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Thread: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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    7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    *This is a recap of events from noon Sunday to noon Monday*

    Sundays in the Big Brother house. Bloody boring, unless you count Jenga death threats and snippy catfights between drama queens. More on that later. When last we left the hamsters, Danielle was coaching Boogie on how to present his plan to oust Marcellas to Kaysar and James. It doesn't take long for lapdog Boogie to run to his master Will, and they continue the plotting to keep the Boogieman off the block.

    Breaking news! Marcellas actually gets up and does something!

    Marcellas starts his daily whine, this time it's about not wanting to be in sequester. Janelle tells him that it's not so bad, and Marcellas replies that he might get desperate and have to sleep with Howie if he went. That is desperate. Janelle confides that last year, Jennifer did. Apparently they spent some quality time behind closed doors, but Janelle says that she wasn't supposed to tell - oops! Let's just keep that little tidbit to ourselves, shall we?

    Gratuitous cute Kaysar shot.

    Will continues pushing his "I don't want to be here" story, this time to Janelle. He doesn't care if he's voted out before sequester, he doesn't care if he gets nominated. As April would say, he just plain doesn't cay-ur. But does he? Everyone seems to be buying what he's selling, and he's been cruising on through so far. Didn't these people watch season two? He tells Janelle that if he isn't gone by week 5, "Hell will be unleashed." Hmm.

    Puff puff pass, George.

    Poor Chicken George. Resigned to his diet of slop, slop, and more slop, he just eats some straight out of the bucket for dinner. Raw. Jase wants him to stick around so he can see how he acts after eating it for 30 days straight. Here's hoping he'll flip out and choke you with that mandanna, Jase.

    James tells Chicken George that he nominated him because he felt that he wasn't playing the game, but he was blown away by CG winning the veto. Meanwhile, Jase is outside acting like a five year old with ADD, as he tries burning the Jenga puzzle pieces and squirting the fire extinguisher. BB is not pleased, and he gets a timeout in the Diary Room. Psst, Jase's girlfriend. Run. Run while you can!

    Jenga must die!

    Will then threatens to burn the game in the firepit unless he gets Risk or Monopoly, and tries to rally the others around him. Howie wants to roast marshmallows over Jenga, until Will informs them that BB will take their booze away if they do it. Oh, well, in that case...NO! Don't do it! The hamsters squeal. BB has their number.

    Damn, Jase. Just use a shovel next time.

    It's Italian night, as the hamsters scarf down the feast du jour. Jase, lacking in proper dinner conversational skills, decides to call Marcellas out for being a floater in his season. This pisses Marcellas off to no end, and he pouts his way through his spaghetti. Afterwards, he complains to Janelle that he wants Jase outta there, but she tells him that James refuses to backdoor anyone. Marcy says "It's f-in ridiculous. It's like playing with children."

    Finally, after trying all day, Will and Boogie corner James and Kaysar in the HOH room. They present their plan to boot Marcellas as Kaysar sits silently. After their badly presented spiel, they ask if the class has any questions. James: No, I understand. Kaysar - Exactly what are you asking for?

    Shut up, Boogie. Shutupshutupshutup.

    When Janelle is filled in on Chilltown's plan, she is adamant that Marcellas is not going up. Who would she share make-up tips with? They call the floaters up to ask who they'd get rid of - Erika and Marcy say Jase, and Danielle is noncommital, telling them to do what's best for them. Nobody asks Diane what she thinks, because really - who cares?

    The BS is getting deep in here.

    Finally, sometime after midnight, the Sovs decide that Boogie must go. No, wait a minute, they changed their minds again - a few hours later, it's decided that Jase must go. They finally realize that Chilltown has been playing them! It's a big duh moment for the group, as Janelle says "I can't believe we almost fell for it. We are so stupid!"

    And so, the Sovs and the floaters are friends. For now.

    Big thanks to the transcribers and cdnmama and MsFB for the screencaps!

    Jase is officially an asshat....waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Thanks for ther recap. I love the last screenshot, "And so, the Sovs and the floaters are friends. For now." Great ending!

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    Great recap, Wayward!

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    Great recap! Thanks!

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    Haha, great recap!

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    Here's hoping he'll flip out and choke you with that mandanna, Jase.
    Now that would be good TV! Great recap, waywyrd!

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    Great job, Waywyrd!
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Thanks for sorting out the ever-changing chaos!
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    Great recap, thanks .
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    Nice job!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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