Be a part of TV History

A classic comes to life!

Are you a real-life Gilligan, Ginger, or Mary Ann? We're bringing the classic series Gilligan's Island to life as a reality show, and you could be a contestant!

Get ready to take a three-hour tour and end up on an uncharted desert island.

That's right -- Gilligan's Island is coming back on TBS -- and this time, you can be a part of it!

The producers of "Gilligan's Island" are teaming with the producers of the "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" to bring Gilligan's Island to reality TV.

This all-new version of the classic sitcom will feature real life versions of the original show's characters: a real-life skipper, first mate, millionaire couple, movie star, professor and Kansas farm girl. And one of them could be you!

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