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Thread: 7/31 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - Blonde Ambition

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    7/31 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - Blonde Ambition

    Blonde Ambition

    *This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday.

    It’s Monday, and the POV ceremony is due. No one doubts that Mike Boogie will use his shiny golden power of veto for something other than a tacky accessory, but which hamster will get the ban hammer in his place?

    Short On Time? Read Here
    • Mike Boogie used the POV to save himself, and Janelle nominated Diane in his place.
    Got A Few Minutes? Read Here
    • Before the ceremony, Marcellas pushed hard for Janelle to nominate Chicken George or Will.
    • Marcellas told Janelle that Kaysar lost their season for her.
    • Kaysar was irritable with Janelle for taking any sort of game advice from Marcellas.
    • Marcellas passed along the information about Diane to Danielle and Erika even as Janelle was in the HOH defending him as her friend who would never leak info.
    • Erika told Diane if they get to vote a houseguest back in to the house, Erika will vote for her.
    • Despite this, Diane told Boogie that she doesn’t trust Erika and doesn’t like her.
    • Kaysar lied to James and said he didn’t know Janelle was going for Diane until after she made up her mind.
    • James is still angry with Janelle and is still saying he will make decisions for himself, not the team, if he wins HOH next week.
    • Will and Boogie plotted with Danielle, encouraging her to win HOH next week and go after Janelle.
    • Marcellas has been ranting against Janelle, saying she’s first on his list if he wins HOH.
    • Marcellas mysteriously disappeared for about an hour yesterday, then claimed it was an extra-long DR session.
    • From a Woogie conversation, Chill Town may consist of James, Danielle, Boogie, and Will. Do we have a new alliance, the Fantastic Four?

    Sunday night was turbulent for the Sovs, as James let loose on Janelle and threatened to make decisions that benefit him, not the group, from now on. If you missed the night’s shenanigans, be sure to catch Waywryd’s excellent recap of the night.

    The hamsters are barely awake at noon, but Janelle is up – and worried. The nomination ceremony is looming, and she’s plagued with doubt over her latest plan to give Will a free ride for one more week and nominate Diane instead. All along, she has wanted to take out a floater, just not her own floater. Said floater is lying in bed right next to her, and predictably, Marcellas goes right to work on Janelle before he’s even out the wretchedly pink covers.

    Marcellas tells Janelle she should “fix everything” by nominating Chicken George in Boogie’s place if she can’t bring herself to nominate Will. It would repair her relationship with Diane and the house would easily vote out Will over Erika. Janelle says that she wants to talk to Kaysar before she changes her mind again. Marcellas erupts angrily that Kaysar lost Season 6 for her, “barking orders at you as he was walking out the door for the second time.” He tells her that the floaters will see a Diane nomination as a declaration of war since it will be obvious she’s not targeting Chill Town. Janelle repeats doggedly that she wants to talk to Kaysar, at which Marcellas harrumphs as he stomps out the door.

    Janelle finds Kaysar in the weight room running on the treadmill, and drags him back into the HOH since Will was on a piece of equipment next to him. Kaysar, sweaty and shirtless, doesn’t show much patience as Janelle tells him Marcellas thinks nominating Chicken George would fix everything in the house. “Nominate Chicken George? That’s retarded. That is a complete waste of an HOH.” He’s really worked up at the thought of Janelle taking advice from Marcellas, telling her he’s sick of how Marcellas is whispering in Janelle’s ear all day. “Just because he is up here talking to you about fashion does not make him a good ally in the game,” he tells her.

    Janelle says that she wishes it were Kaysar whispering in her ear all day, but Kaysar ignores the jab, going on to tell Janelle that Marcellas is untrustworthy – “a f**king leak, dude.” Janelle says that she sees Marcellas as being like an Ivette from last season, and Kaysar deadpans, “I do NOT want to align with an Ivette.” Kaysar points out a piece of information about Alison that she had only told to Marcellas and Jase that immediately traveled right to Alison. Kaysar says that it couldn’t have been Jase (although I think Kaysar is wrong here) so it must have been Marcellas. That deflates Janelle a bit. Kaysar says Marcellas is emotional, he makes bad decisions. Janelle caves, saying she won’t tell him any more game information, just girl stuff. Kaysar paces around looking irritable.

    Kaysar tells her she can’t back down from Diane now because that would be going 90% and then pulling away. The damage to Diane is done – she clearly knows about the nomination, and even if she doesn’t, people would tell her next week that Janelle was on the verge of putting her up. It’s just better to get her out of the house for good. But they both realize that James will not take it well. Janelle shares how angry James was the night before, yelling at her and saying he was done with playing for the alliance. Kaysar the bridge-builder is troubled, and decides to lie in the interests of getting James to feel part of the team again. He will tell him that Janelle’s decision wasn’t shared with him either.

    In another part of the house, we see Erika telling Diane that she would vote for her to come back in the house if given the chance. Diane says that she thinks Janelle will nominate her since she’s been after her from day one. Erika lies and says she doesn’t know what Janelle’s plans are, but tells Diane to remember that “actions speak louder than words.” See the box for more on why Diane and Janelle are at odds with one another.

    The Past is Present

    After the nominations, the feeds come back to a bitter looking Diane fiercely smoking a cigarette in the backyard. She tells Marcellas and Danielle that she knew it was coming, and that she is sick of seeing the Sovs hand the game to Chill Town week after week. They are listening to her vent and treating her sympathetically; Marcellas says he talked to “that girl” until he was blue in the face to put up Will instead of Diane. Diane shrugs, and says she can only think that Janelle has something against her from before the game, because Diane has barely interacted with her in the house. She says she now regrets going to an internet site and triggering Janelle to target her, and Marcellas calls that a stupid reason on Janelle’s part. He turns to the cameras and addresses the live feed watchers directly, telling us that we got what we wanted. “You finally influenced the game,” he says, his voice oozing with disdain for the fans.

    Kaysar does track down James and claim that Janelle didn’t give him advance warning either, that he wasn’t in on the decision to focus on Diane. James rants about Janelle, and Kaysar attempts to empathize by letting him vent, and making similar noises back at him. At one point he says that he agrees, Janelle’s move is “stupid.” James pounces on this, saying that it’s not stupid, it’s “self-preservation.”

    James: If you just moved into this house would you use the word stupid for Janelle? She is not stupid, she is cunning. If you are part of an alliance you should act as such.

    James admits that he was probably too angry with Janelle, and says he will apologize to her. Kaysar says he needs to apologize too. They brood in silence for a bit. Then James shows where his thoughts have been: “Janie is a stupid f**king bitch.” Kaysar is startled. “Take it easy there, chief, don’t lose your cool,” he advises him. James tells him that Danielle reports that Boogie told her that they would put up the Sovs if they win HOH next week. Kaysar replies easily that Boogie is lying; the question is, which group is getting the wool pulled over their eyes?

    The conversation shifts to more neutral territory, like whether James can pull off switching his mattress with that of a bed in another bedroom. He’s removing Chicken George’s mattress (where broken slats are revealed underneath, which James attributes to George’s explosive farting every night) when the disembodied voice of Big Brother tells him to “STOP THAT.” James whines that BB let Boogie change his mattress; obviously Big Brother hates him. Why else haven’t they got new food even though they won a food competition?

    Oh, For Fun!

    This is typical hamster behavior: when the houseguests are in a clump, they can play games together for hours. Without cards or board games, they make up word association games, pop-culture style. One person names an actor, a song, a movie, and the next person comes up with a connected movie or name. If someone hasn’t heard of the movie, the entire plot is retold and all the funny parts are relived. It goes on for hours, and it makes for incredibly boring feeds. Even Marcellas’s momma must be tired of hearing his voice today; he and Danielle get the prize for talking the longest about absolutely nothing.

    In between the bouts of “fun”, a hamster or two might sneak in a quick conversation in the storage room or while passing in the hallway.

    Danielle, Boogie and Will have a rare moment alone, and Danielle wants to know if they want Janelle out, or if they cut a deal or what. Boogie says he would put up Janelle and Marcellas, and that he doesn’t care which one of those two get the boot. Will tries to walk away from the conversation, but Boogie and Danielle call him back. Danielle again asks if Boogie made a deal with Janelle, and he doesn’t give a straight answer, saying they want to work on winning HOH and then they can talk it all out. Boogie in turn asks Danielle if she will be throwing HOH next week. “No, no, no,” she replies, saying that none of them can throw it at this point. Danielle tells them that they have James; that with James, they’ve got their final four. Diane comes out to join them, and the conversation shifts seamlessly in another direction.

    In an another lightning fast conversation, Diane tells James that she can secure Will’s, Boogie’s and Chicken George’s votes. James tells her to let him know who she wants help with, and they are broken up before they can discuss it further.

    Despite having trashed Janelle to the floaters before the nomination ceremony, Marcellas has no problem tripping on up to the HOH to join Janelle in the pink palace for an afternoon nap. The ceremony has taken a visible toll on Janelle; she’s sacked out, back in her pajamas, looking drained and worried. Marcellas tells her not to worry, he never even changed out of his PJs. She’s worried he will be mad with her, but he tells her that “it is what it is” (I am heartily sick of that saying) and that he still loves her. His love isn’t fickle; he’ll love her up until she comes after him. Anyone with money to burn want to send Janelle a banner plane warning her of that snake in the grass sharing her bed?

    Later in the afternoon, Erika, Marcellas and Diane discuss Janelle’s game play, saying she is the only one in the house playing a personal game rather than a strategic game. Now, in addition to Janelle just hating Diane personally, they decide that Janelle is jealous of the other women in the house, and she won’t bond with another girl. Marcellas is lumping himself in this category, mind you. He says she will only be happy when she’s surrounded by a bunch of boys. Marcellas says that twenty years from now when the game is analyzed (there’s a leap if I ever heard one), this will be the moment that is remembered as Janelle’s losing move. I didn’t think he could sound any more pompous than he did at that moment, but he goes on to say that on Housecalls he created a segment called “How They Lost the Game”, and this would be Janie’s segment. He then repeats that this segment was his idea. Hey folks, did you miss that Marcellas invented some genius bit on his internet talk show that no one else had a hand in but MARCELLAS MARCELLAS MARCELLAS? Ugh, that man’s ego is bigger than a landfill in the L.A. Basin. And about as fragrant.

    Marcellas tells them he was upstairs stuck listening to Janelle whine about nominating Diane (you know, when he was telling her he wuvs her and taking a nap in her bed) -- when all he could think about was winning HOH and the speeches he will give when he nominates Howie and Janelle. He wants the two jedis to scramble for POV and win it so that they will have to fracture in order to save themselves. Erika says that she tried to get to know Janelle, but that Janelle wasn’t having it. She didn’t want to get to close to another woman in the house. Throughout these conversations, the only player that sounds bitter and catty is Marcellas. Erika’s words are scathing, but she’s very low-key and amused in her manner. Diane is more puzzled and regretful than angry. Danielle is doing her best to be over-the-top sympathetic towards Diane, and it doesn’t ring true. But Marcellas is just bitchy, bitter and incessantly two-faced.

    Slop Slump

    The slop eaters have reached the limit of their patience. If anyone has a right to complain, it’s George, and he reaches his breaking point after another failed attempt to bake the slop into something results in inedible bricks. “Slop sucks!” he cries, exasperated. Luckily for a recapper, one of the quippers in the house is also on slop this week. Will is disgusted with a salsa-and-slop concoction, and tells Boogie (who is rumored to get what he wants out of BB) to ask for more protein powder. He mimics Boogie asking for sustenance. “’Can I please not die?’” Will says he’s planning on having toothpaste for dinner.

    Will: If they bring a pet in here, I will eat the pet's food. Then I'll eat the pet. This is not a good week to bring in a pet.

    The slop eaters discuss who they would eat if they were forced to cannibalize each other. The immediate consensus is Janelle: “She’s built like a racehorse.” Will rejects the idea of Marcellas, calling him “bitter and bony…no pun intended.” Will goes on to do an impression of Chicken George, who must be desperate for something other than slop and protein shakes. “Hey, a bandaid. Why that tastes like a piece of gum. Hey doctor! I picked a scab off my leg and ate it and it tasted like a potato chip!"

    On the subject of George, Boogie applauds him for cleaning the house, saying that he cleans the bathroom three times a week. Will replies, “Well, he also dirties it like three times a day.” And he’s pretty handy with that plunger, let’s not forget.

    The Business of Fate Sealing

    Diane’s chances don’t look too good at this point in the week, but she is definitely NOT pulling an Alison, quietly putting her bag by the door while glaring daggers at everyone. She asks Marcellas to tell her straight out if he already promised a vote to Erika, and learns that yes, Marcellas has already given his word to Erika. But Marcellas blames Janelle, saying it was given when it was supposed to be Will on the block next to her. Boogie catches Erika and Janelle alone at the chess board, and shares that Diane has approached him for a vote. Janelle tells him that she feels really bad about nominating her, she feels just terrible; Boogie says Diane feels it was personal, and Janelle protests that it wasn’t. “There just wasn’t anyone else!” Boogie skitters off, and the camera stays with Janelle and Erika.

    There was a brief moment when Danielle and James discussed going “balls out” and trying to flip the house just to frustrate Janelle; “why do what the HOH wants?” as Danielle says. They debate which hamster is more valuable to keep, and note that Erika is more likely the trustworthy one, based on Diane’s play during her season. Danielle goes out to scout out Chill Town’s position, and is disappointed when Boogie tells her that he has already told Janelle they will go her way this time. Danielle doesn’t challenge him on giving in to Janelle; instead, she brainstorms that maybe they can force a tie, which will put Janelle in the position of doing her “own dirty work” instead of making the house do it for her.

    Despite Erika’s earlier comments to the other floaters, Janelle and Erika spend their alone time talking about the strategy of being down to only three women in the house. They feel like it might help them because the women are seen as non-competitive in the physical challenges. Erika says she knows that’s what Janelle was doing, and understood; Janelle wonders if the men have caught on. Do the producers regret stacking the house with more men than women, they wonder? Janelle says that she thinks it was a crazy move on their part.

    Chill Town, Population…Four?

    In the HOH bathroom, Will has bathed (alone) and Boogie joins him for a quick, half-off-the-microphones talk. Boogie shares the conversation with Danielle where she was considering the possibility of flipping the house. In a move that reveals Boogie and Erika must not be as tight as Danielle and Woogie (Will + Boogie = Woogie), they decide to tell Erika that Danielle is plotting to keep Diane over her; if Erika promises to put up a Sov next week, they will make sure Danielle’s plan is thwarted. Otherwise, they will go to Diane with the same offer. It seems that Erika’s cooperation isn’t assumed, then.

    In fact, we learn that Boogie sees their alliance as the Fantastic Four – you know, the comic book characters? Boogie sees himself as the Torch who goes from hamster to hamster starting fires. Will is the Thing, a fun-loving chucklehead who isn’t afraid to annihilate his enemies. Danielle is the Girl, because, well, I guess they need a girl. And James – yes, James -- is the stretchy elastic dude, because he can stretch the truth around many an unwary hamster.

    Late Night in the Pink Palace

    Janelle and Kaysar spend a lot of time chillin’ in the Barbie room. Kaysar gives her crap about the ridiculously pink room, but Janelle continues to insist that she loves it.

    Janelle is worried that the house hates her, and Kaysar reassures her that the house knows that her move was “just business.” I’m not sure if these two are so out of touch that they believe this, or if Kaysar is just trying to keep Janelle from getting loud and bitchy, but that’s a pretty glib statement. It seems likely that they are pretty out of touch because they both think Erika would never turn on them, and Janelle thinks Marcellas is firmly at their side. She wants to protect him as long as she can, which makes Kaysar sputter with annoyance. He tells her that Marcellas is always ordering them around in the HOH and making bad, emotional decisions about the game. Janelle responds to criticism of her little friend the way she always does: “Oh, really? Hmm.”

    They degenerate into giggles and Chicken George imitations, but in serious moments they wonder if there’s a twist waiting for them in the wings. Janelle wonders if Marcellas is a mole, saying he was in the HOH this afternoon when she was playing chess, and he disappeared. He didn’t slip past her, but he wasn’t in the HOH when she went in. Where did he go? Later that night, they ask Marcellas about it, but he says the DR was having fits because his passport wasn’t updated and they’re trying to get it ironed out before sequestration. Didn’t someone say the sequester house is in Palm Springs this year? One thing’s for sure: Marcellas gives long DR sessions, which has been noticed by the house.

    The New Nerd Herd

    There were a few conversations of note during the wee hours wedged in between the chess games, Chicken George imitations and time spent in the jack shack. And let me just get this out of the way in case anyone reading this ever runs into Howie at a convention in the future – wave at him from a distance, because a few tissues are not the same as washing your hands. Howie, how could you?

    Kaysar is still trying to do some damage control with James, who continues to be visibly ticked off at Janelle. He says that they are the “new Nerd Herd” because they have made deals and lied. He says that Janelle is a “f**king liar” because she told Howie to tell Diane she was safe two days ago (note: Howie told Diane not to worry, oops) and James feels they have sunk to a Nerd Herd level. Kaysar says that he doesn’t think Janelle was lying, but that she made a stupid move today. They agree to both go hard for HOH and go after Chill Town next week, although James adds that he wants to nominate Marcellas. Kaysar agrees that about that, but they avoid pinning down who the second nomination would be.

    Marcellas, after spending the afternoon trashing Janelle up and down, skips happily up the stairs to sleep in the big comfy bed with her at night. He chit chats with her easily, even talks a little game with her to show he’s still in her corner. Janelle has absolutely no clue that he has spent the day telling others he would put her up if he wins HOH, much less that he would relish his nomination speech and can’t wait to see her squirm. Marcellas shares his theory that there will be a secret twist for the hamsters to win a million dollar prize – frankly, his idea is so stupid that it’s not really worth repeating here, but I’ll do it anyway. He thinks the DR will call them in and ask them on the spot to name one person they would be with in the final two. Then, if they do get to the final two with that person, they would win a million dollars. He thinks it would get interesting because people might have chosen the same person to protect. Yawn.

    Janelle asks him what he would be saying about her on Housecalls, and he says they would be talking about her nominations. She’s startled, and says, “What? I never said I was smart.” Marcellas realizes his mistake and backpedals, saying he would be talking about how bored everyone is and how the hamsters are always saying it sucks being in the house. Was Janelle paying attention to that instant switch? Probably not.

    The HOH gets crowded, and Kaysar and Janelle slip out to the chessboard. The mood is light; they play chess, joke around, and even wrestle a bit. The conversation turns serious when Janelle talks about how much harder the game seems this year. She feels like “the biggest bitch on the planet” and says it was a lot easier to be against the likes of Maggie, Eric and Jennifer because they all hated them so much. Kaysar agrees, saying that they all know things about each other from outside of the house, which makes the whole game seem more personal. (All day people have been saying “that little girl (Diane) didn’t do anything to Janelle” and that she will have to go back to living out of her car because she’s broke.) Janelle says she slept until 6:00 in the evening because she’s depressed.

    They think that Danielle is upset with the nomination, and realize she was counting on Diane to nominate two S6ers. They also think James being so upset means he had Diane in his back pocket, too. Kaysar says that he thinks Danielle will go after Marcellas and vice versa, and that Erika will go after Chicken George. I guess the floaters are doing a great job of not looking like they’re doing much of anything, because that flies in the face of everyone’s actions and demeanor for the past two weeks in the house. What happened to Kaysar the chess master?

    By 8:00 A.M. – yes, you read that right - the last hamster is asleep, and not likely to be awake for hours. And as the noon hour passes, only Danielle has made it as far as the bathroom. The house slumbers on.
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    Wow, a super long recap today! Awesome job hepcat! Picture captions were hilarious! Love reading your recaps.
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    Somebody get Janelle a Xanax, quick. Nice recap, Hepcat!

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    Thanks for the wonderful, super-sized recap, hep. I'm just sick about what's going on with the sov 6'ers.

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    Great ReCap! So much seemed to happen!

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    My goodness! And I read every word.
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    Beautiful job, Hepcat! I especially loved "The BB Death Stare Match".
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    Superb recap, Hepcat! Alot happened in 24 hours and you caputured it all. It's excellent especially, because we have a good handle on things before the show tonight, which mysteriously usually leaves the good stuff out! Excellent job!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    I love you!! i love when they are long!!! thanks!!!!

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    Great recap, Hepcat. Thanks for all the extra info.

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