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Thread: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I lowered my standards & watched the last 2 episodes last night. This seemed IMHO to be a total set-up with Bravo and they used Kim D & Teresa to do so. Kim D has been wanting to be on this show since it started & I do believe that while Teresa wasn't the mastermind behind this she was a willing participant in this mess. While she excused herself from the room in the salon she was listening right around the corner. If she were so concerned or better yet, didn't want to "get involved" she should have called Joe & Melissa as soon as she knew something might be up with Kim D.

    Once the finale started it was such a cluster "screw" I couldn't figure out who was doing/knew what and I just don't honestly care. They should have started filimg about this time so are they?

    I don't believe Teresa was as clueless as she tried to portray herself to her brother nor do I think Jacqui & Caroline didn't know either. If Jacqui was getting texts during the show why not warn Melissa?

    I give up...I gave up watching a great football game for this crappola. I am getting over Bravo & Andy Cohen BUG TIME!
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I agree that Teresa didn't have a clue at the salon, but she was all in on what went on at the fashion show. Her behavior totally gave her away, especially when she went running out of the bathroom, and had been begging Melissa not to call Joe. What a witch!
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I watched the finale this morning. I kept wondering how Bravo finds so many places with incredibly slow valet parking to host the Posche fashion show and other events. Really, how much drama would never happen on the show if when people said "I'm leaving" their cars came moments later instead of having to wait long enough for the entire party to come outside?

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Quote Originally Posted by AcookerTV View Post
    I watched the finale this morning. I kept wondering how Bravo finds so many places with incredibly slow valet parking to host the Posche fashion show and other events. Really, how much drama would never happen on the show if when people said "I'm leaving" their cars came moments later instead of having to wait long enough for the entire party to come outside?
    Caroline's car was there and I don't think it took a while, but I think she was waiting for Jacqueline and wanted to keep Joe Gorga from entering the fashion show as to avoid an even bigger mess. Of course, there could have been production intervening and asking that they not leave.

    Bravo is so evil and I hate that I play right into this and promote it by watching, but I can't help it. Did you read that blog that was written right after the reunion for season 4 was taped. It quoted Andy Cohen's tweets. He's seeing dollar signs all over the place and finales like those are sure to get him a huge raise and jump in viewership.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Does Teresa really expect the viewing public to believe that the reason she kept trying to get Melissa to confront Baldy is because she has Melissa's best interests at heart and wanted Melissa to clear her name and reputation?
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I think Bravo used to show Shakespeare plays and Ballet.....maybe I'm confusing it with A&E .......
    Anyways, I totally believe Teresa had SOMETHING to do with the whole "Let's set up Melissa" thing. She may not have been the mastermind or instigator but she certainly didn't stop it either. Okay , she may have met Baldy at the salon and been ambushed by his info, but she sure didn't say "Don't talk about my sister in law". And again at the fashion show without fashion Poshe fashion show, she could have told Baldy to go away when he came up to Melissa or asked Kim to make him leave Melissa alone. I think part of her really enjoyed the prospect of Melissa being called a stripper or outed. And then in the bathroom she tried to act all concerned. The whole plan to take down Melissa (by either Kim's hand or Teresa's) was stupid and ridiculous. I do find it ironic that when Teresa was being bullied by Caroline in California, Joe and Melissa left with her to show their support. But, when someone was bullying Melissa and Joe and Melissa are leaving, Teresa is still in the party laughing and having tons of fun with her "real friends" and claimed that Melissa calling Joe "ruined their family".
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I totally fell asleep five min into the show (thats been happening a lot lately!) and dont have dvr, but I read what went down on another site. I agree with those that say Teresa didnt set it up but definitely "enjoyed" (for lack of a better word) what ended up happening.
    just FYI I follow Jacqueline on twitter, and here are some tweets she sent this am: (in order she sent them)

    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    I also NEVER texted a producer during that episode! Some people are REALLY reaching. It's a friend that doesn't want 2b exposed.

    There were NO producers that were fired from our show.Y r people saying that? 1 moved 2 CA 2work on another project AFTER season ended.

    I'm SO happy that the majority of you get it now! I'm happy the season is over! Now let's get they the crazy reunion & put it behind us

    and last night:

    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    Why is T bringing it up more instead of trying to squash it? Why didn't she try to call Melissa earlier 2 warn her about the scene earlier?

    CLICK! I recognized the "stripper set up" as soon as Melissa said that...T wanted me to do that earlier when Melissa first joined the show.

    If T was going to "handle it" why didn't she "Handle it" earlier in the day or when she 1st saw him at the Fashion show?
    Look how LOW T will go to blame shift! T is disgusting! She knows the truth!

    People seem 2b angry with Kim D too.Why isn't T?That's her buddy.Wouldn't she b upset with her right now instead of joining her for a drink?

    Why wouldn't T try to leave with her brother like they left with T in Napa? Why wasn't T upset that someone tried to expose her?
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    OK, here is my take on it...I don't get it??!!

    I still don't like Caroline

    I don't think Treasa was totally at fault but then again I repeat, I just dont get it.

    Why did Melissa feel it necessary to call her husband. Really???!!! She got some of this *&^&& started.

    Maybe this is it for me and RHONJ.

    I don't think I like Melissa either.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Here is what I think went down and everyone's level of involvement.

    I think bald guy was an acquaintance of a friend of a friend of a friend of Kim D and knew she interacted with some of the real housewives and he really wanted to be on TV, so he approached Bravo with this, or got Kim D to approach Bravo with this, of course with some exaggeration to make Melissa's past seem as sleazy as possible.

    Kim D was all up in this before even showing up at the salon

    Kathy.....completely oblivious to what was going on.

    Jacqueline......I have re-watched the bit over and over where she supposedly waved at bald guy as he approached the table. It really looks to me like she is waving to someone farther away. I don't think she was in on it. But when she started getting texts about what was going on, I think that she knew that this would blow up in Tre's face rather than damaging Melissa, so she didn't lift a finger to stop

    Caroline.....see Jaq

    Tre.........here is where I get confused. There were times when it seemed like she really had no idea what was going on. And I know she is not a good actress. That deer in headlights thing she has going on is very real. But the whole "omigod!!! feel how fast my heart is racing!" thing seemed very very fake. Like she was really trying to make Melissa and the viewers believe she was totally shocked. so I just dunno.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Quote Originally Posted by Poppy Fields View Post
    I don't know... I think she was exactly as forceful as I would be under the circumstances. She was forthright, repeatedly, in her insistence that they not try to dicuss Melissa's past with her. What more could she have done? Maybe she should have borrowed a handgun from Juiicy.
    I'm going to disagree a little on this one, given what we know about Tre. Even if she was caught off guard and didn't want to hear it, why didn't she stop Kim D. from asking more questions? If that was a member of my family who I was really trying to protect, when Kim D. started asking follow up questions, I basically would have shut her down and said that either she stops asking the questions or I am leaving - as in leaving the salon, not the room.

    I'm still up in the air on whether Tre was in on it from the beginning. What I didn't like was her reaction after it all came out. Maybe she didn't want to call Mego ahead of time because maybe she didn't know the guy was going to be at the show. And maybe she didn't react when he first came over because she was surprised he was there. Here's where I think she lost it - when they were in the bathroom. Tre was not supporting Mego, Tre was trying to get Mego to admit she was a stripper. If you don't believe it, you say something like "I saw this jackhole this afternoon and here is the bull**it he is spewing. If I'd known he was going to be here tonight, I would have warned you. How do you want to handle . . . I've got your back." That's not what Tre did - Tre was trying to get her to remember where she knew him from and basically kept saying "but you did say he looked familiar" or "but you did say you knew him".

    The bigger issue, as others have mentioned, is how she reacted when Joe was called or Joe showed up. She was worried about her brother and down on Mego for calling him - that he could end up in jail. What the heck did you think was going to happen? And then the complete lack of support in not immediately leaving, if you really were set up, is where she completely lost them. Compare it to the Napa trip - that is how family acts. Tre ultimately chose friends over family, regardless of who was right.

    So while she may not have been the original instigator of the set up, the way she acted through the course of the show when it went down is where I find fault with her. There were so many opportunities for her to show loyalty and handle it differently.

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