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Thread: 7/29 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Pink Awful

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    7/29 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Pink Awful

    *This recap covers events from Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday

    Whoa! I think I might be almost as groggy as the hamsters. What with all those wake up calls the other night that sounded louder than a Metallica concert. At one point, I was almost hoping we’d get flames and the loud BB theme music, since it seemed quiet compared to the wake up calls. But you can read all about the hamster’s night from hell in Hepcat’s excellent recap here.

    The More You Know
    Just to bring you up to date on where things stand as I start my shift:

    *Boogie won the early morning veto competition, possibly with some help from Janelle
    *Upon winning the veto, Boogie injured himself badly enough to need outside medical attention
    *Janelle’s nominations for eviction (Boogie and Erika) are causing many rifts in the house, even within her own alliance. And with Boogie holding the POV, even more questions are arising.
    *Fears of a double eviction week are running rampant, fueled mostly by James, but also by the fact that the competition schedule seems rushed.

    James and The Giant Bitch
    James has seemed like the sneakiest player this season. Personally, I can’t ever tell where exactly he stands. Sometimes it seems like he is solid with the Season 6’ers, sometimes it seems like he’s being wooed by Chilltown, and lately he’s been really cozy with Danielle. Is she his parachute out of the Sov’s alliance? James and Danielle have had several secretive talks, and they are both disappointed with Janelle’s performance as HOH this week. They both agree that if Janelle replaces Boogie with Diane instead of Will, then they will be taking Janelle down next week…if one of them can win HOH.

    James is also continuing to show his frustration with Janelle’s dealings with Will and Chilltown right to her face. After Kaysar wakes a very late sleeping Janelle and Howie in the HOH room around 4:30 PM, the four Season 6’ers had a strategy talk regarding the upcoming veto ceremony. James is really suspicious of how much Will and Boogie seem to be controlling Janelle’s current reign as HOH, and Howie agrees that Janelle should never be left alone with either member of Chilltown. Janey doesn’t seem to want to anger or upset precious little Will, but James is having none of that. He tells her to let Will be mad at her…from his home. He finally ends the conversation by telling her that if she doesn’t nominate Will, all of the floaters are going to turn on her, and she will be the main target in the Sov’s alliance. They all agree that she needs to put Will up. Will she do it?

    Down With Chilltown?
    Suspicions are running high regarding Janelle’s possible deal with Will and Boogie. Chilltown seems to think they do have a semi-deal with Janelle, confirming that she did help Boogie win the veto. The acknowledge that her token veto gesture proves her willingness to work with them, but they don’t know that it is enough. Perhaps she will cave to the pressure in the house and nominate Will in Boogie’s place. I hope she does. They need him out of the house. During a short talk in the storage room, they weigh their options…to either team up with Danielle and the floaters, or go for an alliance with Janelle and Howie. They both decide that they should go for an alliance with Janelle, since she is so good at the competitions.

    Around 7:45 PM, Will tried to approach Janelle with Chilltown’s proposition while she was in her “Paris Hilton’s purse” HOH room. Unfortunately for Will, Marcellas, and later Howie, was in bed with Janelle, and he didn’t get a chance to talk strategy with her. After Will and Marcellas left, Janelle reasoned with Howie as to why they shouldn’t nominate Will, and instead put Diane back on the block. Janelle is not scared of Chilltown…likely because she either has a crush on Will, or an otherwise shady deal with him and Boogie, but also because if they take out floaters while everyone still has their hearts set on Chilltown, if anyone else gets HOH, they’ll go after Will or Boogie. Janelle really fears Diane and the floaters. She keeps comparing the floaters to the Nerd Herd last year, and they want to nip that bud before it gets a chance to bloom. Howie plans to be an enforcer for the Sov’s by threatening everyone in the house saying if you evict one of us, the other three will come after you the very next week.

    What Boogie Did
    So we all know about Boogie’s injury from the POV competition, and I’ve been trying all day to figure out what the heck actually happened to him. Mike finally got to talk about the injury late in the evening, and BB let his story be heard. It turns out that in his excitement at winning the veto competition, Boogie kicked his safety goggles, thinking they were made of plastic. Wrong! They were actually glass, and when he kicked them with his bare foot, they cut him wide open. He has stitches and the foot needs to be wrapped for 1-2 weeks. He can’t get it wet, so now he is having trouble showering and he can’t go in the pool.

    A couple of hours later, Boogie’s secret ally Erica joined him for a quick strategy talk. They had to talk about the possibility that Diane might go up, and if she does, how would the votes go down? Obviously Erica knows that she might not be the pawn in Janelle’s chess game, and wants a little reassurance from Boogie. She tells Mike that if she is still around next week and wins HOH, she’s gunning for Janelle and Howie, since Janie has given her the perfect reason to do so. Nominating someone for eviction will do that. Boogie agrees with her and says it’s obvious, and “we have no choice.”

    Big Brother Dance Party

    Howie Busts A Move

    It’s not all strategy and backstabbing in the habitrail tonight. Howie and Chicken George threw an impromptu dance party sometime after midnight. I gotta tell you, I haven’t seen moves this bad since they cancelled “Dance Party USA”. Actually, I take that back. Have you ever been to Oktoberfest in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Yeah, they dance “The Chicken Dance”, oh, every 7 minutes or so. I flashed back to that nightmare when I saw Chicken George start busting his namesake dance.

    Chicken Dance! Run for your life!

    A Lightbulb Turns On
    James has been thinking about the way the veto competition went down since it ended. He doesn’t understand why Janelle would instruct Howie to take out Erica and Diane when Erica is the pawn. That, coupled with the fact that Will and Boogie went after Howie instead of Janelle points to her possible alignment with Chilltown. He’s really putting the pieces together…see if you can follow this. Janelle worked with Chilltown to try and have Will win veto so he can take Boogie off the block and still be safe, while Janelle gets to put up another floater and still look like her hands were tied. During a late night food binge, James related all of his suspicions to Howie, who is really starting to think his Jedi Janey might be playing her alliance. He realizes that her true target is Erica/floaters, and he feels its making the target on the Sov’s bigger than ever. Howie’s stress doesn’t last for long, though. As the night winds down, Howie, who can’t go outside because of an early morning lockdown, searches high and low for a new location for his new “jack shack”. Yeah, gross. He eventually finds a blanket and thanks BB for providing him with some coverage. Actually, I thank BB for giving him coverage, because I really don’t need to see that. Hopefully they’ll burn that blanket tomorrow.

    Mornin’, Kaysar
    Not much happened this morning. Actually, I take that back, Kaysar fans. Kaysar was the only one to rise early and get his morning rituals out of the way. Taking advantage of the early morning inside lockdown, Kaysar prayed and preened before anyone else had woken up. He even showered did some personal grooming, much to the delight of female Kaysar fans everywhere.

    Gratuitous shots of a half naked Kaysar.

    As the morning wore on, more and more hamsters woke up and got active in the habitrail. As my shift nears its end, Boogie and James talked some strategy in bed while Will listened in. James started to reveal what broke the sovereigns up last season, and Boogie was trying to use that knowledge as the wedge that might drive them apart this season, and get them to work with Chilltown. He wants them to continue to nominate floaters, but he is really talking to the wrong Season 6’er, since James isn’t in power this week. He encourages them to work on Kaysar and Howie.

    Thanks to bbnbama, for providing screencaps!

    I hate the Chicken Dance. mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Around 7:45 PM, Will tried to approach Janelle with Chilltown’s proposition while she was in her “Paris Hilton’s purse” HOH room.
    The sad thing, Janelle would probably love that analogy.

    Fantastic recap, Mr.Dob! I agree, the chicken dance is highly overrated. Great job!
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    Excellent recap! You recappers are all so witty. Great job!
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    Thanks Mrdobolina for the recap and thanks to bbnbama for the great screencaps

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    Thanks Mr. D. Great recapping ... and thanks bama great screencapping.

    However .. after reading about that Chicken Dance ... that tune is trapped in my head. This may be worse than the wake-up calls the other night.
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    Thank you! Every time I see the pink room I feel dizzy.
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    Excellent recap! However, I was definitely a bit nonplussed after reading about Howie and his blanket...haha.

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    Thanks for the great recap....Howie with his blanket...too much!

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    “Paris Hilton’s purse” HOH room
    Love it!

    Fantastic recap, mrdobs!
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    Thank God for all the recaps. Thanks everyone!

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