever encounter her on a sidewalk, in a grocery, at a reality fan convention, please walk by her and whisper "weak player" just loud enough for her to hear. It'll be fun, I promise.

    I can't begin to caption this. See the lotion? Ewww.

    And he's all done. With a bag of evidence. Eww again.

    Howie decides to spend some time "loving himself" in a storage box by the pool. Of course none of us live feed watchers expect anything less from him. I don't know what's worse, that anyone at all does this on the live feeds, or that BOTH he and Boogie use that very same box for their "release". It's just...ugh. Howie does dispose with his baggie in an outside garbage receptacle instead of carting it through the house. And he does immediately wash his hands, for what that's worth.

    Upon his return to the house, Danielle grills him for countless minutes on WHY he has to do such a thing, for all the internet to see. Howie's not a bit ashamed, and says it relieves tension so he can sleep better. Will backs him up on this some. Danielle keeps on grilling him, even going so far as to ask which hand he uses. Well I think that is mighty nosy! This is the same woman who gave a very intimate description of her yoohoo and her waxing habits during a drunken night not too long ago. Howie happily answers all her questions, because Big Boy likes to talk about his parts.

    "Why did you have to do that, you're nasty!

    "I may be nasty, but at least I'm not weak!"

    Everyone turns in for the night, it's Janelle and Howie's turn to use the HOH room. The next morning, the houseguests are told early that it's two hours until the veto competition. If you can't wait to see who won, click here.

    Right before my shift ends, James goes into the HOH room and gets a drink from Danielle's fridge. He says to her "Thank you for your kindness, it won't go unnoticed." She replies "See you next week" and as the door closes behind him adds "if you're still here." Hmmmm.

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    Julian Pyke
    OMG I LOVED THIS RECAP. You are so GREAT! I laughed so ahrd at your comments.

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    Ohh... can I be the first to say it???

    I thought this Recap was... weak.

    Sorry, could not resist... actually was great, as they have all been... keep up the great work.

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    "I may be nasty, but at least I'm not weak!"
    perfect ending for a STRONG recap....i loved it.
    Gotta The Fort
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    That was hilarious! I've missed the past few days, and you made it easy to catch up.

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    Too funny! Loved your captions, awesome recap as usual, sunny.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    There are several things in the that recap that I wished I hadn't learned, but it was still very entertaining. There are no hilights because the whole thing was hilarious.
    I don't know how you maintain your sanity watching these people.
    "The sun rose promptly at dawn."
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    I loved the recap! I hope there's a way to take out the image of Howie from
    my mind with the bag in his hands! Ewww! I especially loved the last thing Danielle said to James. I'm anxious to see what happens on Thursday!

    Great recap as usual! Thank you!

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    I think this was your best recap yet, sunny.
    I was laughing through the whole thing

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    The caption on that last picture of Howie made me laugh out loud. His expression is just perfect. Great job, Sunny!
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