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Thread: The Cast: Group Photo

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    The Cast: Group Photo


    Pictured Top row standing: Michael, Nicole, Gabriel, Sir Richard Branson, Heather, Shaun, Sarah. Middle row sitting: Jermaine, Aisha, Jenn, Tim, Candida. Bottom row sitting: Sam, Erica, Steve, Jessica, Spencer.
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    What I dont get is Sir Richard had his choice of 60,000 applicants and he chose these 16. The show cast seems immature and combative. I'm not talking about age, I'm talking about wisdom. So far Sara has showed grace under pressure. No leaders really emerged, given a choice to lead they all went silent and pointed fingers to others.

    I was hoping to see a cast of Saras - male and female, young, wise, smart and talented people. Maybe I will be surprised in later shows. Hope so because I liked the premier and will watch this one!
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    Sarah was cool. I wonder if Brason was looking for people who are some what like him when he was younger.

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