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Thread: Need a Real Gilligan's Island Fix? Look Here:

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    Need a Real Gilligan's Island Fix? Look Here:

    Reruns on TVLand not cutting it? Tossing and turning late at night? Not to worry folks. The tale of seven stranded castaways will be gracing our television screens in just over a month. Not even a gagillion hurricanes could stop this masterpiece from hitting the airwaves.

    In the meantime, visit the official website and take part in some wacky and zany activities:

    *watch a video preview
    *choose between Ginger and Mary Ann
    *take a quiz to see which character you most resemble (I'm the skipper)
    *play fun games

    It's a one stop potpourri of fun!

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    Not surprised to hear you'd be the Skipper, sailor

    I'd be most like The Farm Girl

    I am so bummed I won't be able to watch this - no cable - no TBS. I'll just have to suffer through enjoy the show vicariously through your re-caps.
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    I'll be more than happy to be Gilligan.

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    I'm the Movie Star...I'm really looking forward to how this show turns out. It has a potential to be really good and it is a pretty original idea for a reality show. *fingers crossed*

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    Oh Boy! This looks like another *fun* TV show. I can't wait to read your recaps for this one, speedy!

    I'm the professor. Funny, he was the one I always liked best on the show.

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    Fun quiz, even though I'm not sure that I like the fact that I came up as "The Movie Star."

    I always liked MaryAnn more, personally, but I guess I don't have any down-home country experience.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I am really excited to finally see what this show will be like, especially because TBS has bombarded us with commercials and teasers for the past month!

    I am "The Farm Girl"

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