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Thread: Susan and Coyt

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankvb
    Damn that is easy to say after the fact..."Man I really intended to bask you to join" WEAK. Hind sight is 20/20. Andy sure had time to get the others in his commitment. He did not have time is just an excuse! and a weak one at that.
    AND...it's an excuse that means nothing to C&S, cause all they know is they were approached after they won. even if they did "fully intend" top approach him but didn't, it doesn't change anything from the perspective of C&S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HIDFILA
    The biggest mistake I see Coyt & Susan making.... was the mistake of making "a committment" with other couples. Otherwise they have been playing fair and strong. As a viewer it frustrates me that couples chose to play the game with these "committement" rules. If you don't know the couple you are committing to... then why chose to make that decision? My guess is that couples (Susan and Coyt specifically) made/are making committments as a backup tatic incase the were unable to win competitions and be a "power-couple". Ethically-thats not the people who you would trust to do business with or be in a friendship with. However the couples are allowed to play this game in whatever manner they find works.

    Unfortunately, I feel S & C have now made themselves vunerable to other couples voting for them to leave, if they are not one of the power couples.

    Fortunately, S & C have been the strongest couple to engage in 2 out of the 3 competitions. They are dedicated to eachother more so than they are dedicated to the committment of other couples.

    We are beginning to see the internal arguements and spats of other couples in heated moments when one feels they are giving more than the other. Rather then coming together as a couple forming a team to strategize against other couples. We see couples fueding eachother. How will there engagements outlast the show?
    totally agree..but it didn't seem like A&B gave tyhem much of a choice regarding the committment. maybe the editing was weird, but that conversation seemed really strange to me. they were trying to back-pedal from susan's outburst and apologize when they were "invited" to join. i think they were kinda backed into a corner at that point.
    but i titally agree about the whole premise of "committments" here. you have someone you are "committed to," and the two of you are gonna play to together to win--everyone else be damned.
    it seemed silly to me to get there and immediately start asking strangers if they want to be in your club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genericwife
    I doubt Susan and Coyt's parents will be surprised to discover the two of them are living together.

    Susan is a real steel magnolia. I like that about her.

    I have mixed emotions when it comes to this couple. I don't understand why a couple who works so well together feels the need to blatantly lie to get ahead. Coyt has told several lies, and Susan went along with it. It will be nobody's fault of their own if they get the boot.
    coyt's parents already knew. he emailed snowflake girl at some point last week and clarified that neither he nor his family is southern baptist (only susan's family), and his family has always known about their situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Also, how could Coyt not read that Susan betting all the chips on the final question was a signal to tank it? :rolleyes
    i think coyt doesn't understand the concept of "intentionally losing." i don't think it would occur to him to do that, because he's very competetive by nature. at least that's what i thought when i watched it, because i am also very competitive by nature, and susan's well-thought out plan totally escaped me until she said it. i guess i'm slow, but i kinda understood how this happened!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I can't help but think it was a bad move.
    Watching the other couples talk after they'd had their visits from S&C, they all seemed to have heard different stories from them and it really looked like the trust for them was lacking in the room.

    It seemed like a move that would alienate the remainder of their commitment.

    I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out.
    i can't say if voting off A&B was smart or not. like i've said, personally--i didn't like A&B, so i don't care in that regard. BUT, i certainyl don't assert that the de decision was smart. it was controversial though, which i'm enjoying. i just keep trying to figure out how it plays out.

    i guess i'm not offended or mad about C&S breaking the alliance/committment, because it seemed stupid to me from the beginning, and the way they were brought in seemed strange.

    others may feel quite differently, and i could totally see how that would make someone mad, but this is why (in response to coythater) it didn't bug me (even though i'm not friend or family).

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    If Coyt & Susan fail to make it as a "power couple" they will surely be voted off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by money
    coythater21, I have not posted since the first show, and I was not sure that I would continue posting, but your comments have enlightened me. It is always nice to hear the truth about others actions from the one and only righteous man on the face of the earth. I didn't even know that they had high speed internet in the vatican. A few key words, synonyms to Race to the Altar if you will: tv show, entertainment, game, competition, ratings...etc., etc. Coyt and Susan are "tough" competitors, but probably not the most despicable, sleaziest people ever, in fact my vote would have probably been Hitler...but what do I know.
    Money has an excellent grasp on the use of "sarcasm" Coythater, if you were looking for an example!

    too funny-i love you money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coythater21
    In an attempt to explain my actions yet again to people who really could care less about listening to reason:
    C&S are the only people I can criticize now b/c they are the only couple that has continued to lie. I know its a game, but why cant I comment that they are playing dirty. You all can comment how you like the way they played; you all comment how you dislike people (including Andy...aka the tool....your words not mine); other people are calling Coyt a twig, snake...so get off my back and let me critique the way they are playing. Remember, Coyt addressed me and I have the right to address him back. You can think that I am Scott, but I am one of few on this forum to actually come out and say i was his friend...you haven't stated your friendship to Coyt. None of you are honest enough to state your relationship to Coyt. Nobody would be as defensive as you people are unless your related to him or are a friend of his or Susan's. I dont see you posting on anyone elses thread except pro-C&S. So watch pointing your finger and comment on the game, thats all I am doing. I have toned it down from my first postings b/c i realize they were harsh and maybe personal attacks (and I have said this NUMEROUS times), but now I am commenting on gamesmanship. C&S lied. Other people see it. I know its a game, but why cant I comment on how I think he's a slimeball? All of you are free to comment on how you think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yah, that sounds fair........let's make it so that the only people on this forum are people who want to praise the great play of Susan and Coyt. Do you have any idea how boring that would be? You should all thank me for bringing a different view into this forum.........otherwise what would you all have to complain about? Stop getting your panties in a ruffle and read my postings as if they weren't from COYTHATER21, okay.
    i'm quite sure friends and family are here--but please don't dismiss everyone's comments like that. it's a little paranoid to think that everyone is on just one side. and i assure you, at least in this case, it's not true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmbg99
    Actually, does everyone realize how boring the SHOW would be if Coyt and Susan weren't there?? There the only ones causing enough drama to make the show interesting. Seriously, if they weren't there, we'd be going through the minute by minute drama of a girl poking herself in the eye with her own mascara brush.

    AND, i want to point out that a LOT of people have criticized their decisions. The only difference is that it didn't inspire the total hatred or dogmatic response in them that it did in coythater (not saying that he's not justified in that).
    coythater--i don't think C&S are getting put on any pedestals in here. No one's really passionately angry about what they did, but lost of people have criticized it.
    i don't think you're as alone in your viewpoints as you assert; only in your heat/passion are you alone.
    but that does make the forum more interesting, so i don't want it to stop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvking
    I too read that. I tried to find out where it was and after typing "race to the altar" in my search engine I went to sirlinksalot.net and it was there. It could have been said in other places as well. We know this cant be totally correct because it says 16 couples, but I wonder if America will still vote?

    "About Race to the Altar on NBC

    On this show 16 soon-to-be-married couples will compete for a "fantasy primetime wedding" by competing in a series of challenges designed to test the strength of their relationships. Games will involve issues of teamwork, compatibility, compromise, sex, trust, honesty and coping under pressure. In the second-to-last episode, the audience will vote interactively to determine the ultimate winning couple with the actual wedding to be conducted in the final episode."
    but then how could they be planning a wedding now? logistically, this doesn't make sense???

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