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Thread: Tuesday night's premiere

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    Tuesday night's premiere

    Well, I had hoped I would be able to look forward to this episode as I had when I first began watching, but in the past few months, I have had my enthusiasm for Queer Eye take a SHARP nosedive. And it was NOT due to my not liking the concept of the show or how some of the fans' requests (like for DVD releases of season episodes)have been completely ignored. It is due to some of the fans themselves who, totally unaware and without cruel intention (SOME, anyway)have done nothing but pick the show apart and pit the five of these guys against each other ( "I like this guy...no, I like THAT guy!)

    I have seen some valid criticisms but more often they have been petty and have little or nothing to do with the show or the guys who work SO hard to bring this show to us every week. It is NOT their fault the ratings have slipped and criticizing for little things like the length of their hair is just ridiculous to me!


    One big reason I have grown disenchanted with this show is that not ALL of these guys are acknowledged and given the credit they are due. Sometimes, one or MORE of them are overlooked or completely ignored for some odd reason....

    When the show started last night, I wracked my brain to figure out WHAT had changed.....and the ONE thing I loved about Queer Eye had remained the SAME....these guys are ALL still warm, funny, smart and looked like they enjoyed SO much what they were doing...and then it HIT me....it was the FANS who had STOPPED enjoying what they were doing.....


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    Well I, for one, still enjoy it. Random question - do you know what designer Laura's dress was from in the Joe & Laura wedding episode???

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    I found this last episode to be extremely fun. But something that also changed before was that the shows for some reason felt "old", this last one however seemed reinvigorated. Yes these guys are talented and funny. No one of them is better than the other.
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    I still like the show. I quit watching for a while but just started again a few months ago.


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    Boy, do I have EGG on my face!

    I certainly made the mistake of thinking that the fans of this board didn't have a great appreciation of what these guys do every week.

    I apologize for jumping the gun in thinking EVERY group of fans would perceive those 5 lovable guys ALL the same!


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    the Christian H. episode

    I think Thom said it best in this episode...

    "Let's hope WE stay together till OUR wheels fall off!"

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