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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Recap (post-endurance): The Terrible Reign of the Badonkadonk Booty

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    8/3 Live Feed Recap (post-endurance): The Terrible Reign of the Badonkadonk Booty

    *This recap covers from after the HOH competition on Thursday until noon Friday

    When we left our housguests, they had just completed an endurance challenge, where Danielle emerged victorious as the new HOH. After declaring herself the "black widow", they all filed in to wash the foam off themselves, which Howie referred to as "spider sperm". Ewwww.

    Three little sovereigns have lost their magic.

    Janelle, Kaysar and Howie already look defeated. Naturally they are expecting the worst with Danielle being HOH, and they are probably right. James is acting fairly happy, so let's just call him what he is, sovereign number "faux."

    Marcellas runs off and puts the slop pass in his dresser, mumbling to himself that he didn't agree it should be given to Chicken George, and that he only weighs 165 lbs. It's hard to imagine Marcellas doing anything out of the goodness of his heart.

    Elsewhere, Boogie is saying he's going to buy his grandmother a car with the $10,000 he won, because hers broke down just before he went on the show. He owns 6 restaurants and didn't buy his grandmother a car right then? I have no other comments for that. Erika gets him alone, calls him a brat, and says "How are we going to get married when you're such a brat?" Do they have a pre-show relationship? It's beginning to look that way, especially after she did some unmentionable "foot work" the other day. Once again, ewwww.

    George, stunned by 14 days of slop, thinks this pizza is a mirage.

    Dani pretty much badgers Marcellas into giving Chicken George the slop pass. Finally Marcellas agrees, but not without telling the cameras he's about to do it so he can get airtime doing this "noble deed". George intially refuses the pass, but Marcellas drops it on his lap. George drops it in the floor, and sits there for a long time looking tormented. Finally he comes out and says he'll use it, and everyone exclaims that there will be no gas for a week! Poor George's digestive system, it's getting a workout. George gets some pizza, and oooh and ahhs over it so much that Will comments that he's making love to it.

    "I'll show that bitch a weak player!"

    Danielle is still stinging from a comment Janelle made about her being a weak player, and it's really stuck with her. She joins Erika, Boogie and Chicken George in the red room, and tells them all her plan to nominate Janelle, and put James up as a pawn. They all nod and agree, and who wouldn't, as she looks crazy-eyed as everything. I have to give her this, she has a plan before she even has her HOH room.

    Nothing funny here, just a happy man full of FOOD.

    The HOH room is ready, and everyone heads up. The room is a Key West theme, with sage green everywhere. Danielle gets a stuffed dog that looks like her "Bubba" at home, her ratty pink robe, and a Queen CD. She opens it and notes the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" and I can't help but laugh after the pics of her rear in the endurance competition. She also gets a letter from her Mom, which she proceeds to read to everyone, boring them senseless. I mean, it went on forever, about why her Mom named her Danielle (from a soap opera) but the houseguests that remained in the room all clapped politely afterwards. Anything to avoid nominations, right?

    "And Mom says I'm a STRONG player, hear that Janelle?"

    Danielle gives Marcellas a Payday candy bar, and offers her other goodies to everyone. (no no, not those goodies!) Will is all excited by her Honey Combs cereal, while others partake of her wine. I know if I was ever on there, I'd stab anyone touching my HOH basket. With the one dull knife they let them have.

    "Your Mom is the best letter writer in the world, please don't nominate us!"

    Eventually people file out of the HOH room, and Danielle gets James in there for "the talk". She tells him that she's putting him up as a pawn against Janelle, and he immediately freaks out. She assures him that they'll have the votes to keep him, and reminds him that he has the "nullyify one eviction vote" prize. He doesn't like it at all. Danielle says it puts him in the position to beat Janelle for the veto, and that this way it won't look like he's betraying his original alliance. James still isn't fully sold, but he says he'd take pride in beating Janelle for the power of veto. Then he refers to her as a "fat piece of crap." Except he doesn't say crap. I will never understand how so many people refer to Janelle as fat, as she looks like a normal girl to me. Then again, anyone standing next to Erika is bound to look a little healthier than normal.

    James then goes downstairs to ask for Marcellas' vote. Marcellas agrees, so we find that he's not really the friend to Janelle that he claims to be. Okay, we already knew that. Then James seeks out Boogie and complains that he listening to Janelle about what egg to pick, since she's usually lucky, and it cost him $10,000. Geez, what do you want, James? For Boogie to say, "oh poor James, please, take MY $10,000 to make up for it!" It would be just like James, though, depriving Boogie's grandma of a new CAR.

    James isn't done yet. He corners Chicken George in the storage room and asks for his vote. He doesn't get a solid answer, as that's one slippery Chicken he's dealing with. Not to mention, a Chicken that James tried to evict a few weeks ago. George says he won't consider the fact that James nominated him into his decision though. I don't believe that for a second, I remember George's profanity-laced rap, he's got no love for James. But, George just wants to make it to sequester, and has promised Danielle his vote at the end, if she helps him get there. So James seems pretty safe for now.

    Erika's gone into conference with Danielle now, and Dani's at warp speed rambling about how she wants Janelle OUT OF THERE. She says that Janelle's plan is for it to be all guys and herself, therefore leaving the guys to fight it out while she makes it to the end. But Danielle's not about to let that happen, and decides that if she has the chance, she'll pick Boogie to play for her in the POV competition, because he's athletic. It appears that Danielle's not wavering on her plan a bit, and definitely James and Janelle will go up.

    "WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin', say it again, uhuh, WAR!"

    Okay, they weren't really playing "War" I think they were playing something called "Speed" but I don't have any speed songs in my head right now. At any rate, Kaysar, Janelle and Will are playing cards, complaining about how bored they are, and call themselves the Depressed Alliance. Finally an alliance name that makes sense!

    Danielle doesn't like to sleep alone, but doesn't want anyone sleeping WITH her in the HOH bed, so she gives the HOH room to Will for the night. At first Will doesn't understand and thinks it's an invitation to join her in the bed (for sleeping). Others quickly call the bed for other nights.

    Howie, Kaysar and Janelle stay up quite late. Kaysar and Howie both try to beat it into Janelle's head that Marcellas isn't really the friend she thinks he is. Finally it dawns on Janelle that some leaked information could have only been leaked by him. She declares that she now hates him, and I hope for the sovereign's sake that it's true. Kaysar is very depressed, and voices that he doesn't want to go to sequester. He's been seeming pretty lovesick lately, with vague references to a "friend" and how things are different for him this year. In the wee wee hours, they turn in for sleep. It's been a long day in the Big Brother house, and the impending nominations are tomorrow. I predict a bad sleep for these 3.

    Lots of houseguests sleep in the next day, and the only thing we find out before my shift ends it that James is still worried about possibly being a pawn, and Marcellas is upset that he gave away his slop pass. As if that's a surprise.

    There will be no food competition today, but it's a "week of temptation" so that could mean anything at anytime. Stay tuned.

    And for my foul photo of the day, I leave you with this.

    How can ANYONE smile while laying in bed with Mike Boogie?

    thanks to Bbnbama for the first two screencaps!

    Did you get foam in any interesting places? contact suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com
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    lol great recap.. and i have to say I like the HoH room this go around. Better than the Barbie Dream HoH palace of Putrid Pink we had last week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnycat
    James is acting fairly happy, so let's just call him what he is, sovereign number "faux."

    Great recap, Sunny! What an excellent glimpse into the paranoia. The captions were killing me!
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    Brought me up to speed again (although I had to stop and laugh out loud a few times along the way).
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7 View Post
    James is acting fairly happy, so let's just call him what he is, sovereign number "faux."
    Very clever name for him!!

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    Great recap Suncat. My favorite line:

    "James is acting fairly happy, so let's just call him what he is, sovereign number "faux.""
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    Great recap! I also love the captions to the captures.

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    [QUOTE=[b]How can ANYONE smile while laying in bed with Mike Boogie?[/b]


    True that!

    I hate Dani!

    Great recap! Thanks.

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    great recap!

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    James is acting fairly happy, so let's just call him what he is, sovereign number "faux."
    Great recap, suncat!
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