I did not notice Carolyn's behavior at the wedding. I thought Ethan was unnecessarily tough on himself when he said that he could not win a game.

I got the impression when Carolyn and Ethan were a power couple that Andree saved Susan and Coyt from being cut. Carolyn seem to want to send them home with the $18,000 they had already won. Carolyn was a poor sport when she said she was tired of losing to Susan and Coyt and tired of playing the game.

Carolyn and Ethan made a comment about not being able to afford the kind of wedding they wanted. It was an odd comment for a couple almost 40 with higher paying jobs in the medical field than the other couples. I thought they should have been more than able to pay for their own dream wedding and honeymoon.

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imagine my disappointment when carolyn was seen rolling her eyes constantly through the wedding ceremony like a petulant 16 year old! She refused to talk to anyone, and behaved like a snobbish little teenager. It was a beautiful event that was about a marriage (the game was over, and she was a guest at someone's wedding. period) and she did NOT behave gracefully or display any tact all evening.

i was terribly disappointed.