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Thread: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    I felt bad for Taylor at the start of the tension, but toward the end, Taylor totally dished out and got what she deserved. She kept probing and prodding at the giant elephant in the room without even realizing it.

    When Camille chimed in, it explained why the other ladies wanted to stay out of it. Wow. These woen tried to keep their mouths shut but Taylor instigated the giant spillage of beans!
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    If I ever see shana/taylor/wackadoodle, I'M going Oklahoma on her ass for bringing my state into her delusions.

    Seriously, I don't remember ever sitting around with a group of women and griping/moaning/discussing about "being my friend." That is just pathetic ... as was her intent to not allow Lisa to get her point across. Lisa may be full of herself, but she's not insane like wackadoodle (my new name for her, thanks SugarMama!)

    I feel for her daughter, but the victim role she was embracing before the tragedy occurred was pathetic. Still can't stand her. She's still a user and grasper and con artist. Harsh maybe, but my opinion.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by mom2 View Post
    but the victim role she was embracing before the tragedy occurred was pathetic. Still can't stand her. She's still a user and grasper and con artist. Harsh maybe, but my opinion.
    Yes, yes, yes!
    She's happiest when people view her as a poor little victim.... When Camille brought up the until-then-taboo-thought about whether Russell was a wife-abuser, I watched her face and could see (even w/the Botox/fillers etc) so many options going thru her mind as she considered which way she wanted that conversation to go.
    Maybe I'm a suspicious person but I don't find anything that Taylor says to be true. Maybe Russell felt he had been painted so black that no one would ever believe that he wasn't a wife beater.....although I still think his suicide had more to do with his financial issues and that his "good friend and business partner's" suicide the next day was more likely the reason.
    I think I also feel a little sorry for her and her need to be pitied to be noticed or given an identity...but mostly I feel sorry for her daughter.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    I felt bad for both Taylor and Lisa in their confrontation. I think it started from a place of two very different women misunderstanding each other, and blew up from there. Taylor was put on the spot a bit by Lisa when Lisa brought up the luncheon and not being invited to it. After that, I understood where both women were coming from. I think that each time that Lisa said things about "I'm not your best friend" she INTENDED it to be meant as "I don't want you to find it strange that I'm coming out of nowhere and offering you a safe place to live" and NOT a way of keeping Taylor at arms length. But I can understand why Taylor misunderstood. You've got two women practically speaking different languages, and having no idea the other doesn't understand her. I think Taylor got so wrapped up in the emotions of what she was saying that she lost touch with the environment she was in and started to unravel. The more embarassed she felt, the more she grasped, and the worse she sounded. Someday, I hope that Taylor is able to understand that being strong is not about saying you are taking care of yourself, but is an actual state of mind. If she completely understood it, I think she'd discover that Lisa and her ability to let wrongdoing roll off her back (well, except for Cedric) is a show of strength.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    It was on record over and over again. Lisa did not say what Taylor is saying.

    I agree with Dragonlady. Taylor is taking diet pills to get attention for being a victim. Taylor's language is going back and forth to draw in the mothering energy for being a victim. In her life drama has gotten her attention. People who help Taylor do not appear to fare very well.

    On a positive note, I love Adrienne. Paul is ok.

    Kim's boyfriend appears to have a kind expression. Hope he is Kind to Kim...and hope Kim is kind to him.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
    ...I agree with Dragonlady. Taylor is taking diet pills to get attention for being a victim. ....
    I have to put on the brakes with that one. As a former anorexic (30ish years ago ) living in an extremely strict family environment, I unknowingly fell into that group of girls who found that controlling my weight was my only way to exercise any control in my life. It took years to realize this, thanks to a good psychologist. Anyway, in my rigid environment where perfection was expected, I was obsessed with being thin and thinner and thinnest - not out of vanity, but out of obsession. I was skin and bones but I secretly ate diet pills and took laxatives while starving myself. I thought I looked great and that others were merely jealous when they tried to get me to eat. THIS aspect of Taylor I can understand.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    It is on record that Lisa has stated that she cannot be Taylor's "best" friend. I have many girlfriends some of who are "best" friends and some are just friends. However, I would never say to someone who is just a friend that she and I will never be "best" friends. That comes across rude to me. Who knows..... some day down the road they may end up being a best friend.

    I think Lisa opened the door to the who fiasco when she confronted Taylor about not being invited to the luncheon. Bad timing in my book. If she wanted to confront her about she should have done it privately.... not in the middle of a nice afternoon tea. She gave Taylor the perfect opportunity to unleash her anger at Lisa. Again, this should have been done privately. Taylor was obviously heading toward meltdown mode weather real or imagined. I know it's all about the ratings though. The biggest part I didn't like was Taylor's efforts to drag the other ladies into it. I've always been taught to speak for myself and not others. I tell my employees the same thing. However since she did go in that direction she has to suffer the consequences. Next week will be interesting.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    I think over the past two seasons Lisa has made it abundently clear that she does not like or trust Taylor. She tolerates her because she has to for the camera's. They would NEVER be friends or even acquantences otherwise.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Wow last night's show was painful to watch. I felt bad for Taylor because she has told soo many different stories that she couldn't remember what she said to whom, thus the reason why she went all Jacky Chan on Lisa. To buy some time to rethink her poor me story. I love Adriene because she knows hows to address the sticky situation. I think Paul was smart to pull Adriene out of that house at the right time. Man you tell that Camile was pissed with Taylor lies. Lisa said it last season that she didn't trust Taylor and felt she was the reason for Camile and Kyle hating each other last year so that wasn't anything new.

    The verdict is still out on Kim's new man and I would agree with Kyle that if you love somebody so much you wouldn't keep it a secret from your family for a whole damn year. Hell I told the world about my husband that my family was sick of hearing about him, but they loved him the minute I introduced him to my family after dating for a month. Yay Me!! lol

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    Re: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Where Taylor messed up is in not just laying EXACTLY what was really bothering her out on the line with Lisa. Pussyfooting around was counter-productive. I would have cut straight to the chase with her, and we would have gone from there. These women play too many games with each other. Conflicts actually, usually, just boil down into a couple of very basic components. It's more work to dance all around subjects instead of just getting right to the meat of the matter.

    I don't think Taylor has learned that yet...but, in time, she will. "Feelings be damned", as has been said.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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