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Thread: what is the dance music they play????

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    what is the dance music they play????

    can anybody tell me the name of the dance song they play during the inbetween scenes of the show?

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    Widelife with the instrumentals basicall from the song "All Things"

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    nah its another dance song its not the widelife one they play it after the start of the show and during other scenes. This songs faster, anyone help me out? I dont think its on the album

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    yes i know what you are talking about, its the one they play while showcasing the changes that have taken place with the persons wardrobe, and viewing the house or w/e or when the guys are on the move, i know what you are talking about and its been updated right? to this slower awing version to this faster techno beat? they also play it at the end on the credits

    i want to know the name of this song too!!!!!

    lol, if someone has any idea, please post!!!


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