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Thread: 7/20 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    This was my favorite episode of all time. I wish they would do more like this. They showed respect for this gentlemen and did not make as much fun of him as they usually do. I am glad to see some producer saw they were losing viewers with their "routines of demeaning people in an offensive way." This was a 10 with me!

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    JAI AND KYAN DANCE....TOO CLOSE....... yep I am DEFIENTLY going to like this ep! . It sounds so sweet and John sounds like a lovely man, and he sounds cool accepting our boys for who they are. I think I am going to have a Jai teary moment with this one...awwww I cant wait till Monday night either SydneyGirl. I love the pic on the preview of Thom in the goggles, god he cracks me up everytime

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