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Thread: 12/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Carly I'm right there with ya! My DVR was totally booked up as well, but thankfully TBS has later evening reruns that I have time to record. Keep an eye out for the 11:15pm showings....they've been what's saving me and letting me watch this one (even if I do watch it the next morning, atleast I get to see it that way).
    ....and I think TBS is planning on showing all three episodes back-to-back this Saturday morning starting at 8am, which shouldn't interfere with my recording schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    TBS wasn't too terribly tricky with their preview clips for Outback Jack last summer. We had most of the eliminations for the upcoming shows for Jack spoiled based solely on the previews for the next episode. HOPEFULLY that isn't the case here.
    Sadly it appears they are still doing a terrible job. I noticed the Ginger in the background of the Gilligan challenge preview clip

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    Due to horrible timeslots, I had to tape these shows and just finished watching them. What a hoot! Now I can't wait for the next episode.

    First off: Donna! :phhht Where do the casting agents find these people? :rolleyes With any luck at all, she's a dying breed. Hope she's enjoying her banishment on the other side of the island with gay Professor Eric. If this show was on a real network, Omarosa and Johnny Fairplay might have to give up their stranglehold on the title of Most Hated Reality TV Contestants Ever.

    It really was too bad Skipper Bob fell ill, we'll see one less competition. And I hope those stupid preview shots didn't really spoil the future episodes.

    I'm really loving Rachel Hunter and rich wife Mindy. And I'm developing a soft spot for Gooner as well. After being subjected to countless anorexic females on TV, we've finally been graced with an anorexic male.

    And I can't believe nobody mentioned the preview shots of a topless Rachel. Aren't there any men watching this show?

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