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Thread: The Real Housewives of New York City

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    Jill Zarin: Kelly Bensimon Hasn’t Made Good on Charity Donation
    May 5, 2009

    The second season of The Real Housewives of New York City is coming to a close — but not before a major sparring match goes down between best pals Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin when the show’s finale airs Tuesday night (10 p.m. ET). And that’s just the start of the Housewives drama: The ladies will come face to face in a reunion show (airing May 12, 10 p.m. ET) that is so jam-packed with confrontation that it’s a two-part special. Zarin stopped by the PEOPLE offices recently to talk about the show and her latest project, a partnership with Kodak making Picture Movie DVDs for Mother’s Day. She also revealed what really happened with Kelly Bensimon’s charity auction donation and fired back at her frenemy Ramona Singer’s husband Mario, who’s been dogging her in the blogs (still!) about that ill-fated tennis match. –Brian Orloff

    On what to expect from the reunion special:
    “I picked a fight with everybody. I called everyone out. There were definitely things that I challenged people on to be honest about. The only one who I didn’t really [challenge] is Bethenny because Bethenny and I sort of see things the same way. And Bethenny has a very sharp memory. I would never go up against Bethenny’s memory. And anytime anyone does, they’ve very sorry they did.”

    On LuAnn being separated from her husband before publicly announcing it:
    “I think she needed to come clean about [her] marriage [problems]. That was one of the reasons why Ramona was particularly upset with LuAnn because she was kind of living this lie and making Ramona feel like, ‘I’m better than you.’ It’s like, listen, we all know what’s going on here. Don’t be a hypocrite, and that’s where a lot of the [hard] feelings came from.”

    On Kelly’s donation to her charity auction:
    “She did something nice by getting her ex-husband Gilles [Bensimon] to donate a photo shoot — but he hasn’t done it. It’s a problem. He says he’s going to do it now. We had to return the money, and if he does do it, obviously we’ll get the money back. But I had to return the money to the family because I’m not going to hold someone’s money. It’s been very difficult. Her heart was in the right place, so I don’t want to beat her up.”

    On her feud with Mario:
    “Mario and his big mouth — he wouldn’t leave me alone. Mario can’t have it both ways: You can’t be a classy guy like my husband and then throw darts at somebody else’s wife. And also I felt like he was hitting me outside the ring. I feel like the show’s the ring, like a boxing match, and I feel like he’s been hitting me after the bell rings. And half of [what he says] is lies. Are we going to have a street fight now? It’s obvious Mario is jealous of all the attention Ramona’s getting. You don’t have to be a therapist to see that.”

    On what really happened at the tennis match:
    “There are things that happen in reality TV that happen for production reasons — everybody knows that. Since we were holding Simon as the secret [partner], which all the viewers saw, there are legitimate logistics [to work out]. I arrived on time with my family. They put the family in the tennis court area and held me back to the side. Simon was there. Alex was put on the tennis court. So, I come on and [Mario] attacks me like a pit-bull, [saying], ‘You’re late, you’re late! You’re forfeiting the game.’ But then I secretly say, ‘Listen, calm yourself down. I’ve been here for an hour and a half. I’m just as frustrated as you.’ Production didn’t plan it out properly. They messed up . . . but [Mario] didn’t let it die there.”

    On her partnership with Kodak:
    “I am scarred for life since there were no pictures of me [growing up]. Call [my mom] Gloria. She’ll confirm it for you! This is the root of my photography obsession. [And my daughter] Alison was born with a talent for photography. She specializes in taking pictures of graffiti art…She has an eye for it. So, for Mother’s Day it was a natural for Ali, me and Gloria [to make a photo album].

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    OK, someone has to get Jill Zarin out of my TV

    It's mid-way through the season finale and her behavior is despicable. Clearly she's orchestrated the charity event for the express purpose of publicizing her business, with arthritis as an "oh, by the way" factor.

    Watching right now - to be continued.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    Every time they show Simon's red tight laced leather pants I laugh hard.

    And that end thing with Simon and Ramona was totally unexpected. I just laughed.

    Why I was irritated with Ramona last season was her making a big deal of Simon attending things and the pictures. But he's funny. See. He could be your best friend Ramona......Glad your taking your chill pills at the end of this season.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    *****SPOILER ALERT*****Refers to events in tonight's episode*****

    . . . continuing: There should have been no surprises about sponsorships, the step-and-repeat, and the bar because the sponsorship levels should have been spelled out in the sponsorship solicitation, and if these "high society" women really knew about charity events, they would have known that, and Jill (or Ramona) could have purchased naming rights from the get go. Jill (and Christina) should have known that the alcohol providers would get publicity (in this case, bar signage) at the event in exchange for providing free booze, and since she apparently didn't know that and she authorized removal of the signs, she owed Bethenny 5 minutes of her time at her event for her business (oops, I mean her charity) to let Bethenny explain to her the finer points of a $20,000 bar donation.

    And OMG, how despicable was it that she accused Ramona of not paying for her share of the step-and-repeat? Ramona handled that perfectly. "Yes, Jill, I gave her my credit card," calmly and matter-of-factly.

    Now, off the topic of Jill: I think Alex probably didn't invite anybody to the event because she doesn't have a circle of friends, let alone know people who attend $250/head events. Ultimately she got 2 people to come but at the same time she was saying how hard she worked on the event and how huge an effort she made to invite people.

    And, say what you will about Kelly, she genuinely looked hurt when Jill overlooked thanking her at the event.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    Originally posted by Lizard>>>Jill, Ramona, and LuAnne remind me of middle agers who don't have mirrors. That dress Jill wore when they were shooting her appartment was horrid. She looked like an old couch.<<<

    At least LuLu knows how to dress, and usually Jill too. That white thing Ramona wore at the charity event was ill-fitting, too tight, showed her fat rolls. She looked like a frump. And Ramona's face looks more homely by the week - what the heck is she doing to herself?

    Jill's daughter, Alison is a lovely young lady; poised, confident. And what gorgeous beautiful eyes she has!
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    The season finale was the highlight in my otherwise stressful day. I loved that Ramona said that all the women deserved "k'doos" (at least that's what I heard) for working on Jill's charity event. Allyson is so composed and mature; I would have killed my mother if she'd tried to have "the talk" with me on a reality show. Simon's outfit at the charity event...OMG, that was awesome. I mean, in a freakishly hilarious way, of course. LuAnne still bugs me, especially how she treats Rosie; it was like she was aghast that Bethanny would dare to stoop so low as to ask the help for dating advice. I was relieved that people did bid on the auction items though; I was worried it'd be a repeat of the RHOA auction for a minute. I can't wait for the reunion show, even if I do have to put up with the insufferable Andy Cohen for an hour.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    I LOVE this show. I love everything about it. I adore every single "wife" (including the single ones), every child, and every husband.

    I could go on about each one of them but won't bore everyone.

    Thoughts for tonight....
    • Kelly. I really want Kelly to get a second chance so I hope she returns next season. I think there is more good than bad about Kelly and we just haven't seen it yet.
    • Jill. Jill thinks she is the Queen Bee. While I adore her now, I do think she'll start grating on me pretty soon if she keeps it up. Lot's more to add, but...another day.
    • Betheny. Bethany is a mini-me to Jill.
    • Silex. What is left to say that hasn't already been said.
    • LuLu. She does sort of have a holier than thou attitude, but the thing is, she at least works at being a good person rather than spewing endless venom about everyone else (i.e. like Bethany). I think she's pretty great, actually.

    And, the evening highlight:

    Ramona. Loved Ramona dancing with Simon at the end of the show! It really did make my day!

    Ramona walks softly but carries a big stick. She doesn't flash her products all over the place and everywhere like the others. Meanwhile, her line is up and running and having a successful run on a home shopping network!

    There was good JuJu tonight. I hope the reunion show doesn't make all go to hell.

    Oh, and reg. Bethany's sponsorship signs....someone knew what to do because each sign holder was a different size and her posters fit them perfectly. In other words, someone measured them - and I doubt the liquor company would have done so without her knowledge.

    And, how rude and self-centered she was to focus on that issue at the expense of Jill and Ramona.

    I think Bethany is great on many levels, but she is the biggest hypocrite and most self-centered one of them all. And, it's probably due to her childhood which she never fails to remind us of.
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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    Last year I couldn't stand Simon. Tonight he was soooo cool! Who else could wear those pants???? I could see Jill's gay husband doing something similar but not as outrageous. The best thing was that Simon didn't give a cr@p what anyone else thought of his outfit.

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    Quote Originally Posted by SassnSauce;3434361;
    Anyone read Lulu's book yet? She's not getting too many good reviews according to comments on Personally I always thought it would be more autobiographical and one commenter said that she didn't even mention her co writer's name on the cover. Wouldn't that be classless?
    Just so she mentions her co-writer's name on the royalty checks!!!

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    Re: The Real Housewives of New York City

    To me, the hilarious part about Kelly looking so bothered by being forgotten for recognition was that she'd been so direct in saying she doesn't attach her name to anything, doesn't do charity for recognition, etc. If all of that were true, wouldn't she have been relieved to not have the spotlight put on her?

    Bethanny was really ticking me off by insisiting on discussing the whole logo issue during the party with everyone. But Jill and Ramona were completely right that it was TOTALLY the inappropriate time. And she pissed me off again when she then had to go talk to Jill to clear things up to "help her relax" before going on stage. It was too quick of a moment for Jill torealize Bethanny had such a sudden change of heart, and it was very self-centered on Bethanny's part.

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