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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only, until at least 2am Eastern.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    The Al D, I loved it! He was one of the nicest Queer Eye straight men! He gave them shirts! And Kyan digging Jai's haircut too cute! Loves it!... and then Ted on the watcha ma call em's...the garbage trucks! xD [had to think for awhile] that was so funny! "ONWARD!" Jai falling down! Just oh my gosh...[speechless in a GOOD way] and the apartment..loves it! BLUE! xD but it was funny when Thom and Ted were all like "Here's the tour" [Taking little foot steps in a circle] haha! That was hilarious! Kyan spraining his ankle TOO COOT!...And the hip tips of Jai saying "Don't pile plates and scoop up crums waiters havea job to do" Well I totally agree! I mean it's nice but it can be annoying and alL! And I had a huge fight with other people in the LJ community but that's not the point...I love the NEW hip tips! xD Well that's just my review of the show!

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