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Thread: Wedding vows

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    Wedding vows

    I am getting married this year and really loved Susans and Coyts wedding vows. Is there anybody out there who knows what the wording was?

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    wedding vows

    Quote Originally Posted by canfew View Post
    I am getting married this year and really loved Susans and Coyts wedding vows. Is there anybody out there who knows what the wording was?
    i just watched susan and coyt wedding and loved the vows
    for my daughter who is getting married in june
    did you ever get a copy or the words of their wedding vows
    please reply to maxgirl926@yahoo.com

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    Susan's vows to Coyt:
    There are so many reasons I love and cherish you. Your intense loyalty and devotion to those you love, your sincerity, honesty, and intelligence: all these things have amazed me from the first moment I met you.
    I never thought I could be so physically, emotionally and mentally attracted to someoneŠbut, I admit, this one time, you did prove me wrong. In the past couple of years, you have taught me so much about true love, and true partnership, and in the process, given me such happiness.
    I know there will be tough times ahead, but as a team, I know we can get through anything. I am today a better, stronger woman for having you in my life, for the rest of my life. My most earnest desire is to always be worthy of the unconditional love you show me.
    To that end, I give to you my love, my friendship, my faithfulness, and my honesty. My heart, my hands, my head, my quirks, I pledge to you forever. I love you.
    Coyt to Susan:
    As I stand here looking in your eyes I am overcome with an inner peace that can only be described as private euphoria. You're an amazing woman and person who challenges me, supports me, and always inspires me.
    I love you.
    I will stand by your side giving you the support you deserve and need regardless of the obstacles ahead. I will honor and respect you in all situations forever.
    Today/tonight I pledge my love and commitment to you and no other.
    Susan, the world is a very unstable and scary place filled with uncertainty. I offer you my hand, my soul and all that I am, and ask you to allow me to be your anchor. So that in those times of hardship we can look to each other for support and I promise you we will weather the storms.
    I love you and joyfully take my place neither in front nor behind you, but at your side for eternity. Susan, we came on this show to compete for a "Dream Wedding" and I want you to know that NBC never had the power to give me such a prize.
    YOU make this my dream wedding.

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