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Thread: Welcome to the RHOOC forum **PLEASE READ**

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    Welcome to the RHOOC forum **PLEASE READ**

    Please read the FAQ and make sure you're familiar with our rules.
    You agreed to read and abide by our rules when you registered an account here, and we enforce them.
    So please read them now. You'll create less work for our staff and the whole forum will flow more smoothly.

    Character threads are not fan threads. Posters can say whatever they want about the show contestants, as long as it's within our rules (no cussing, racism, etc.).
    You do not have to agree with every poster, but you do have to respect their opinion.
    If you believe someone has said something that breaks a rule, please do not post a response.
    Use the 'Report Post' button (red triangle) to notify the mods, who will take whatever action deemed fitting.

    We don't tolerate use of the term "haters", even in a general sense; e.g., "The Lauri haters must be running for the hills now."
    Even if you didn't specifically call a particular poster a hater, it still counts.

    If you are featured on the show, are related to someone who is, or know someone who is, we appreciate your input, but you are subject to the same set of rules as everyone else.

    What we do not want to see are posts hinting at insider knowledge, then failing to follow through because the person you know might be upset.
    If you feel uncomfortable sharing information please do not hint that you know more than those who have simply watched the show.
    You can't prove you do, no one can prove you don't and it causes arguments.

    Absolutely no drama from other boards will be tolerated here.
    Don't use FORT to discuss what's going on at other boards.

    Please note: If you post addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail contact info for participants or their families, you will be immediately banned from this site.

    Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the new season.
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