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Thread: 7/28 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: This Ain't Your Momma Calling. Oh Wait...

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    7/28 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: This Ain't Your Momma Calling. Oh Wait...

    This recap covers noon Friday to noon Saturday.

    Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! Did you get any sleep last night, or are you like the hamsters, sporting dark circles under your eyes? The hamsters have endured a night like no other in the Big Brother house while the rest of us were visiting the land of Ulthar, where no person may harm a cat under penalty of death. Sorry, I veered off into Lovecraftian mythology for a moment. You've got to love a horror author who's also a cat-loving freak.

    It Is What It Is
    • Nominations took place Friday afternoon; Mike Boogie and Erika will park their butts in the comfy orange chairs o’execution.
    • America’s Choice was to torture the houseguests with wake up calls every fifteen minutes.
    • The Power of Veto ceremony was played early Saturday morning, and Mike Boogie secured himself a veto.
    Other Happenings aka I Like Lists
    • Janelle was manipulated a bit by Big Brother, and was unable to talk to her group privately before the ceremony, even though she requested time to talk to Kaysar.
    • Janelle and Howie are both making noises that Kaysar isn’t playing well this year since he isn’t telling them what to do.
    • Will hit Janelle hard with the argument that her fellow alliance members are building “parachutes” out – James with Danielle, Kaysar with Erika.
    • The floaters are gelling together, but their own private secret deals with Chill Town seems to keep them from officially banding together as an alliance.
    • The wakeup calls were annoyingly loud, making sleep near impossible. Several BB-related folks called in (family and former houseguests).
    • Many of the calls were in verse form. Coincidence, or clue?
    What with sleeping in to all hours, there wasn’t much awake time for Janelle to prepare for the nomination ceremony. What time she did have with her alliance was a tense, divisive conversation with James firing off his opinions in what was almost an attack. He wants to know why Janelle is having such a hard time nominating Marcellas and Danielle, who he sees as the two most dangerous floaters. Janelle knows that nominating either would turn them against her openly, not just her alliance. Still, she knows that there are five floaters, and wants to take those numbers down. But who? A narrowly-missed Diane would be gunning for Janelle if she’s not gunning for her already. Janelle weakly suggests Chicken George, but apparently this would violate Chicken Law. Chickens are a cruel people.

    Janelle spends most of the afternoon in the Pink Palace (as the hamsters are now calling it) talking to Will. Holy moly, could this be the long-awaited showmance? I honestly don’t see it on Will’s end, but Janelle does seem a little blushy around the evil doctor. Let’s face it: her obsession with last season’s Michael shows that her taste is questionable at best.

    Will does his best to deflect Janelle’s attention from his own status as a dangerous player by capitalizing on her uncertainty about her alliance members. He tells her that James is poised to parachute out with Danielle, and that even Kaysar “threw her under the bus” (there’s that phrase again) by passing over a big move in favor of nominating two harmless floaters. He goes on to say that Kaysar’s nominations were so that Chill Town would protect him, not his alliance, and adds that Kaysar doesn’t seem to be playing the game at all this season.

    Will: Your alliance is dying. They are cheating on you.

    Will tells Janelle that he wants them to be an alliance of 8: the four Sovs, plus Erika and Marcellas, plus Chill Town. He gives her his word that he and Boogie can be trusted, and she flashes him a look of utter disbelief. But throughout the conversation, Janelle seems stressed and flustered. At one point Will asks her why she hasn’t put him up, and she won’t answer, but blushes furiously. I feel like we’re watching an amateur romance novel playing out before our eyes, and I’m not buying it.

    Decision Time

    The feeds are blocked during the nomination ceremony, but when they return, it becomes apparent that Erika and Boogie got the nod. Janelle is worried that Erika will take it the wrong way, so Kaysar is dispatched to reassure her that the votes are there to send Boogie home.

    Now, here’s the odd thing: Erika, as we now know, is spying on the Sovs for Chill Town. She has a tight but secret alliance with Mike Boogie – in fact, in an interview Will did before the show that wasn’t released until the hamsters were sequestered, he said that Boogie and Erika were dating before the season started. To have them both nominated is startling, but a coincidence; Erika just seemed to be the safest pawn Janelle could come up with. Erika steals a moment to check in with Boogie and assure him that she is still in his corner, but they are soon interrupted.

    Another secret meeting: James and Danielle. James tells her that he’s pissed at the Sovs because he didn’t want to nominate Jase, and he only agreed to it if Boogie and Will were put up this week. Danielle points out that Janelle seems to have a real problem nominating Will.

    Later, with Diane, Danielle, and Marcellas, Erika tells the others that at least she’ll get camera time this way. She broke her rib last week and no one mentioned it at all; now Julie Chen will have to talk to her. Diane’s advice? “Make sure you look pretty this week.”

    Marcellas tells the floaters that he doesn’t want Chill Town and the Season 6ers to be the only ones left at the end. They should be uniting as a floater alliance. Marcellas mentions that Chicken George thinks he controls the vote, but Diane disagrees, saying that George just wants to follow the tide of the other floaters. They know their numbers are good if they can just survive this week without a hit.

    Danielle, On the Hunt

    Danielle shows her game face by seeking out information from the source. She first tackles Janelle, asking her why she didn’t nominate both Will and Boogie. Janelle’s answer is that if she nominated them both, Will would beg for people to evict him and they would be stuck with Boogie. She really wants Boogie gone. Danielle seems pacified by the explanation, and they part on good terms.

    Later, she confronts Kaysar with the same question – why didn’t Janelle nominate the two Chill Town pariahs? Kaysar reaffirms Janelle’s explanation, but Danielle is a little more critical with Kaysar than she was with Janelle. She tells him that nominating Erika wasn’t smart because she just made an enemy who is good at endurance competitions. Kaysar says that Janelle has already explained and apologized to Erika, but Danielle tells him that she made an enemy unnecessarily.

    In another part of the house, Will and Boogie are working on Diane as a possible new member to their alliance, but she is hostile towards them. That’s one thing you’ve got to love about Diane – she tries, but she doesn’t really fake that she likes someone very well. And when she’s not trying, she’s not afraid to tell someone to his face that she thinks he’s full of crap. On her season, it was Jase that pushed all her buttons; now she lambasts Will and Boogie for throwing Jase under the – you guessed it, the bus. The Big Brother bus of annihilation, for those of you playing at home. I’m a little surprised at her attitude. Doesn’t it seem like she should be making friends with anyone who asks at this point? Instead, she tells Boogie that “people” are sick of hearing their names bandied about by Chill Town. Boogie doesn’t take it very well, and flounces off in a huff. Will stays behind to do a little damage control, saying Diane has not been a part of any conversations he’s had.

    In a last ditch effort to secure their position, Will goes to Janelle in the HOH room and makes a case for her players to use the POV so that Mike Boogie can have a second chance. Isn’t that sweet? But Janelle doesn’t shut him down completely, hinting darkly that she might have another player in mind to replace Boogie. All I can say is that Janelle without Kaysar’s tether is new territory, and to the outside observer, she’s not happy running around off the leash.

    Darkness Falls

    As the day wears on, the houseguests are talking about going to bed early to get a good night’s sleep before the POV competition. *cue evil laughter* Dream on, my little pretties!

    Around 11:00 P.M., Janelle is called into the DR, and emerges with the surprising news that it’s time to pick the POV players. They are told that Big Brother will announce the competition sometime during the night, and they will have one minute to get to the back door to compete. They have been on lockdown inside for quite a while, and have no idea what is lurking in the back yard. The players will be Janelle, Erika and Boogie, then Diane, Howie and Will.

    As the houseguests prepare to settle in, a surprise awaits: over the speakers emerges a rude voice makes some obnoxious noise ala Dumb and Dumber, then a cheerful fan from Texas tells them, Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! The houseguests are appalled, amused, but mostly they just trash the fans and look annoyed. Will tells the cheerful fan to, well, engage in oral sex. It’s funny at first, but fifteen minutes later another wakeup call sounds, and they realize they will be played every quarter hour.

    As the night wears on with the wake up calls rolling in every fifteen minutes, they gamely try to sleep, but Janelle, Marcellas and Howie give up and remain awake through most of the night. They are shocked to hear people they know call in – Alison, who implies that “wake up” means more than just stop sleeping; Ivette from season 6, Janelle’s mom, Diane’s mom, and a roommate of Boogie’s. Many of the calls are made by fans who composed a little poem or rap to wake the hamsters. One of the best is the “Slop Song”, which is kind of quirky and even garners some praise from the hamsters. But not from Will, who bolts straight up in bed and stumbles out in a daze before realizing what is going on.

    If you missed the calls, you might enjoy experiencing them yourself on YouTube.

    Will bolts out of bed for the “Slop Song.”
    Alison doesn’t sound too happy.
    Oh boy, it’s the spicy Latina from Season Six.
    Guess who wants a Janie doll!

    More wakeup calls:

    Wake up!
    Wake up!
    Wake up!
    Wake up!
    Wake up!

    By the end of the night, most of the houseguests are actually sleeping through the calls, but Janelle, Howie and Marcellas remain awake through it all. The calls last until and unbelievable 5:00 A.M. Not long after the flames appear, and by 6:00 A.M. the hamsters have returned. Somehow, Mike Boogie has pulled it off and won the veto, but not without some sacrifice. His foot is cut and the hamsters make reference to glass on the ground. He ends up having to go into the DR for stitches, the cut is so bad. We don’t know what happened during the competition, except that involved blindfolds, worms, and Janelle somehow kept Diane from winning the veto.


    The pressure of being up all night and having to make decisions by herself is getting to Janelle, who is agitated at the thought of having to nominate a replacement for Boogie. Marcellas gets snippy with her, demanding that she nominate Will. James, Howie and Marcellas discuss the merits of eliminating a known enemy before a possible enemy; this is a sore subject with James, who was nominated by a member of his own alliance last season (Howie). All three men are in favor of nominating Will, but Janelle is still resisting.

    As the others head off to catch some sleep, Janelle and Howie share a quick moment. Janelle is weepy with worry about the upcoming replacement nomination. She wants to get rid of a floater, but feels her hands are tied. She tells Howie that the house is “not like the nerd herd” and she doesn’t know what to do. Furthermore, Kaysar is telling her nothing! Howie says that Kaysar is “sitting on his fat ass all day” and not playing the game. She tells him that maybe Diane would be a safe floater to nominate, and that she doesn’t know how she’s managed to piss off the entire house.

    They stumble off to bed, and Big Brother, thankfully, lets them.

    Many thanks to Amanda for the screencaps and captions.
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    Great recap and thanks for the links to the calls!

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    Great recap hep! I laughed so hard at Ivette giving the hamsters a wake-up call. I can't wait to see what actually makes it on tomorrow night's show.

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    Super Recap Hepcat!! So great especially for ones who don't get the feeds.
    Wake up calls too funnny.

    Amanda--NICE screen caps and captions!!
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    Another terrific recap Hepcat! Thank-you so much. You're an amazing writer.

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    Thanks for the great recap!
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    Great recap, Hep!!!! Thanks for the links. For some reason, Allison's link doesn't work. I bet she threatened to sue them or some such nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gagi View Post
    Great recap, Hep!!!! Thanks for the links. For some reason, Allison's link doesn't work. I bet she threatened to sue them or some such nonsense.
    I couldn't get Allison's link to work either but I found it with this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab3aNHRKsa0

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    Great recap Hepcat. Really appreciate the links to the calls too. It was funny reading about them in the wee 'yawn' hours ... but great to actually hear them.

    Thank you too Amanda for the caps.
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    Excellent recap, Hep! I loved the wake up calls.

    And I still can't get over Erika dating Boogie. Just, ew.
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