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Thread: The Real Gilligan's Island-Ep. 2 "Coconuts, Vomit And Booze...Dinner Anyone?"

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    The cackling sound of the transistor radio comes alive with a message for the castaway’s. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that the voice is one of a transvestite midget in go-go boots named Sal and the static noise is of two circus monkeys rubbing wax paper together? Or maybe it was the shot of Jager I took just to endure the ranting of vampish Donna?
    Great recap, Speedy.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Got my first tattoo on the island of Samoa with the help of eleven year old Schlitz and a three hundred pound tribesman whom I’ll call Bobby. I scraped my knee on the runway at Midway, ate grilled gecko on Palmyra and swam with the sharks after crossing the equator. Or rather, should I say, swam my ass off from the sharks.
    Your version sounds better speedy , though I'm sure you would have rather had Rachel Hunter but maybe and/or Nicole in the hot-tub.
    Great recap
    Across the sandy courtyard, the rest of the team are shot gunning beers, partaking in keg stands and sucking back jell-o shots. Oh wait, that was the party I went too.
    Again with the speedys version is better...

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