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Thread: Who is going to win?

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    i wanna say that C&E will win...but i don't think they will...so i'm gonna vote for tonya and andree!!

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    I am going to say Coyt and Susan. I am only rooting for them because (and this is very FOAFy*) Coyt is the nephew of the boss of the husband of a friend of mine from work.

    *For those of you who don't know...FOAF means friend of a friend
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    just for the record coyt and susan look young but coyt is actually 28, i am not sure how old susan is though

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    ok, i gotta go for coyt and susan to win. i base that on this point: they have already won one of the 4 competitions (jet ski), so they have a head start to get to the finals.

    no idea who won the picture competition, but coyt and susan looked like long shots, with their running for 15 minutes. so probably carolyn and ethan won that one. tonya doesn't seem to be helping andre at all, but it looked like they won the ice water thing (or rather andre won it). No way T&A won the scavenger chase with the confusion over the Liberace museum and tonya's total befuddlement at finding the rice and the shoes. C&A seemed to be smoking that competition, so i say they won that one. that would make it 2 to 1 to 1 in favor of C&S.

    then they pick C&E to return and win cause they are younger (and weigh less acording to carolyn) or they pick T&A to return and win because Tonya isn't carrying her load in that team. for what it's worth.

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    My vote is for Susan and Coyt.

    I think that the reason we did not see the finish of the scavenger hunt was because S & C won it. If they had shown that, then we would have known that they won the competition since they had already won the jet-ski race. If it had been one of the others they could have shown it and we still would not have known for sure who won.

    Anyway that is my logic. lol

    So my vote is for Susan and Coyt. (Plus they have been my pick from the start)

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    da winner

    ok, i got it right, even if i missed a couple of details. what do i win?

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