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Thread: Carolyn and Ethan

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1934maple
    I agree! Carolyn showed true grace in an unfortunate circumstance, and the ever adorable Ethan (who obviously wears his heart on his sleeve) cried. I found them to be entertaining throughout the series, and was happy that they made it to the final 3. They really seem to have their act together. Does anyone know where they are getting married on Sept 27?? I'd LOVE to crash the wedding!!lol.
    Best of luck to C&E, and thanks for taking us along on this wonderful ride.
    [COLOR=Black]Congratulations Carolyn and Ethan for making it to the final 3. You are a down to earth couple . Best wishes for a happy marriage.

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    18 10

    1934 Maple

    You got the invite.... I'll see you there!!

    Game's over, it's okay to come out and let everyone know you're friends with them.....

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    I said this before, and now I will say it again. I really didn't care for Carolyn and Ethan in the beginning of this show. The editing made Carolyn look cold.

    I had a change of heart though. I was really rooting for them to win in the end. They were the only couple who seemed mature enough to have a successful marriage. I wish them luck in their pending marriage and in the future.

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