Real Housewives of New York: Bullet-Cap, Episode 2: "Say What You Mean, Just Don’t Say It Mean"

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Everything you need to know from Episode 2:
  • We open with Aviva and her husband, Reid, meeting up with Heather and her husband, Jonathan, for dinner. The “small world” saga of Aviva’s ex-husband Harry carries on, as Jonathan knows him through their real estate careers. Heather confirms for Aviva that Harry did, in fact, sleep with both Sonja and Luann.

  • Discussion turns to the confrontation between Ramona and Luann. Aviva says she can respect Ramona’s honesty and directness, but doesn’t like the way Luann went running to them trying to gather them to her side. Heather is wary of a potential friendship with Ramona.

  • Luann and Ramona meet in the park to try to clear the air. Fail. In fact, things get worse, with Ramona saying she can’t think of one thing she likes about Luann. Luann is incensed at Ramona’s denial of her threat to tell everyone what happened at Luann’s son’s party. Ramona offers a deal to Luann, saying if Luann doesn’t attack her first, then she won’t retaliate. Luann’s response? “Actions speak louder than words so we’ll see.”

  • Aviva meets Carole for some shopping. They talk about how uncomfortable the whole Luann-Ramona-blackmail-threats situation is for all of them. Aviva asks Carole about what’s been going on in her life. Carole has a somewhat casual relationship with a musician in Aerosmith, who goes on tour frequently. Aviva asks if she’s allowed to see other people when he’s on the road and Carole says sure, they’re both grown-ups and can do what they want. Enter a cute young guy into the store that Carole immediately starts flirting with.

  • Sonja has quite a bit of damage in her house from Hurricane Irene, and meets with some people to try to get it fixed up. Sonja thinks the guy (Rich) is hot.

  • Carole heads out on the town for a date with her boyfriend, Russ. When he’s not on tour with Aerosmith, he’s a very talented solo artist. They drive through the streets of New York listening to a song he wrote that was inspired by her. We learn that Carole likes the concept of long distance relationships.

  • We journey to Heather’s home in the Berkshires for a party celebrating the life of her father, who recently passed away.

  • Our next stop is at Luann’s house in the Hamptons. Luann confronts her son Noel about an email she got from his French teacher saying he’s on the brink of failing.

  • Ramona meets Aviva for a meal. They rehash the exchange between Ramona and Heather when they each accused the other of being “an interrupter.” Ramona believes their conversation improved after that point. Aviva brings up some advice her husband always says: say what you mean, just don’t say it mean. Aviva thinks it’s refreshing that Ramona tells people what she feels, and wants to make sure she doesn’t get on her bad side. Aviva then asks Ramona about the situation with Luann, and thinks Luann might be exaggerating what happened with the “threat.” Ramona is angry that Luann is running around trying to get everyone on her side against Ramona, but Ramona plans to take the high road and just ignore it. Ramona and Aviva make a pact to always be direct with each other in the event of any conflict between them.

  • Sonja is a presenter at the GLAD awards, Ramona attends to support Sonja, and Heather and Carole are there as well. There’s an awkward moment as Sonja misses her cue to come on stage. Ramona has to ask what “LGBT” stands for.

  • And thus concludes another episode.