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Thread: Bethenny Ever After

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    FORT Fogey livin4reality's Avatar
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I only saw parts of last nights show. 2 quick observations: I actually LOL at parts of it. And I don't like Jason calling her Mama. ewww
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    Quote Originally Posted by livin4reality View Post
    And I don't like Jason calling her Mama. ewww
    That drives me insane. I find it really creepy as well.

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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I don't like the Mawmaw calling either. Maybe I can get Jason calling her that but her in-laws & her employees too??? Part of me can get it because maybe she feels it will be easier for Byrn if everybody is calling her the same name or maybe, I don't know, I'm just happy Bethenny found a great guy & has an adorable baby girl.

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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    LOVED this episode! First, it was so cool that, not only does Jason totally 'get' Bethenny, and not only is he NOT henpecked by her, but he knows exactly how to press her buttons and it cracks him up to do that --- in a loving/teasing way, of course. They are so unbelievably good for each other!

    Loved their 'bathies' --- What an adorable, loving way to bathe your baby. I've got 3 kids, and it never once occurred to me to climb into the bathtub with them to bathe them. Not to mention having their daddy in there too. (And having Cookie in the bathtub too, on Bethenny's birthday --- too funny!!!)

    Loved their trip to Montreal from beginning to end. And I was so moved by the whole bottling plant experience for both of them. Bethenny's reaction to it all was priceless, and I was so happy for her. She's worked very, very long and hard for her success and she deserves it. Not that other people haven't worked long and hard too --- but that shouldn't take anything away from someone who succeeds. Good for them!!!

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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I have to say i loved this ep too, I find myself to have a lot in common with her (tho I am not a control freak as much as she is, not that its a bad thing)

    My husband and I call each other Mama and Daddy, most often when my 4 year old daughter is around. It was a habit I got into when she was younger that Ive just continued. I thought it was funny their talk about what to call her "parts" because we also say Woo-woo. I pulled it out of thin air one day cuz it sounded like a good companion to wee-wee. Im sure eventually we will teach her the right word, but even she calls it her woo-woo now.

    Anyway, seeing Montreal makes me want to visit there! Looks very European!

    Previews for next week show Thanksgiving? going awry. I was half listening so I dont know what all the yelling was about!
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I was so impressed by the Skinny Girl bottling plant. Wow, Bethenny really hit it big on this one. She's so smart and creative, it's a pleasure to see this success. She's getting the last laugh on Krazy Kelly and JillZarin from NY who were so mean to her. They've done absolutely nothing with their lives compared to Bethenny's achievements!

    She may be quirky, a little too offbeat for some, but I so get her humor; I laugh just thinking about the interesting way she views things around her. I hope her success continues, and that she and Jason stay together- their lives can be fabulous.
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    Make that one more person who really enjoyed this show (& I haven't even finished it yet!) but filled with a lot of happy times.

    They're perfect for each other and so lucky that they realized that.

    I'm not crazy about the "Mama" name thing from Jason but to each his own, I guess.

    I like Bethanny but I will be the first to call her out if I hear her complaining much more about how busy and frantic her life is. She, and only she, is the one who makes it that way by her choices.

    Doesn't matter to me if you want a hectic stressful life but don't complain about it.
    I grant that she's driven and she's accomplished a lot on her own and more power to her.

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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I also finally saw the new episode and really enjoyed it. Jason and Bethenney seem to have a "real" relationship - and I love it. They truly adore each other - but neither will put up with the other's crap, which is what truly makes a marriage in the long run.

    On the "Mama" thing - as a mother of young children I will say that it didn't bother me. Everyone calls me "Mommy" when my daughter is around. We learned the hard way when my husband called me by my name and my daughter then thought that was ok. Then my mom did the same thing. It took us forever to break our daughter of that. Now, I really think it is just habit - we are always "Mommy" and "Daddy", whether the kids are around or not.

    Last thing I just have to say - OMG, Bryn has got to be one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. She is not only adorable, but her facial expressions just make her all the more cute. MAN, I could just watch that baby all night!!

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    FORT Fan reneekk's Avatar
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    Has anyone seen the thread for Rosie Pope's Pregnant in Heels yet? Isn't she the one who B took a class with? I adore'd the first episode. She seems so real and those couples so ridiculous. I'm ready to talk about it!

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    FORT Fogey
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    Re: Bethenny Ever After

    I've not seen a thread yet either, and I'm disappointed because I simply adore it!

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