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Thread: Is the narrator of the final challenge always the winner?

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    Is the narrator of the final challenge always the winner?

    I agree with the other posts. For some reason, the show doesnít seem to appeal to me as much as The Apprentice. Perhaps too much of the challenges resemble Fear Factor rather than actual business challenges, or perhaps thereís more emphasis on the challenges rather than the characters. Iím not sure what it is, I canít put my finger on it. I almost forgot about todayís episode in Morocco. I tuned in late.

    Anyway, what I found interesting is that during the final challenge (where Candida and Steve had to find Richard Branson in a town in Morocco), Candida was the person narrating the events as she explained what was going on in her mind as she was on the helicopter, as she climbed down the helicopter ladder, as she had to go by foot to find Branson, etc. The scene would jump to scenes of her alone, dressed nicely, narrating this. This obviously had to have been filmed after the episode was over since she was talking in the past tense as she recapped events. I noticed that there was no such narration by her challenger Steve. In the end, Candida wins the challenge. Could there have been no narration by Steve because since he lost, he was sent home? If so, is this a way to predict the winner of future challenges just by looking at who narrates? I only noticed it for this episode, I probably wasnít paying attention in past episodes. Did anyone else notice this? And if so, did you notice it in past episodes? Iím definitely going to keep my eye on it for future episodes if I remember to watch!

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    I may be wrong, but I thought that Shawn narrated last week's challenge. The reason I think that is because I don't remember Michael speaking very much. I do remember Shawn speaking in almost every episode, so my memory may be a little off.

    Michael did have some on screen interviews, but I don't think that he did the narration in either of the challenges he was in.

    However, now that you have me thinking about it, I will certainly watch who does the narration.

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