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Thread: Mary Ann - Orange Team

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    Mary Ann - Orange Team

    From the official site:
    Mary Ann Randi
    Age: 23
    Hometown: Edwardsville, Kansas
    Mary Ann Characteristics: I love to take care of everyone, and people have told me I'll make a great mother someday. I'm a real homebody and have never lived anywhere besides Kansas.
    Typical Mary Ann Move: I was the ninth grade spelling bee champion at my school.
    Hobbies: Singing, going dancing with friends and being crazy
    Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann, duh!
    New Gilligan's Theme Song: Stranded in the Jungle by The New York Dolls

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    Cool! A New York Dolls reference! I like her automatically.

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    she's got a tight little body tho.. spent a few extra seconds when they slo-mo'd her bootay.. very curvy down there.. me likey.

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    What a total Debbie Downer she is!!!! Sheesh.

    She ain't trained as no lifeguard!!! Liar! :nono Why'd she make this big ole production to every person she met about "don't go drowning on me..I'll have to save you..I'm a lifeguard!" and then NOT jump in and help!?
    Oh, and you're not "trained for a deep water rescue" without actually DOING A DEEP WATER RESCUE.

    Yea..she's only trained to save lives in shallow water. What's that entail? Tapping the person on the shoulder and pointing toward shore?

    I'm glad the ants ate her rations.

    I was a trained Level IIII Red Cross Lifeguard way "back in the day".
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    she was probably a lifeguard at some country club pool.. still all that doesnt distract me from that bootay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novalia
    she was probably a lifeguard at some country club pool.. still all that doesnt distract me from that bootay!
    So novalia you got a screen cap of that bootay? I was suprised her bootay looks so good even though her attitude stinks.

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    naa no screenie
    it was on again last night (i think).. i'm sure it'll resurface again.... ya know.. ratings and all..

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