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Thread: Skipper - Green Team

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    Skipper - Green Team

    From the official site:
    Skipper Charlie
    Age: 49
    Hometown: Springfield, La.
    Skipper Characteristics: I am similar to the Skipper because I like to cut-up and joke around; I have a beer belly; I own a marina; and I'm a harbormaster.
    Typical Skipper Moment: I decided to cross the Gulf of Mexico in my 35 ft. cigarette boat so I put a 450-gallon tank in the back. I broke down 220 miles in the middle of the gulf, because there was too much weight on board. I idled back home on one engine.
    Hobbies: Touring on my Harley Davidson, making poker runs in a powerboat and mud diving for sinker-cypress logs
    Ginger or Mary Ann: Both are good looking, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings to be stranded with either.
    New Gilligan's Theme Song: Pirate at Fifty by Jimmy Buffet

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    Will lie Snitch's Avatar
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    Skipper looks gay. Well whatever keeps him around sailors.

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    He's my favorite so far. He's just funny.. and I'm not sure he's trying to be funny half the time.
    His stretching had me in stitches. He was actually trying to do the splits at one point.
    BUT.. if I hear, "like a chicken bone" one for frickin' time..I'm going to pull an Elvis on my tv.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    I like this guy - he definitely fancies himself a poet as most of his 'sayings' rhyme! He had me the other night - I'm in for the rest of the season.

    Buffy: What is this?
    Willow: A doodle. I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too. ("Gingerbread")

    Xander: Damn it! You know what? I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis. As of this moment, it's over. I'm finished being everybody's butt monkey! ("Buffy vs. Dracula")

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    this guy is funny.. and seems to be able to take some jabs after a loss.. let's see if professor Rock will be able to handle the jabs as well when he loses.

    the chicken bone reference is horrid.. it doesnt even rhyme!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snitch
    Skipper looks gay. Well whatever keeps him around sailors.

    No he doesnt... but what if he did, or was.... why would it matter to you?

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    Skipper Charlie was my favorite from the get go. I knew he would he would win, and was very pleased when he did. Way to go Charlie! I guess it WAS on like a chicken bone... whatever that means.

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