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Thread: 6/15 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    The show now has the most obnoxious cast members and will predictably descend from fun-loving goofiness & love to bitter disputes and hate. Out of this lot, at this point, I would prefer to see Crazy Charlie take the loot.

    I also predict that the Millionaire finacee will wind up single after these episodes finish airing. I mean, the married millionaires both admitted to wanting to get kinky with her, but her much older fiance has been clueless -- until now.

    Now, more importantly, where can I find some old pixxx of Erika Eleniak?
    i totally agree with your assessment about the rest of the show..

    as for erika i loaded up my favorite P2P software (Bearshare) and downloaded one of her Playboy videos... wowzorz..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitternerfball
    So I got in late and saw the ending of the fish challenge when Zac's net broke and he lost and kept saying the other gilligan played dirty - how did he play dirty? The both looked like they were in the same tank with the same equipment, I didn't see him push the other guy - what gives? What did I miss?
    Yeah the whole behind the scenes of that event was fairly involved. Before every game, Scott reads the game descriptions and then the cameras stop and the games producer would read the official in depth rules of the game. This was also a time for the Q&A about what you could do, if you had an idea you had to clear it first. For example I asked if I could use the rocks to kill the fish, (No), or if I could construct a trap with my hat, clothes, or anything I found in the pit. (No). The rules for this were: You must use your bare hands to catch the fish. Since you are sharing the same pit you aren't allowed to interfere with the other players.

    Shawn admitted that he was at a clear disadvantage at this game. When he saw me progressively getting better to the point where I almost had them in the basket he changed his plan. Ultimately he took gamble breaking the no interfering rule, but scaring my fish. (the actual event was 10 minutes) The second 5 was just me frustrated at he followed me. Between that round and overtime, the producers said something to the effect of "Shawn, you cannot do that, that is cheating.)

    I expected a redo where he would have to play by the rules, but instead the producers said to just go to the overtime with nets, which evened the playing field till mine broke. So he took gamble breaking the rules like that, but in the end it worked because the producer's allowed it. He saw he was at a disadvantage and bent the rules as far as he could. I can't blame him because if I don't know what I would do if I knew I had no chance. I have no right to judge him.

    But what I did decide, after I got the 4th fish out of the water, I would need to sink my teeth into before pulling it to the surface. I never got a chance on the show, but guess what, it worked in real life.

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    Zac - thanks so much for your reply! I ended up waking up way to early on a weekend and seeing the episode, this time froom the beginning of the fishing exercise - and it was a dirty little trick. If he was warned about it, I'm sorry to see that kind of behaviour prevail!

    I would need to sink my teeth into before pulling it to the surface. I never got a chance on the show, but guess what, it worked in real life
    So I take it you like the freshest Sushi? I wonder if they would have allowed that though, animal activists seem to have more pull than human ones, and I think they wouldn't let you harm the fish (hence the no rock throwing ) and it wouldn't be bare hands.

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    You would not believe the pull groups like PETA has out there. You'll notice they never show me actually cooking the fish or anything. I was pulling urchins out of the surf and sucking them dry out there. At one point I was about to kill a 5 foot crane. The producers came running out of the bushes screaming, "No no, can't do that!" Something that large would have offended all kinds of people. I tried pleading my case to them that they know my skills and this bird is as good as dead, so I would be willing to trade it's life for a Publix chicken. They threw a rock and scared it off.

    One thing I'm surprised they took out was at one point I caught a medium sized iguana and trained him, so he would ride around on my shoulder or hat. Perhaps animal subjugation is a no no as well.

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    Gilligan Zac, I am sorry you lost out to such a jerk! For one, it's not fair your net broke and you didn't get another one. I'm an animal lover but PETA is just too much. They get anal about things. I didn't realise you were from Florida, too, until you mentioned Publix. That thing about the Iguana is hilarious. Too bad we didn't get to see any of that.
    ETA: You cracked me up with your streaking and where you chose to wear your colors.
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    "You're gonna tip that boat over and wet my weave!" To Rome For Love on Bravo

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    So where is PETA when Fear Factor and other shows started making people eat live bugs?

    Zac, you have a killer instinct .... literally!

    Good luck in future reality shows. Next time, feel free to play dirty. Apparently that's the only way to win, and the message the producers are trying to promote.

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