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    JESSICA, 27, former owner of an internet/phone sales company, currently living in Washington, DC.

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    It is funny because NME in England reported how she was introduced by Branson on stage at the V festival and streaked for the audience.. (back in August 2004)..

    I guess if people really want to know who the streaker was even before, they could have done a google search and found out

    Seems like not much interest in this show.. I think it is decent though..

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    I kind of feel the same way about the show, I find myself wanting to watch it, but usually tape it and watch Lost instead. Then I go back and watch it on a night there isn't any good tv.

    I was surprised she streaked on stage too, but I thought it probably is easier in front of thousands of people than just one or two or even twenty or thirty. It's just like a sea of bodies, can't really see any faces, so like she said just keep thinking you are in a bathing suit and go for it. Of course when you have a body like she does that makes it easier too, I'm sure!!!!

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