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Thread: 8/3 Big Brother Endurance Competition Recap: Foamy Bootylicious Goodness

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    8/3 Big Brother Endurance Competition Recap: Foamy Bootylicious Goodness

    *This special edition recap covers Thursday from noon until after the HOH competition Thursday evening

    Another Thursday, another shift starting in FLAMES! We get a few glimpes of our primping hamsters, but not anything noteworthy happens as we go into the live show. For those of you that watched the show, you know that it was an endurance competition, and we join our houseguests as they hang from a giant spiderweb of ropes in the backyard. They can't touch the ground, and they can't touch a red zone.

    As HOH, Janelle can't play, and she wonders how long she might have to be by herself.

    They say that over time, your implants can harden and sit too high. Wait, why is there a third one?

    Janelle doesn't have to wait long, as Will is the first one out at 22 minutes. Did he fall, or did he throw it? That's up in the air, but as one of the first five out, it's time for him to choose a golden egg! Three eggs contain prizes, and two are rotten eggs. The prizes are a slop pass, nullify one eviction vote, and $10,000. What egg will our resident doctor get? Why, a rotten egg, of course, fitting his "evil" demeanor he likes to claim for himself.

    You're a greedy one, Mr. Grinch

    Every once in a while they tilt the spiderweb around, and they spray the houseguests with what looks like foam. George, desperate to taste ANYTHING other than slop, says it's not half bad. Marcellas likens this experience to a Miami foam party. Somehow I think he changed his tune after he realized it was ruining his $300 belt.

    My absolute favorite pic ever of Marcellas!

    Obviously some people wear foam better than others.

    Make up your own "licking Kaysar" caption here.

    Now, a few things are happening on the web, other than foam. Such as:
    • Howie says he has to urinate
    • George is passing gas so bad he names himself the "Buttocks Bomber"
    • Howie is using his inhaler
    • Boogie whispers in his mic to the producers to watch Marcellas, as his head is close to the red zone
    • Howie has managed to sit on his left testicle
    • They all play that totally boring actor/movie/tv connection game that they play a lot

    James is an ass. I mean, James' ass.

    Some people are pretty still on the web, while others shift, stand and do all kinds of crazy antics that makes me think they're about to fall. Obviously, some body types are better suited to this.

    Baby got back.

    Janelle comes out to the yard with an announcement that they now have to keep their heads and torsos below the web, and support themselves only with their arms and legs. Sadly, Danielle's large booty won't help her now, but it might be nice padding if she falls. Everyone rearranges themselves, and James immediately falls off, having hung in an hour and 54 minutes. He chooses a golden egg, and receives the nullify one eviction vote prize. He looks mighty upset that it's not the cash.

    An hour and 57 minutes in, Boogie drops out, and Kaysar is right smack behind him. Boogie gets the $10,000 egg, and Kaysar gets a rotten egg. Marcellas is out a few minutes after them, and has a little hissy fit since he gets the last egg which contains the slop pass. He kicks it across the yard, like the diva we all know him to be. In the background, James is whining that other people are cheating. I think someone is just a little bitter about his prize, don't you?

    Chicken George holds in a few minutes longer, and drops at a very respectable two hours and six minutes. No prize for him, but he certainly outlasted some worthy competitors.

    Left on the web are Howie, Danielle and Erika, and the bargaining begins. Danielle is begging Howie to drop, telling him that he's safe from nomination. Erika joins in, telling him the same thing. He tries hard to stay in there, saying he wants it bad.

    Big Boy likes to hang on ropes!

    Another angle of Danielle's badonkadonk booty.

    Erika stops short of promising sexual favors.

    They continue to badger Howie and after securing promises from both of them, he drops two hours and 14 minutes in. Erika immediately throws the competition to Danielle, apparently having been granted safety as well. She drops down, then Danielle drops exclaiming "I'm the black widow!"
    Sheesh, the black widow kills her lover after mating, so I suggest no one hooks up with Dani. Plus, you know, she's married and everything.

    There you have it. Howie remains on the ground, exhausted. Danielle is the new HOH. Some promises were made, but will they be kept? I somehow think Danielle has bigger fish to fry than Howie. Check back tomorrow for the post-comp shenanigans!

    George prays over Howie's dead body.

    Can I come to your foam party? contact suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com
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    I think Danielle would nominate Janelle and Kaysar to break up season 6, and obviously everyone would vote for Janelle.
    Janelle's only hope then would be to win the veto, or the coup d'etat.
    I wonder if someone else from season 6 would win the veto if they would use it to save her?

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    Go Danielle!!!! It's about time someone besides season 6 wins. TURN HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN DANI, go after Janey it's payback time.

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    Awesome, sunny! I couldn't stay up to see it all, thanks for the recap. And, I love your captions!
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    Thanks, Suncat7, I was dying to find out what happened!

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    Suncat thanks for the recap and pics......Great!
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    Thanks for the lightning fast recap!
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    oh no danielle!?!?!

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    Awesome recap Suncat. Loved the Janelle implant caption.
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    Great recap! This should be an interesting week with nominations now that Sov4 are no longer in charge.

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