We have had a problem in the past with people commenting on the Real Housewife shows thinking it is okay to post in the manner of a belligerent Real Housewife themselves. We also had folks doing drive bys and trying to crash RH parties to meet them in person. As a result, we closed down all discussion of these shows for a long time.

Now we are having problems with silly arguments turning nasty and personal on a daily basis, resulting in a flood of reports to moderators, and posts in the thread seething with moral outrage. This is worlds away of our goal of hosting light, fluffy talk about mindless reality shows.

On an individual basis we have advised several of you to put other posters on ignore that get under your skin. It's clear that no one is doing that.

Please pay attention as this is your last chance to get it right.

Go right now to your User CP and add names to your ignore list of anyone who gets under your skin - anyone you repeatedly feel compelled to report or respond to.

If you don't put them on ignore, we will know because you will be responding and reporting them. This will earn you a ban. We feel like we are repeating ourselves and everyone has had fair warning by now.

Please read the following carefully:
  • Reporting a poster you don't like;
  • Getting into little cat fights, no matter who started it;
  • Taking pot shots that are aimed at people here without calling them out by name;
  • Posting about any sort of personal contact you have had with someone on the show;
ALL of these actions will result in YOUR banning from FORT.
We won't be issuing infractions, we will just remove you from the site.

We allow negative comments about contestants, but if you take it too far you're baiting and will also be banned. You don't need to repeat yourself endlessly. Make your point and move on.