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Thread: Stunt Rip-Off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer
    I would be surprised if there are that many people who ever saw RR Extreme. I think I've seen Road Rules once or twice on a weekend by accident. But I don't think many people truly follow that show. Isn't it just a bunch of teens who don't have any goal except to be on a team that wins and tells all their teammates off? Isn't there always some kind of (boring) personality drama? I was certainly never motivated to regularly follow the show. Branson could probably repeat every stunt RR did and still nobody would know
    Alot of people watch Road Rules.. why do you think its in its 7th season

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Because it costs about $20 an episode, and MTV has nothing better to air?

    Oh wait, you weren't being facetious.

    Anyway, this is the Rebel Billionaire forum, not the RR forum, so let's stick with the topic at hand.

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