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Thread: Major Change To This Forum - PLEASE READ

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    Major Change To This Forum - PLEASE READ

    In the more than five years this site has been active, in the hundreds and hundreds of shows we've covered, in our wildest dreams we never thought we'd need to address an issue quite this absurd, yet here we are:

    Starting immediately, any discussion of real-life interactions with the cast members will be swiftly deleted. We are here to host discussion of the television show and ONLY the television show. If you want to interact with the cast in your free time, go nuts. We just don't want to know anything about it. We don't care about one single detail of what happens when the cameras stop rolling. If you see one of them fighting a drunken kangaroo in the middle of a Wal-Mart, too bad. Don't tell us. If one of them swoops into your living room Tarzan-style and does the Running Man before absconding with your grandmother's silver, we don't care. In short, save the drama for someone else. We won't be hosting it anymore.

    Users who cannot follow this rule will be unceremoniously removed from the site. Thank you.

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    Re: Major Change To This Forum - PLEASE READ

    Just a note to add we are not retroactively enforcing this rule, so stop reporting posts that are from before 1/15/08. Thanks.
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