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Thread: 6/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Shawn & TiyE are so despicable I can't believe the cameraman didn't step up and smack Shawn when he was bullying Randi. What an immature and disgusting display. This is not entertainment.

    Everytime TiyE acts like a teenage bully, it is an insult to anybody who is a true "professor" or "doctor". He demeans his claimed profession. I for one do not believe he has any true qualifications as a "professor" or "doctor of sexuality or psychology". I believe that he probably finished high school, but that's it. Maybe he took a weekend seminar on boinking and got a certificate, and that is how he was accepted for the "professor" role.

    I was correct in my prediction that the show was going to descend into hate from fun-loving goofiness. I'm glad the finale is upon us. I'll keep watching and rooting for Crazy Charlie (or Erika, as she is playing a smart game).

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    It's nice to know the ones who don't need the money aren't going to get it.
    Baywatch Ginger was pretty ruthless in using people to knock out whoever she thought were the strongest players, but I would still rather see her win than either of the despicable duo. They are vile.

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