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Thread: 8/1 Live Feed Recap I Feel Like Such A B-I-T-C-H

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    8/1 Live Feed Recap I Feel Like Such A B-I-T-C-H

    8/1 Live Feed Recap I Feel Like Such a B-I-T-C-H

    *This recap covers from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday

    For the second week in a row, this shift is being covered by a live feed virgin. Go easy people! We’ve reached the point in the week where it’s all over except the voting and the revelation on the live show of which hamster is going home. It’s either a last chance for the two hamsters on the block to try to insure that they stay by lobbying those with votes hard and striking deals or it’s the time when one hamster turns over on his or her back, sticks his or her feet in the air and gives up. Unfortunately for me, and for those of you reading this, this week it was the later. Unlike when she was on the block with her good friend Nakomis, Diane didn’t try to do much of anything to extend her time in the Big Brother house. Maybe she just misses Mr. Smith? Or Taco Bell? More on that later. Shall we get on to what did happen?

    Some Tidbits From a Mostly Boring Day

    *No one would eat slop for a year for a million dollars.

    *Howie is an e-bay slut. Not only did he sell last year’s underwear for $14 he also sold six to eight headshots.

    *James prefers to play badminton shirtless. Thankfully, Chicken George does not.

    *Mommy, Mommy I DO NOT want a Mr. Fart doll.

    *The consensus is that Howie is grosser (as in more gross not that he weighs more) than Chicken George.

    *Janelle likes white trash men with money. Whatever that means.

    *Janelle used every opportunity possible to declare that “Maggie has a penis!”

    *Howie offered a particular “service” for $1,000 and then raised the price to $20,000

    Keep Your Friends Close . . .

    As my shift opens, Danielle and James are talking. Much of their conversation is devoted to trashing Janelle. James’ anger has not diminished and he calls her arguably the worst player of all time and likens her moves as HOH this week to Howie’s move in BB6. Yes, James, she’s the worst player of all time. She just happens to have won two HOH competitions and a POV in four weeks. James also claims that Janelle cheated in the last HOH competition and declares that he’s dropping out this time. Danielle encourages him not to do that because they might need him. The two of them also discuss how Howie’s boobie comments make the women in the house uncomfortable and that Diane knows she’s going home. Most importantly, Danielle encourages James to talk to Will. James is stoked at the idea of a Woogie, Danielle, and James alliance.

    Will joins James and Danielle in the backyard. James tells Will that Diane knows she is going home. Will says that he and Boogie would be open to a deal to get rid of Erika instead. I bet Erika would be interested in knowing that. James affirms to Will that if Will goes home Boogie would join him and Danielle. It sounds like the Fantastic Four is indeed a foursome.

    Marcellas tells Dani that Howie and Janelle are turning into bullies. Marcellas gives a twisted version of events and tells her that they were making fun of Chicken George the night before. Then again, Marcellas hasn’t always been the most perceptive guy has he? Maybe he truly believes they were making fun of him instead of having fun with him. I doubt it though.

    There was a brief lockdown outside during the afternoon. While the lockdown was going on, Howie and Janelle lay by the pool while the rest of the houseguests worked on a movie script. Will demanded a Mac and some software so that he can work on the script and declared that the best part will be when Howie and Janie aren’t at the premiere because they didn’t help with the script.

    After the lockdown ends, the houseguests discover that BB has provided them with a checkers game. Erika and Chicken George start playing after Danielle shows them how to set up the board. Later on, Kaysar and Erika play a game or two.

    I wonder if the blue ones taste like blueberries?

    Ham is a Piece of a Pig Too

    One constant Tuesday afternoon and evening was whining about BB not restocking the storage room with food. The houseguests apparently have an aversion to pork chops. James kept complaining that he doesn’t eat red meat or pork and Janelle was not pleased that they were out of cheese. At one point, they start speculating that the PA’s took the food home. When Janelle finally declares that she can’t get into the storage room and she can hear the rustling of bags being unpacked, I’m happy because I’ve had enough whining about food. The houseguests also think they’ll be drinking which turns out not to be true much to my chagrin. Janelle decides immediately to make herself a bagel with ham which is, of course, completely different than pork.

    At one point in the mid-afternoon hamster time, James, Diane and Marcellas are in a bedroom. Diane’s theory is that Janelle is jealous of her because Diane is smaller and prettier than Janelle. She asks Marci to vote to bring her back if anyone is coming back into the house. Marci says of course. What else is he going to say? Diane also reveals that she wants out so she can go to Taco Bell. None of that highfaluting hotel food for her. Okay, then.

    I Really Am Pretty In Pink Aren’t I?

    Boogie and Will are feeling pretty good about their place in the game. The only people they are worried would nominate them if they won head of household are Kaysar and Marcellas. Will feels like he doesn’t have a rapport with Kaysar. Boogie says he does and he’ll talk to Kaysar about making a deal to keep him safe if he doesn’t nominate Chilltown.

    Boogie also went to work on Chicken George telling him that he and Will want someone like George to win. Boogie and Will have something to go back to. It seems to work because George says that Chilltown is the last people he’d nominate. George thinks that one of them needs to win HOH and seems to be totally under the thrall of Woogie.

    Kaysar and Janelle had a long conversation which Howie joined about Janelle putting up Diane and whether it was a smart move. Kaysar thinks it was. They also discussed what a good player Danielle is. Kaysar isn’t worried about James flipping but Janelle is. Smart Janelle. Kaysar would like to take Boogie out next week if possible. They discuss how weeks four and five are the trickiest.

    If I Can’t Eat, I’ll Make Something Inedible for Everyone Else.

    Chicken George is apparently a masochist. He made tacos for dinner for all of those who aren’t on slop despite the fact that he is on slop for 60 days. At one point, Janelle asked him “Don’t you just want to stick your head in the pan?” Personally, I’m not sure I’d be all that excited to chow down on tacos made by Mr. Fart. Maybe that’s just me.

    Will has devised a plan which is fitting for Dr. Evil if he wins HOH. He is going to approach the five houseguests who have never been nominated, Kaysar, Howie, Janelle, James, and Marcellas and ask them to decide which two will be on the chopping block and who the replacement will be if one of those nominated wins the power of veto. Too bad Will probably won’t even try to win HOH.

    This One Time At . . .

    As the night wore on, there was a lot of chatter about nothing including Boogie telling a story about Hugh Hefner coming to eat at one of his restaurants. Hugh brings his own food with him but the girls he brings are allowed to eat anything on the menu. There was also a rousing game of badminton between James, Chicken George and Howie. James takes his badminton as seriously as he takes everything else. I just want to tell the dude to chill occasionally. I can’t imagine what it is like to live with him. Poor Sarah. The houseguests also spent the obligatory time in the hot tub.

    My Mother Warned Me My Face Could Get Stuck Like This

    James continued to overplay. He revealed to Erika Janelle’s deal with Chilltown to vote out Diane. He also apparently told Kaysar that neither Erika nor Marcellas would nominate the S4 if they got HOH. Kaysar is confident that the floaters won’t put up any of the S4 if one of them wins HOH. James tries to tell Kaysar that he is wrong. Kaysar is smart enough to realize that the S4 needs to again win HOH if they want to stay safe. James sarcastically said he’d put it on his list of things to do.

    This is the point at which your recapper went to sleep. Silly me. Janelle and Kaysar apparently decided to stay up all night because they are tired of their bizarre sleep schedules and both feel like they have jet lag. Erika also told some long story about finding a guy she was dating having sex with a fifty year old female equivalent of Chicken George. Sorry I missed that. Not.

    Janelle and Howie spent some time in the Barbie HOH room. Janelle felt horrible about nominating Diane and uttered the title line of this recap. She’s convinced that Diane won’t get a single vote to stay. Howie tries to reassure her that she did the right thing, but she still feels bad.

    At about one am BB time, Dani and James had a conversation in the kitchen where they discussed what Marcellas would do as HOH. Dani told James that she thought he’d put up one Season 6 person and one member of Chilltown. Dani and James also discussed the Fantastic Four alliance and declared that an alliance isn’t real until it has a name. James also told her that if Howie and Janelle are on the block, he’ll vote to save Howie.

    Howie and Janelle had a long conversation about 2:45 am about strategy and what to do if they manage to win HOH for a fifth straight time. Janelle is bummed about not getting to compete in this week’s HOH competition. Howie isn’t sure who he will nominate if he wins. He said that he’ll have to evaluate all the options. Both of them clearly respect Danielle’s game play and are worried about her. Janelle told Howie that they have to win HOH this week so that they can make sequester.

    Most of the rest of the night was just idle chit chat. By six am, only Janelle and Kaysar were still awake to see the sunrise. The two of them discussed relationships and then made waffles and left the kitchen a complete mess. After finishing breakfast, the two of them decided to work out and planned on staying up until 10 o’clock Wednesday night to get on a more regular schedule. They ran back and forth in the backyard counting each time they touched a fence. The original plan was to do 300 laps. That soon got cut back to 200 and then to resting after 150 and walking some of the laps. While they were working out, the two of them chattered at each other like two people who are comfortable together. After the workout, the two of them laid out in the sun by the pool. By 10:30 am as everyone else is getting up and eating breakfast, Kaysar and Janelle’s plan had backfired as they were both in bed asleep.

    I’m just resting my eyes. Really.

    As my shift comes to an end, the houseguests are continuing to speculate on potential twists and wondering why they have yet to be called into the diary room to vote.

    Thanks to waywyrd and hepcat for the great screencaps.

    I need a nap. E-mail mariner@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Janelle decides immediately to make herself a bagel with ham which is, of course, completely different than pork.

    Personally, I’m not sure I’d be all that excited to chow down on tacos made by Mr. Fart.
    And I loved the captions, too.

    Great job, excellent recap! I loved reading your take on the hamsters!
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    Great recap and great job for your first time as a live feeds virgin!

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    Wonderful job, Mariner!
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Awesome Mariner, loved the Erika screencap and caption.
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    Great recap, Mar! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on my hamster fix.

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    Very funny recap, Mariner!

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    Excellent Recap! Your virgin voyage as a recapper was a smooth sail! It was so much fun to read!

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    Great recap. Hope to hear many more from you!

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    Great recap, Mariner!
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