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Thread: Jeana Keough - Season 3

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    Re: Jeana Keough - Season 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Rose;2781212;
    ROTFLMAO - well said!

    I figure Lauri's kids are paying rent on the Ladera townhouse. Probably not top dollar, but I seriously doubt they are living there for free. More likely they are paying the utility bills and a couple hundred a piece for rent. With car payments, gas and insurance, food and "entertainment" they wouldn't have much left over for rent.
    See Lauries thread for this reply!

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    Re: Jeana Keough - Season 3

    Quote Originally Posted by IstateTheFacts;2781237;
    You're right. This is what I don't understand about these housewives.

    Lauri: She allows Josh and Ashley to live in the townhouse, then gives them the down payment on a new car, then wants them to pay her rent. Doesn't she "get it" that they will now have expensive car/lease payments + insurance and gas????? How does she then expect them to pay the rent when Josh is just a waiter?

    Jeana: Buys her kids new cars and houses then doesn't understand why they have no motivation in life. I still don't think Kara is as motivated as everyone says she is. I could be wrong.

    Vicki: She gives Michael a job (another enabler). He is going to inherit her empire so he knows he can slack. Brianna will be fine because she disassociates herself from Vicki. Michael: "On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 2."

    Tammy: Her girls would rather have cars and going out money. They don't look further than Friday night sorry to say.

    Tamra: Ryan said himself on the show: "I always seem to have money don't I?" He KNOWS that she will give it to him and that he can live with his granny forever.

    Quinn: I don't know how she is raising her son yet. It is too soon to tell when her storyline is just about hooking men.
    Great summation. We reap what we sew (sorry, couldn't help it).
    "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."
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    Re: Jeana Keough - Season 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Rose;2781158;
    Tamra may not have been an exotic dancer but she sure had me fooled with her pole-dancing good looks and one-armed-below-the-man-zipper floor dancing gyrations.

    Me thinks Jeana knows that Tamra, who is @ 10 and 1/2 years younger than she and way more sexier, is a serious threat to her. Working as a team is a win-win situation for them both - but if Tamra is smart - she will watch her back and treat Jeana like a business partner, not a friend. Learn from Vicki's mistake.
    I totally agree!
    Everyday is a Blessing!

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