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Thread: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

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    Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    Please forgive me if this has been addressed somewhere else, but I can't find the RHONJ thread. Is there some reason there isn't one? Or am I just missing it?

    Mods, feel free to delete this thread if it goes against forum policy.


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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    Well, last season it was moved into the Shows We Are Covering section rather than sitting with the rest of the Housewives. When the season ended, it moved to the On Hiatus/Current Shows We Aren't Covering. It hasn't been moved from there, I don't know why. People are posting there, however. Look from Forum->On Hiatus/Current Shows We Aren't Covering you'll find the show and it's many threads.
    Maybe someone else knows why it's there....

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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    Welcome, Maidenhell63. No need to lurk! We say some outlandish things around here, so there's no opinion you could voice that would freak anyone out.

    I'm very hard on the RHs, but ya know they put their foolish selves on camera for our entertainment and Bravo loves showing the worst of the worst.
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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    I asked the mods last week to move it up - but it hasn't been done yet

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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    I got a good laugh when I really looked at your name...very clever.

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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    Toddlers & Tiarias aren't on the main board either.
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    Re: Never posted before - I'm a lurker

    Lets use this as the RHWONJ discussion thread.

    I'll start - does anyone know what Teresa told Dina about Caroline that made Dina not want to talk to Caroline.

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