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Thread: 7/30 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: Snakes in the Grass and Pains in the Ass

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    Ah Janie Doll...remember...there was a young lady from Niger...
    I don't always act like a bitch; but when I do, I'm the lead float in the bitch parade.

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    Thanks for the great recap and a special thanks for shot #209.

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    Great idea and great recap!
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    Great recap!

    "Taking a mouse out with a sledgehammer."
    Really, I have no objection to Kaysar doing that, I'd like to see it in fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediNancy View Post
    I'm so disappointed in the S6ers! The only one really playing the game this time is James. So, so disappointed...
    It is, but I can understand why they would be so cautious this time around. Last year they came on strong, and for most of them it ended up biting them in the ass. It didn't help that immediately they were classified as a huge threat right from the start of All-Stars. It's a double-edged sword: You've already got those people to work with, but then again, everyone else *knows* it and you're guilty by association. Plus you've got the Season 6'ers expecting you to do what they want you to! That has got to be a tough situation to be in.

    Taking out the floaters isn't a bad strategy though. They tend to get really far in the game, and that's a scary concept. Either no one realizes they're a threat until it's too late, or they get dragged along simply because someone wants to be up against them in the final two so they can argue that they worked harder and deserve to win. It's not the strongest strategy, but it's not stupid.

    Kaysar can't bitch at Janelle since he did the same thing, so I don't get why he seems to do the most of it. He should know better than anyone that running out of the gates does nothing but put the attention on you and makes you Enemy #1. Sometimes it's best to keep in people who *are* that strong and typically intimidating because it gives people a bigger target than yourself to aim at later in the game... although, Dr. Will is the best case of where this can go wrong.

    This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons by far, and I initially thought it was going to suck (besides Dr. Will , Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar.) Then again, I was certain that Cowboy was going to be Producer-picked into the house. He looked pissed when he wasn't chosen, too! Like the face he would get when he wouldn't win America's Choice. Then he'd cry about missing "his son" (his fiancee's son) to everyone and how it wasn't fair, as though no one else had family they missed on the outside. Like a petulant child, he had no concept of anyone's feelings but his own.

    I wonder why no one's been searching the house looking for secret hidden stuff. Yesterday on the television show, there was a peculiar shot of a cabbage-shaped jar that just seemed... well, peculiar. Looks like a good place to stash some money (cabbage, get it?)

    By the way: Thanks to everyone here at the FORT Big Brother Live Feed forum!! This is my third Big Brother season here and now part of the whole BB experience is this place and the great people here. You guys not only keep us informed, but you also keep us entertained. And that's worth all of the whiskey in a drunkard's dreams. So thanks again, and keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for the great recap, waywyrd ! Lots of info and lots of fun !
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    Great recap,you are doing a fantastic job for all of us who do not have live feeds, thank you so much.

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    She has completely lost her marbles.....she is not playing the way she did in BB6..she seams to be CONFUSED...

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    a ton of thanks for the recap...and screencaps....yeah Wayward!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yodared46 View Post
    She has completely lost her marbles.....she is not playing the way she did in BB6..she seams to be CONFUSED...
    It's because she's really into what Kaysar thinks, who isn't playing that great himself.

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