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Thread: 7/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - “Why Wouldn’t I Challenge His Little Ass?”

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    7/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - “Why Wouldn’t I Challenge His Little Ass?”

    *This recap covers Monday noon to Tuesday noon.

    It’s Monday afternoon, and the house is tense. Chicken George won his get-out-of-jail-free card two whole days ago, and the POV ceremony is looming large on the hamster’s minds. But first, the day in a tiny pellet of pressed alfalfa (You know, hamster food? Okay, that was a stretch.):
    • Chicken George used the veto to remove himself, and James put up Jase in his place.
    • Before the ceremony, James called Mike Boogie into the HOH and gave him a heads up on his choice for replacement nomination.
    • The aftermath of the nomination ceremony was a very angry Jase calling out both Marcellas and James in turns.
    • Jase spent the afternoon campaigning hard for votes.
    • Jase and Diane confirmed (in private) that they are the Mr. and Mrs. Smith secret pair.
    • Watchwords of the day: “integrity” “thrown under a bus”
    • In the middle of the night, Janelle and Boogie went from flirtation to outright confrontation, after which Boogie went through the house on a drunken angry rant against Janelle.
    • Despite the tension, a large part of the house enjoyed re-enacting Big Brother moments, imitating each other as well as hamsters from past seasons. And then there was all that licking whip cream off each other.

    When the noon hour arrives, Boogie and Will are talking privately in the bug room. When these two are in private, their jaded, name-dropping, it’s-all-a-joke personas drop like Aunt Selma’s granny panties at a wedding reception. Will does want to stay, and their only hope was to convince the Sovs to nominate Marcellas in George’s place. But James has already taken Boogie aside and told him that they are planning to put up Jase. That puts Boogie in a difficult spot, because officially he’s just another floater; yet everyone in the room knows that Jase is the third member of Chill Town, if there is such a slot, and Boogie is royally pissed. He tells Will that what really burns him is that James has had conversations with him before the game about “opportunities” that Boogie could provide for him. “He’s going to eff it up for a one in twelve chance?” rants Boogie. Will advises him to put it to James like that, and remind him that if he wants anything from Boogie outside of the house, he needs to keep him happy now.

    At this point, Howie saunters in and makes some sort of Howie-noise that passes for an ice breaker, and Chill Town gives him the cold shoulder. Will literally covers his head with a blanket rather than respond to Howie. Boogie lays into Howie a bit, saying that his team is stupid, and “you are one of them Howie.” Howie doesn’t miss a beat in lashing back, calling Will a “scrawny pale-assed washed-up used-up doctor,” adding, “Kaysar shaved his head for you, Willie.”

    The mood in the room is so tense that I actually thought the nomination ceremony had already taken place, but the feeds switch over to Kaysar, Janelle and James in the HOH room, discussing the nomination decision. Even at the last minute, they are debating whether it wouldn’t be better to just nominate Boogie, but they figure Jase is a lock to be voted out, and Boogie isn’t. As Janelle puts it, if they put up Boogie “the floaters would probably vote out Will because they’re so f-ing stupid.” James is incensed that Boogie wasn’t grateful at all to get advance notice of his decision. They run down how they’ve passed over chances to go after Chill Town directly, and James especially seems outraged that Boogie isn’t more gracious to him. Somebody remind me again – why are these guys getting the white glove treatment in the first place? Meanwhile, they rehash the obvious: no one wants the Sovs to dominate the jury, so they are everyone’s targets.

    I didn’t see the girls primping; the camera was all about Jase’s efforts to make his hair stand straight up. Despite having tussled with his hair for what seemed like fifteen minutes of precious camera time, Jase chose to wear a cap to the ceremony to express his displeasure. Howie went for a casual Friday-style Hawaiian shirt with his own cap perched at a jaunty angle. Kaysar and Janelle teased him a bit about his unbelievable wardrobe choices, but figure it’s standard garb for a 35-year-old Jedi. James takes one look at Howie and tells him he looks like a mental patient. It’s TV time!

    Ceremonial Flames

    The POV ceremony is blocked on the feeds, but the scuttlebutt is that it will make for good TV. Yeah, we’ve heard that too much already this season, but look for George making a speech that concluded with a single tear running down his weathered cheek. Jase gave a speech about how he should have been on Survivor because he just wants to fish for his tribe. Then he got pissed off enough to throw something. Perhaps he spends so much time with his girlfriend’s three-year-old to have picked up a few habits; he sure trotted her out today in spades as if he’s her primary caretaker. (Note to Jase’s girlfriend: you don’t need two toddlers in the house. Get away while he’s distracted by this Big Brother gig. Run!)

    When the feeds return, Jase and Will are sitting in the nomination chairs, the signal to feeders that Jase got the nod. Marcellas and Janelle are having an unusual conversation in a private bedroom. Marcellas seems to be in heavy damage control mode, telling Janelle that he never said he would put up two of “the four” because how would that benefit him? He needs the four, he loves her, he would never talk game like that to others. He also has no clue that the Sovs are already ticked off at Marcellas walking around calling them “the four” as much as possible. Janelle seems to believe him when he denies threatening to nominate them if he wins HOH (which he did, and is the reason he’s backpedaling so fiercely). She reassures them that no one believes Boogie and that she is certain they can keep him safe. Janelle mentions this a lot – that the Sovs need to keep their floaters feeling safe. She’s obviously in saving mode with Marcellas.

    In another part of the house, Jase is trying to outdo Will in self-pity, saying he just wants to go home now. They talk about what they can do to earn a penalty nomination to be expelled from the house -- climb the back yard fence? Burn the Jenga set? Boogie jokes, “Let me get this straight: I’m in an alliance with two people who don’t want to be in the house?” In the backyard, Jase begs George to vote to send him home so that he can return to that three-year-old he can’t name (for legal reasons). Still, the way he says it comes out stilted, like it’s appointment in his Blackberry that he just remembered after being nominated. Jase also insists to anyone that will listen that he’s not in any alliance with Chill Town. He doesn’t have a matching t-shirt. The sad thing is, he’s so fashion-minded that it probably does boil down to a shirt for him. Or better yet, a mandana.

    Will and Boogie tramp up to the HOH room to blast James, who defends himself by saying he wanted to come into this game as an individual player, but he was forced to be a team player by the circumstances of who came in the house this season. Jase joins them, and lays into Jase, saying he had his back. What with all the talk about integrity and keeping their word, these hamsters could be running their own crime syndicate instead of wasting their summer away in the Big Brother house.

    Hitting the Campaign Trail

    Even though he has begged George to vote him out, Jase spends some time talking to Chicken George in an effort to bond, and by the end of the talk, is asking for George’s vote to stay. George doesn’t commit to anything, but gives him a pep talk about staying in the house. You can see the checklist in Jase’s head: CG - ??

    Next on Jase’s list is Kaysar, whom he corners in a bedroom a few minutes later. They have a talk about Jase’s new life, and how much he’s changed because his life has been wondrously transformed by his girlfriend and her child. He laments that he wasn’t included with the Sovs and had to attach himself to Chill Town because he was on the outside. Kaysar seems to be sympathetic, and the tone of the conversation is a sad, regretful Jase reflecting on what could have been. He tells Kaysar that his mom warned him to stay away from Dr. Will in the house, and they share a laugh.

    But he takes it a touch too far when he tells Kaysar that if he won HOH, he would put Janelle up before any of the other Sovs because he finds her line of work “disgusting”. From a conversation later in day, we know what Jase was doing here. He figured that as a devout Muslim, Kaysar must be personally disgusted with Janelle for drinking and cavorting with men outside of the house. Kaysar doesn’t even acknowledge the comment about Janelle, and it’s not until later when Jase is reviewing the talk with Diane that she tells him how off the mark he was about Kaysar and Janelle’s relationship. Diane doesn’t understand it either, but Kaysar seems to actually like the buxom blonde. But at this moment, Jase doesn’t catch any non-verbal cues and leaves the conversation confident that he’s made inroads with Kaysar.

    Not long after, Jase is lifting weights in the back yard and takes the opportunity to corner Erika. This conversation goes on long enough that Jase is making statements about how much he likes Erika outside of the house, he really likes her as a person. So can he have her vote? Erika says something diplomatic about wanting to talk to Will too; later, Jase vents to Diane about how shady he thinks Erika is for dodging direct questions. He doesn’t play like that, he’s upfront with everyone. Diane counters that she knows, and he needs to stop it before the entire house evicts him just because he’s a loud-mouthed jackass who throws fire extinguishers when he gets mad. More on these two chuckleheads a little later.

    Jase also corners Danielle, who has that special gift of making every person she’s talking to feel like they are the complete focus of her attention, and that she sympathizes with their point of view. Truly, she’s a master at this. I cannot read this hamster at all, and I’m pretty unclear who she’s working with or if it’s all an act. She listens to Jase, and he tells her what he wanted to happen. He wanted Janelle to go this week, then Marcellas, then Erika. Too bad he threw that last HOH competition and made it pretty unlikely for any of his wishes to come true. Yup, you heard that right – he tells Danielle that he threw the competition, and defends his decision by saying he didn’t want to win three HOHs in a row. And he’s mad as hell that he’s being backdoored! He doesn’t see the faulty logic here, so there’s no point in trying to enlighten him.

    Jase shows his savvy gameplay by calling out James at the dinner table (they enjoyed a feast from Baja Fresh tonight – product placement ahoy!). James’ only response was to tell Jase that he’s a legend in his own mind. After dinner, Jase catches James in the backyard and starts a full-on pleading session for James to keep him in the house. James repeats several times that Jase is talking to the wrong person; when that doesn’t work, he spells it out for Jase that he can’t vote. That stops Jase for about twenty seconds, then he’s begging to be kept in the house again. He wants to play for HOH next week, or play for the veto, so that if he gets evicted he can go as a MAN and not be backdoored this way. He also wants James to know that Janelle is so shady that she was sending him text messages back in February that read, “James can’t be trusted. Don’t trust James!” James says that he’s heard that before, and tells Jase that if he wants him to help him out he needs to stop dumping on him the way he did at the dinner table in front of the whole house. Jase stammers some mishmash of that being the way he plays, all upfront instead of talking behind people’s backs.

    But his talk must have some benefit, because afterwards James tells Danielle that he believes Jase is being 100% real. Could the tide already be shifting in favor of keeping Jase this week?

    Worst Married Couple Ever

    In a stolen moment, Jase and Diane confer in private, confirming that they are a secret pair, the so-called “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance that has been burning up the rumor mill. Surprisingly, the one barking orders is Diane – surprising because she hasn’t been the coolest cucumber in the bunch this season, or ever. Diane tells Jase to just calm down, that’s how she survived the week before. We’ll just gloss over that one for you, okay Diane?

    They quickly share what information they know, and Diane tells Jase that she thinks there is a chance he can be saved. Both Diane and Jase can’t stand Erika or Janelle, and spend a few minutes trashing them both. Jase tells Diane about his talk with Kaysar, and she nips his glee in the bud by telling him Kaysar and Janelle are “tight, like this” (making an awkward twist of her fingers). Neither of them can understand it, but Kaysar seems to actually like Janelle, despite her drinking and the fact that she works in some sort of men’s club. But Diane thinks she can sway James because he’s attracted to “dark-haired, ethnic-looking girls”. Now there’s a plan that worked for her in the past!

    Diane sounds pretty reasonable when she plots to put up Janelle and Kaysar. Since Kaysar can’t play for veto next week, that would give Janelle a 1-in-6 chance of winning. Jase has another plan: he wants to put up Howie and Janelle, then not play for veto so that if Janelle or Howie win, they would use it on themselves and he would nominate James – therefore, betraying James and revealing that he’s not as important to them. Jase is doing a lot of NOT playing this season, and look where it’s got him?

    Somewhere in there Erika and Boogie had a quick conversation that seemed to reveal they are even tighter than the Jase/Diane connection. . The conversation is short, but telling, as they both share everything they know about the goings on in the house. Erika told Boogie he was actually out the door by the Sovs, but that her hard work this week kept him safe. They talk about their agreement that Erika watch the other side closely and keep the focus off of Will and Boogie. Just what we needed – another secret pair to keep an eye on.

    Sloppy Drunk Time

    Picture this: Mike Boogie and Janelle sharing the HOH bathtub. Needless to say, there has been a lot of alcohol leading up to this moment. Howie watches from the sidelines.

    I freely admit that I’m not a fan of Boogie’s manner, especially when he goes into smarmy, wheelin’ dealin’ mode. When he’s drunk, it’s magnified about fifty times. It starts with Mike saying he wants to join the cool kids, and morphs into a serious talk about the two alliances in the house. Boogie complains that the Sovs went after Chill Town, but Janelle insists that they went after floaters; that Will was never in danger, and that Jase is the “biggest floater in the house” because the first week he shook all of their hands and tried to align himself with them, then drifted over to Chill Town. Mike complains that the Sovs didn’t hold to their end of the bargain, Janelle insists that they are targeting floaters – that if they were going after Chill Town he would have known it, because he and Will would be sitting on the block.

    Janelle’s responses are rapid-fire, and all business. All traces of cutesy, flirty Janelle have disappeared and Boogie seems a little taken aback. She says that it worries her when she hears Mike saying he’s going to put her up next week when they’ve stuck to their agreement and not targeted Chill Town. Mike, sounding less and less amused, wants to know why they didn’t put up Marcellas in place of Jase. He implies that Marcellas has said he would put up the Sovs, but Janelle dismisses it, saying it doesn’t make sense because “there’s four of us and only two of you.” “Or is there three,” Mike says slyly. “There’ll only be two after Thursday,” retorts Janelle. She tells him that he can’t have everything he wants, there has to be a sacrifice, and Jase is the sacrifice that kept him and Will safe.

    Boogie tries to argue that Marcellas will turn on them, but Janelle stops him short by saying that if he wants Marcellas out, to “win an HOH and do something about it. Shock me.” Her manner is that of an exasperated parent tired of arguing with a toddler, and Boogie picks up on that attitude clearly.

    Cut to a few minutes later in the backyard. Boogie comes down, so drunk that he’s swaying, and angry as hell. The crew in the backyard tease him about his bath with Janelle, but it quickly becomes obvious that he’s in no mood to joke around. He tells everyone that Janelle threatened him, but when she appears in her bathrobe, he clams up. He ends up in the kitchen with Howie and Jase, and lets loose on Janelle, congratulating them for having someone in their alliance who will take all the heat for them by running her mouth and pissing him off so that he will put her up first if he wins HOH.

    Boogie: She f-ing challenged my manhood. That bottle-serving bitch thinks she can talk sh** to me? I hire people like that. Maybe. Now she’s trying to f-ing insult my intelligence, man? You guys are lucky she’s a big mouthed f-ing bitch. In four years she’ll be a nobody. Who cares. Bitch, I will f-ing strangle you. I will f-ing drown you. [repeat each sentence about ten times.]

    He runs into Janelle in the bathroom, and isn’t quite as brave when staring her in the face. Janelle, back in I’m-so-cute mode, asks him why he’s so mad. He goes on and on about Marcellas being more important to her than to the other three in her alliance – except that since he’s nasty, sloppy drunk, he can’t express it right and just confuses Janelle more. She says that Marcellas is her friend, and even gives him a hug when he comes in. Boogie eventually gets so riled he leaves the bathroom to find Jase in his bedroom, where he can safely rant in the dark. He calls Janelle every filthy name in the book, raps using misogynistic and racist terminology. Jase and Danielle stay up in the dark to listen to him rant. Mike pledges to torch the Sovs:

    “I want to send one of these motherf-ers back to their lives of nothingness.”

    You know how when people are outraged and re-tell a story, it grows a little? Boogie indulges in a little exaggeration when he tells it to Jase, Danielle and Diane. For example, according to Boogie, Janelle was so cocky that she said, “Marcellas is my friend, and he’ll be in this house as long as I want him to.” Pretty sassy, right? What I heard was Janelle saying that Marcellas was her friend, and when Mike asked if she would protect him, she replied, “I’m going up next week, are you kidding?” Or Boogie told the group that she told him, “You’re too stupid to understand what we (the Sovs) are doing.” But what she said was this: “You don’t have to understand what we’re doing, I’m telling you that we’re targeting floaters.” He also added in that Janelle was bragging about flying home in a special jet next week; I have no idea where that one came from.

    But Janelle admits to Howie later that even though Boogie is drunk, she’s not put off by his rant against her. Boogie’s right, she was challenging him. “Why wouldn’t I challenge his little ass?”

    Wakey Wakey

    Some time in the middle of the night Boogie peed in a jug instead of making it to the bathroom. In the morning, Jase gives him a little grief about it, and tells him he was out of control last night. But the hamsters are barely awake before noon, and when this recap shift ends, they are on an outdoor lockdown so that Big Brother can make some repairs to the leaking HOH bathtub.
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    OMG what an awesome recap.
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    Fantastic recap, Hepcat! I couldn't stand anymore feed watching when it got to the bath with Boogie part, and you filled me in perfectly without me having to tolerate him!

    Great job!
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    Heppy - Best. Recap. Ever. (said in Comicbook Guy Style) So much happened in 24 hours, I'm just in awe of how quickly you got it all compiled. Great job, and hilarious to boot!

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    Excellent recap!!! I should have read this first because you covered it all. A lot of work but greatly appreciated!!

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    Excellent recap, hepcat!

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    hepcat you are simply awesome!! I LOVE your recaps they are the BEST... ! ...you so deserve a trophy... thx!

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    I love your recaps Hepcat- thanks so much!
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    Super job--and a lot faster than reading all the feed transcripts and discussions...which I also did of course!

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    Wow, hep - awesome job! I missed the good stuff last night, but you nailed it all.
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