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Thread: 7/28 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: This Ain't Your Momma Calling. Oh Wait...

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    the worst wake to me was the longest one!!! I think i heard someone in the house say this is the worse one yet!!!

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    "charles Manson w/o organization"

    Hey, I know I JUST replied to your memo-but I forgot to tell you how much I LOVED the pictures! James was hysterical, Diane was good, but my favorite was Kaysar & Jani, w/ that look on their faces -which was so perfect for the quote-hysterical! Also , I just wanted to say how my favorite part of last night's show was in the end when Will is tellin' Howie, he needs just one big thing to push him over the edge! BUT, ya know why I love it, most? Will just thinks Howie is so stupid & takes it w/ no reaction--or doesnt get it. I think Howie's a peaceful person where it takes a lot for him to really "go off". The things he DOES say back are jokingly & they dont see. Will is funny though,eh? He was cracking me up the other day on the feeds, about "which houseguest would you eat?" Goota go-hope to see more of your blogs! Peace!

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