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Thread: The Real Housewives of Miami

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Glad I didn't waste my time watching it.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Bye bye RHM. Any similarity between most of these women and the high society they lust for is in their delusional imaginations.

    Lea and Marysol get a pass. I rather liked them.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    I just don't find these women to be that watch-able.
    I wonder if they realize how pathetic and transparent they really are like Lea, needing to send out her zingers all the while, couching it with susposed humor as if then it doesn't count as being mean.

    Christy is still the spoiled, pretty mean girl from high school.

    Larsa can't take any criticism at all, making mountains out of Elsa's molehill.

    Marysol appears to be intelligent and confident but her duck lips belie that.
    Loved how she claimed her mother rarely drinks and then we're shown Elsa and all the footage of her drinking. Sometimes she appears to be quite unsteady on her feet.

    Alexia claims she only talks about weight with her son because he wants to be a model. I get the feeling he's going for modeling because it's an easy and lucrative career and he has no other ambition. I also don't believe that she "loves" to eat- not with that body.

    Adriana is selfish, immature, class-less and believes that she can get whatever she wants and only has to look good to do so. Always being late to everything, even picking up her child, needing to have her makeup done professionally when she's only having lunch with the girls, trying to get a commitment from her boyfriend using sex and her body (which is great!) and I don't think she's all that good at her job.....all add up to an empty head.

    I just don't find any redeeming value in any of them.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Buh-bye, I hope they never bring this show back. Watching Larsa last night and in the recaps of her narcisissm, it's clear that she was so offended by Elsa's comments because they punctured the notion that's she's special, perfect and loved by all. I'm all for healthy self-confidence, and clearly Larsa's mother wanted to raise a confident happy child. But I also think the self-esteem parenting movement of the 1980s has created a generation of people with an overinflated and in some cases delusional sense of their own specialness.If you believe you're perfect then any problems you encounter are automatically someone else's fault. That seems to be the case with Larsa.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." ó George Orwell

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Have to agree with Candor on Larsa.
    She came across as totally entitled to me.
    Has been way too spoiled from an early age.

    Watching Adriana carry on really yielded so many interesting things about the Housewives franchises.
    She went on about how she amped it up for the cameras and if the others had done so, they'd be just as popular as BH.
    Sad, but true.

    As far as Alexia, I could fully believe that she does love to eat. I don't see her as rail thin; she looks healthy, but defintely I would not place her in the Taylor category. She looks like she eats and exercises. When you're as tall as she is, you can carry more weight.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Does anyone else follow these ladies on twitter (Or am I the only loser who does?) After the reunion Adrianna had set up a fake twitter account for Glen Rice and then tweeted stuff about Christy. She got called out on in majorly from other tweeters and ended up deleting the account and saying she done with talking about Christy. To me, it was just funny. I never really like Adrianna but I absolutely cannot stand Christy! On one of my other boards, they are talking about Christy giving her stepson oral? These girls are just crazy.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Quote Originally Posted by reneekk View Post
    On one of my other boards, they are talking about Christy giving her stepson oral? These girls are just crazy.
    OMG -- how old is the stepson?

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    19, if I heard right. I was reading lips because people were talking at the same time.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    i finally saw the reunion - was confused for like a whole week bc i couldn't find the listing for it. thought it was very odd for them to have the reunion on wwhl . . . and it was TERRIBLE. it really was just adriana ands christy fighting.

    Quote Originally Posted by ksgirl View Post
    The reunion show has been all about Adriana and Christy fighting with each other. No other housewife has had time to speak.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Miami

    Adriana wasn't fighting with Christy, she was just screaming obscenities at her. I really couldn't hear anything any of them said when Adriana was screeching-- which was a lot of the time. What a fiasco.

    As far as Christy having oral sex with her 19 year old stepson--I don't believe a word Adriana says.

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