Real Housewives of New York: Bullet-Cap, Episode 3: "Boozy Brunch"

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Everything you need to know from Episode 3:
  • Carole has decided to invite all the ladies to meet for brunch downtown. Luann and Ramona are out of town, but the others make it. Carole is perplexed that the other ladies don’t take the subway around downtown. Aviva has phobia issues.

  • Out in the Hamptons, Luann tells Victoria that she and Jacques are discussing the possibility of having a baby. Victoria says she should consult a doctor about the risks involved, but that she would be okay with it.

  • The brunch crew migrates to a rooftop bar, because it’s suddenly become evening. In addition to her fear of the subway, Aviva has a fear of heights. She is able to laugh at herself and all her phobias. Aviva’s husband Reid joins them which makes her feel more comfortable. The other girls notice that Reid doesn’t wear a wedding band. Sonja is surprised that Aviva is okay with that. Aviva thinks women are more likely to hit on guys with rings because they are seen as unattainable.

  • Aviva arrives home for bath time with her children. She considers herself the “CEO” of her family – after all of her extensive education and experience, she’s now a stay-at-home mom for four kids. When her son Hudson was 4 months old, she changed his name from Brandon to Hudson. After consulting all the specialists, of course, to make sure he wouldn’t be ruined psychologically. Staying home with her children is very fulfilling.

  • Our next scene is Ramona’s office, where Sonja comes up to visit and ask for advice on her new business ventures, called “Sonja in the City.” It’s an event planning / catering sort of business. She’s also still working on her toaster oven business. Ramona doesn’t think starting two businesses at once is a good idea.

  • Sonja heads across town to meet with Heather to get her advice, since she’s also been very successful. They’re looking over the logo options. Heather thinks all her businesses should be combined under the same umbrella, and a logo is a great way to accomplish this.

  • Heather tells Sonja she has to go to London for business, and she wants to invite all the ladies to join her since they had so much fun out the other night. They call Carole, who immediately says she’s in.

  • Ramona and Mario meet Carole for lunch. Mario and Carole bond over beer and their Italian/Sicilian heritage.

  • Aviva and Ramona go shopping for a wedding band for Reid (Aviva’s husband). While they’re out, Heather calls Aviva. Aviva leaves the phone on speaker, but doesn’t mention that Ramona is with her, and Heather issues an invitation for her to come on the London trip. Aviva tells Heather she’ll need to check with Reid, which bothers Ramona because it reminds her of how Alex could never do anything without Simon. Aviva felt awkward since Ramona wasn’t invited. Ramona thinks Heather doesn’t like her because she’s all the things Heather isn’t - secure, confident, straightforward, etc.

  • Carole invites the ladies to attend a party for her friend who’s launching a jewelry line. Ramona and Luann greet each other nicely. Ramona and Aviva discuss how Heather is still offended about the “interrupting” conflict. Luann and Sonja discuss Harry. Ramona comes to join them and Luann immediately jumps up saying she is going to get a drink.

  • Luann believes that Ramona is very jealous of her relationship with Sonja, that every time Ramona sees them together she has to come and join them. Luann is over that and out of there. Sonja tells Ramona how similar she is with Heather, in that they always want everything to be perfect. Ramona disagrees, saying she’s not that obsessed. She continues to say she never gets a word in edgewise when Heather’s around. At this point, Mario tries 3 times to start a sentence, with Ramona interrupting every time.

  • Across the room, Heather is telling Carole she’s found a man to fix her up with, and Ramona shows up to join them. Ramona felt like she did not give Heather the appropriate response when Heather told her that her father had died, so she wanted to apologize for that. This surprises Aviva, Carole, and Heather.

  • aaaand, episode 3 comes to an end.