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Thread: 7/30 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: Snakes in the Grass and Pains in the Ass

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    7/30 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: Snakes in the Grass and Pains in the Ass

    *This is a recap of events from noon Sunday to noon Monday*

    My shift starts with the sound of Boogie blowing his nose. Loudly, into his microphone, sounding like a bull moose in heat. Oh, yeah. What a fine way to start my day. George is busily making slop cookie bars, and the others are sitting around in the kitchen singing some nonsense songs. Will and Diane have made some sort of chocolate slop/protein shake concoction that he calls 'dog feces bars,' asking George if he likes Nestle Crunch bars. George replies "Sure!" and Will says "Well, these are nothing like that." Ah. It must be Sunday in the Big Brother house.

    Look into my eyes...you are getting sleepy...

    I Sense a Disturbance in the Force...
    Looks like the hamsters have been under indoor lockdown since 4 am, and they speculate that something big is going on outside, like a luxury competition. Because they haven't been spoiled enough. Hammering and pounding noises can be heard from the backyard, so something is going on out there. Will takes the opportunity to try and bring Janelle over to the dark side, telling her that the other girls think Janelle is after them, which is what she was afraid of. She tells Will that she doesn't want to put him up, but the others in her alliance won't "let her" put up a floater instead. Who is this person, and what has she done with Janelle?

    Will continues, telling Janelle that Danielle, Diane, and Erika are after her, with Erika being the smartest one of the group because she's playing everyone. He confides that Erika was supposed to be with Chilltown, and has been friends with Boogie for a long time, but she keeps floating back and forth. Janelle looks shocked at this. Janelle doesn't want anyone mad at her for not putting Will up, but he says that she just needs to make a decision, tell her alliance what she's going to do, and let them deal. Once they calm down, they'll still support her. This guy is smooth, I tell you. He could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Will starts to discuss some kind of deal to split the money four ways at the end of the game, and we get the neverending flames.

    Will: "The whole point is this, you're at a huge crossroads. If you make a decision to go with us we will absolutely protect you. We will have a done deal, it will start building a foundation for a money deal to take place in two weeks."

    With Friends Like These...
    While this is going on, Howie and Marcellas are whispering in another room about how Janelle's been acting, with Howie calling her a "dumb bitch" and saying "Mommy, mommy, something's wrong with my Janie doll!" Nice. Meanwhile, James and Danielle are plotting in another room: they agree that if Janelle doesn't put Will up, they will both try for HoH and put Janelle up next to Marcellas. Even if she does put Will up, they'll wait a week and then target her.

    Zoom zoom.

    The hamsters were right - there will be a luxury competition, and this time theyíre playing for a movie, popcorn, and snacks. The lucky (?) winners will be watching Will Ferrellís new flick Talladega Nights. Hey now, donít get too excited out there. These people are starved for entertainment, so maybe theyíll enjoy it. It canít be as bad as Anchorman. It just can't. We only got to see bits and pieces of the comp between the constant flames (thanks, BB!), but it involved a race car and two teams having to do a mock pit stop. The blue team consisted of Will, Janelle, Danielle, Diane, James, and Boogie. Boogie apparently sat it out, either because they had an extra person or because of his injured foot. Red team was Howie, Kaysar, Erika, George, and Marcellas. The blue team beat the red team by 16 seconds and they end up with the prize. Emerging from the room a few hours later, Diane exclaims "That was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life!" I guess it was worse than Anchorman. Of course, this brings more flames. Looks like everyone had more fun during the actual competition than they did with their prize. The blue team did get a deck of cards to play with, but no goodies.

    I wish I could get a boyfriend like this!

    Not much went on during the movie: Diane teaches the others how to play Euchre, and at some point, George caused the toilet to back up. He may have had some help from Howie, I'm not sure. Let's just say there was a big mess and leave it at that. Kaysar is still complaining about not wanting to be there, and BB eventually came and took the cards away.

    Gratuitous Kaysar shot #209

    Janelle talks to Kaysar later on, asking who she should put up. She's leaning towards Diane, mainly because of some before-the-show gossip about Diane saying that she'd be gunning for Janelle. Kaysar must agree at some point, but it's hard to tell with the damn flames that get thrown up every 10 minutes. Soon afterwards, Kaysar is talking to Boogie, and Boogie tells him that he thinks Erika is more dangerous, but Chilltown will vote however Kaysar wants them to. Kaysar tells Boogie that for some strange reason he trusts them, but he doesn't know why. As soon as Kaysar leaves, Boogie runs to Will, telling him about the conversation with Kaysar. They both giggle as Boogie flashes his crossed fingers. I guess Kaysar has forgotten all about the Jennifer episode. *sigh*

    She's been fatesealed. Maybe.

    I've Made Up My Mind. I Think.
    Janelle calls Will up to her pink nightmare of a room and tells him she has made her decision, and wants assurance that he and Boogie will vote that person out. He says they will, absolutely. He then says that if he or Boogie win HoH, he will protect her and one other person. She wants him to protect all four of her alliance-mates (if only she knew) but Will balks, and asks in what order she wants three of them protected. Janelle says Howie, Marcellas, then Kaysar. James is left out. She then goes to Howie to tell him of her talk with CT and her plan to put Diane up, and he asks if she told anyone. Just Kaysar, she says, but he's okay with it. They both worry that James will be mad when he finds out.

    These are some busy hamsters tonight. Will runs to tell Danielle of Janelle's plan, and Danielle goes to tell James. James is not pleased, saying that he's been sold out. They plot to keep Diane and get rid of Erika, and reiterate their plan to put Janelle and Marcellas up when they win HoH. Marcellas, meanwhile, is talking to Janelle about putting Diane up, and he's not happy either. He whines that CT keeps getting a free pass every week (not that he's ever done anything about it). Marci thinks that Janelle should warn Diane that she's going up so that she'll have a chance to talk Janelle out of it. Janelle says she doesn't want to be talked out of it, thankyouverymuch.

    Popping a vein

    Finally, James is officially told about the plan to put Diane up and the agreement with CT, and he flips out. He accuses Janelle of protecting herself and not her alliance, and he yells that "I'm not going to make promises to you guys if you lie to my face!" Marcellas chimes in, saying that her actions send a message to the rest of the house about how much she can be trusted. James stomps off to the backyard, and Marcellas tells Janelle that James was right. Upset, she leaves to find Kaysar.

    James continues ranting outside to Erika, then goes to a sleeping Danielle and vents to her. Marcellas joins the backyard crew, and now believes that the S6 alliance has always planned on going after the floaters, and not CT. He gets nasty and bashes Janelle (who made the deal with CT in hopes of protecting his sorry butt, too) in front of Erika and Danielle, while James goes back to the HoH room to cover his ass. Tempers cool after a while, and people wander off to bed while Howie paces in the backyard.

    Morning comes, and the hamsters shuffle about the kitchen in their usual routine. I get to hear one last conversation between Janelle and Kaysar before my time is up - Janelle tells him that Marcellas thinks she should put Chicken George up instead of Diane. Kaysar thinks that's ridiculous, saying it's like "taking a mouse out with a sledgehammer." He says Marcellas has stupid ideas, and can't believe Janelle would listen to him. Kaysar tells her that Marci has been leaking information to everyone, and warns her that he will take Marcellas out in a few weeks. She looks shocked, and says that she won't tell Marcellas that he said that. After some prodding from an irritated Kaysar, Janelle sulks and tells him that she won't share so much with Marcellas anymore.

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    Haha! I love your recaps!

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    Great recap of a crazy Sunday. Great job, and thanks for filling me in on the late-night antics!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Hmmm...I always though Janie was so close with Kaysar but she picked him third (after Marcellas !?!). Sounds like the S6ers are in turmoil!

    Great recap, waywyrd.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Great recap! This week is going to be really interesting.

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    I'm so disappointed in the S6ers! The only one really playing the game this time is James. So, so disappointed...

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    Great recap waywyrd!

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    Julian Pyke
    Get real, Janie doesnt trust Will, she said so in the DR, she is PLAYING him.... and so she lied to Will, if Will puts her up, he puts her up with Marci not a S6er

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    good job wayward

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    Great recap, waywyrd. And your photo captions were the icing on the cake.

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