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Thread: Millionaire & Wife - Gold Castaways

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    I know her from KTLA too. She always annoyed me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Mindy did which is making odd noises that are DEAD ON (Crying baby, a crowing rooster, a fire truck). From that, execs saw her and hired her to do the red carpet, etc.
    Yes, because being able to impersonate a a rooster and a fire truck is exactly the sort of skill set you need to become a television correspondent.

    Really now, who did she schtup to get that job?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Really now, who did she schtup to get that job?
    Maybe someone who "enjoys" hearing rooster noises during schtupping?
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    Her maiden name was something like Burbano.
    Mindy Burbano is quite a fun name to say.
    I can remember her doing weather reports or something.
    She was in a helicopter, whatever the hell she was doing. Traffic maybe.
    The rooster impression is pretty good, but really, how often do you get to use that skill?

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    I think they are doing it because Mindy wants her final shot at getting back on the national stage.

    You will be able to believe them though if they claim to not give a rats ass about winning any money.
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    I knew Mindy seemed familiar. Well, I definitely like Mindy and Glenn a lot better than the other two poor millionaires. These two seem to treat people like humans. They are a little 'flaunty', but they don't go overboard like Donna.

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    My husband went to high school with Mindy. And Glenn did not inherit his money, he made it all himself. His main business is a mortgage company.

    They certainly are the nicer of the two millionaire couples! I wonder if they were encouraged to make offers to the other castaways for their belongings or personal services or if they thought of that on their own.
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    I like Glenn and Mindy, they seem like really nice people. Of course it is episode one! Compared to the "Mrs. Beavens" they are saints!

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    This couple is likable. The other ones are horrid.

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    I KNEW she seemed familiar! I did see her on Oprah, and although I do not see how her "talent" translated into that job, she was pretty funny. I did watch her reactions last night, especially to Bob's heart attack, and I really did think she came across as a genuinely nice person. Although she had words with the other Mrs. Millionaire, she still did not seem to be a malicious person. I would much prefer to she Mindy and her husband as the couple that stays.

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    I really like these two... it was cute when the millionaire bought the pillow for his wife.

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